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|| BREAKING || Judge Strikes Down SÉXIST* California Ban On Military Style Rifles

Ruling Likens The Semi-Auto AR15 - aka Murka's Rifle - To A "Swiss Army Knife" ...
*SÉXIST: See vid in my Comment - 11th Below uh oh


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A Definition of Terms - AR15 vs Assault Weapon ...
AR Stands for "Armalite Rifle" for the company that introduced it circa 1957 - NOT
"Automatic Rifle", "Assault Rifle" or "Army Rifle".

Now the good guys will have them as well
And you think that's good, do you? What guns were used at the Port Arthur, the Las Vegas and the Christchurch massacres? Swiss Army knives? Land of the free, and land of gun lunacy.
I think the size of the magazine should be restricted to 3,
which would give you 4 with 1 in the chamber.

If you have a hunting license then 5 or 10.

Ranges may be different.

Personally I always chose a single shot rifle, with no scope.
Military Style is a Weaselword to deprive The People of essential Tools for their Selfdefense!
Try to get a truly Military Rifle,and see what it costs you in time and money,if the ATF relents and issues you a License,and the cutoff is somewhere in the eighties,so you can kiss a License GoodBye before you have even seen it!laugh
FF better hope he never has to find himself in a situation where he has to defend himself because he will be at the mercy of his assailant. Massacres happen not because of the weapon, but the evil minds of the perpetrator. He probably also blame automobiles for drunken driving crashes.
I thnk many Amercan people are desensitised to weapons.

From this side of the pond thse rifles are shocking and the lifting of the ban sheer stupidity, especially in the context of the US incidence of gun crime and the recent insurrection.

Likening the availability of guns and users to the availability of cars and alcohol also fails to take the social context into account: I suspect a person's choice to drive under the influence is not openly condoned, nor encouraged in the same way that so called 'self-defense' is in US culture.
The judge said ... “Like the Swiss Army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment. Good for both home and battle." dancing
Damn,some Hoplophobes in this Blog!rolling on the floor laughing
What fricken Insurrection?rolling on the floor laughing
The element of surprise means everything with a gun. Its why they used to do pistols at dawn, to make things straight like a fist fight without the squalor. The good guy defending is much more likely to win by either pistols at dawn or by beating someone with his hands and with his fists.
Then-Veep Biden provides Women patently RIDICULOUS Home Defense Advice
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

But Seriously -
@ 1:30 - Note the Extreme Ease with which a diminutive person can use an AR15 love

Techy aspects of the AR15 - It's User Friendly in the Extreme for Three reasons ...

1) It uses a small, light recoiling, but very Effective cartridge.
2) The stock design moves the recoil Straight Back (& makes the gun LOOK sinister)
3) The design of the Rifle incorporates a Buffer System in the stock that reduces Felt Recoil to near Nil - As Demonstrated @ 1:30 in the Vid.

One Might argue that banning the AR15 is SÉXIST, as it disproportionately deprives Women (and All diminutively-built persons) of their Right to Self Defense.

Come to Think 'Bout It -
I'm Amazed that argument has not been raised Legally Long Ago ... confused

ALSO in the vid - "Ooohh ... It Hurts!" - Yep. That's what she Said ... grin

More inspired IDIOCY from Then-Veep Biden ...

During a Home Invasion - Go outside & Harmlessly EMPTY YOUR GUN!! ... crazy

If the doofus REALLY told Dr. Jill to Do that -
I'm amazed she didn't Divorce His Crazy Áss! ... very mad
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Thank Heaven please it was ONLY an Insurrection!

Had it Escalated to "A Mostly Peaceful Protest" -
1/2 of DC would've been Set ABLAZE!! ... devil

People fought hard for their freedom, and that freedom was codified into Rights... restrictions against governmental interference with those rights.

What absolute and utter fools some are to demand we surrender those rights.

Such people are fools and traitors.

Better they go to countries with gun control, and see what life is like for the average Cuban, Chinese or North Korean.
Some of the statist weenies are aghast that regular citizens be armed with semi automatic versions of so-called "assault rifles."

This reflects their deep ignorance of history and of the Constitution.

The Founders were an incredibly wise bunch. Students of history, both ancient and then- current.

More so than anything else, they understood the history of unchecked power and how it morphed into tyranny and dictatorship. Concentration of power into one single person, or even a small group of persons, was deadly.

They looked at Rome, and what changed over hundreds of years being under Kings, then a Republic, then a corrupt dictatorship, and likened and applied the lessons to their take on King George III.

They purposely divided government into three co-equal branches so there would be no concentration of power. There were checks and balances. The Constitution itself barely was ratified. They had to amend it with Express guarantees, (Bill of Rights), checks on governmental power, forbidding government from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms. Then they made the Constitution Supreme over all other laws, and made it difficult to change, only by the Amendment process.

They went further, explaining the reasons-- the long train of usurpations and abuses -- that justified their breaking loyalty to the king, who in no way respected the rights and humanity of his subjects.

Drilling down even further, operating under the pen names of Publius, or, a Virginia Farmer, they wrote the express reasons for the Second Amendment/ armed citizen in volumes 29 and 48 of The Federalist Papers.

Large armies ought not be kept up, as they often turned into instruments of tyranny and directed against the people. Therefore only a select corps ought be maintained to repel sudden invasion or to suppress rebellion, but the power of arms must remain within the body of the People so that they might defend themselves against a government which has slipped the Chains of the Constitution.

Well, people, the purposeful dumbing down and indoctrination of American children since the wresting of control of what gets taught to children from the parents to the federal government-- literally at the point of a bayonet -- in 1954, has come to roost.

There are large swaths of the population who have not been taught their history and have forgotten their rights. You can't defend rights that you are unaware of.

And from the legal perspective, your Constitutional rights have been so (unconstitutionally) riddled with limitations and exceptions (all done outside the amendment process) that they are empty letters.

Lastly, your police won't protect you. They have no legal duty to protect you. Court case after court case made that clear.

It's not crime that is the primary danger to the citizen, no (btw over 50% of violent crime is concentrated in 2% of the 3000+ American counties... and nearly all of them have been under long term Democrat control with strict gun controls in place).

The real danger to the citizen is those in government. Researchers like Stephane Courtois (THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM) and Prof R.J. Rummel (DEMOCIDE: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT), have made it clear... gun control is a precursor to every genocide which has taken place.

The Founders never intended the government to have all the guns. CITIZENS WERE TO HAVE THE GUNS, NOT GOVERNMENT.

Citizens could even have the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of their day -- the Man O War fighting ship, cannons and all (see Privateers, Letters of Marque and Reprisal).

We are fighting huge amounts of ignorance- of rights, proper control of government and the right to arms by the citizen.

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