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D-Day - 6/6/'44

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My brother Bobby was a part of the Normandy invasion. He didn't go by boat, he jumped out of a bomber at night and settled to the ground hanging from a huge silk camouflage green parachute. All the paratroopers were given a cricket to press if they encountered somebody in the dark. 1 click was the challenge, 2 clicks was the response. After gathering up his chute he heard a rustling in a nearby bush. He clicked his cricket once -no response- He clicked it 1 more time still no response. He drew his 45, chambered a round and aimed it at the bush. All of a sudden he heard a very excited voice from the bush. "don't shoot, I lost my cricket." Bobby said, "Boy you don't know how lucky you are."
Your Brother Bobby would be around 95 years old today right?
He'd be about 100 if he was still alive.
Oob - I'm Sure you've Seen the movie, but all those things are brought up in "The Longest Day" ... See 1st comment above roll eyes

My Dad wasn't part of D-Day, but he was en route - He was on the 1st troop ship that steamed Directly to France ... No stop in England.

The GREATEST Generation.
Marge Behlen - WWII Nurse in France & a member of our Vets Group ...
She died with covid in January - A week after turning 99.

I carried the Flag in the Color Corps before her car in parades -
And was Damned Proud Doing so.

A few years ago, Pinky was on an Honor Flight to DC - The Only woman among 80-some guys ... The Hen in the Rooster House, as she quipped flirty

After her Nursing career, she attended Comedy School & did stand-up comedy.
She was planning a Return gig at a local coffee house for her 100th birthday.

Helluva Gal -
If she'd been born more in My time or I in Hers ... smitten

D-Day remembered.
The Brit attitude towards U.S. GIs --
"You're over paid, over séxed and Over Here." mumbling
The Yank retort --
"You're under paid, under séxed, and Under Eisenhower."
My late ex-father-in-law was some high ranking officer in the Normandy invasion. His stories gave me nightmares.
My uncle grew up Very close friends with Col. d*ck Anderson.

Col. Anderson was Regular Army & in the Philippines when the Japanese invaded.
He was Missing & Presumed Dead.
He'd actually avoided capture & organized Filipino Guerilla Fighters.

At war's end, my sergeant uncle was being mustered out & the base CO was d*ck Anderson (a rather Common name).
Curious if it was his hometown buddy, uncle requested permission to see the CO.

The family story goes that before entering the CO's office, the clerk reminded uncle that the Col was Regular Army, a War Hero & to maintain Military Protocol.

The clerk then allowed uncle in ...
Whereupon Unc yelled, "d*ck, you Ol' Sum'bltch - How Are Ya??" shock

The Col. told his astonished clerk he'd be outta the office the rest of the day -
And they went out & got drunk together ... buddies


*Military Lingo for Rank Has Its Privileges.

Profile Deleted
Dad was in the Medical Corps & following VE Day was sent to the Philippines to prepare for the invasion of the Japanese Home Islands - Rendered Unnecessary by the Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-bombs.

Instead of Invading Japan, he was with the 1st Army Medical Group to enter Hiroshima - after the scientific teams that evaluated radiation levels.

Had he later developed radiation-related health issues (he did Not) he'd have qualified as an "Atomic GI".

Daughter thought her Grandpa being an Atomic GI was Really COOL -
It sounded like a Superhero ... super

"Oob - I'm Sure you've Seen the movie, but all those things are brought up in "The Longest Day" "

Bobby was interviewed by Cornelious Ryan when he was writing the book. I'm sure many surviving members of the 101st were as well. If you have the book, look in the back for Robert Felt in the list of contributors. That was my brother


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