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my mom passed this morning

there's a 3 hour time difference between CA and PA. i was up at 9 but felt so tired, i had to sleep. i woke up to the chime of my phone. new message. "call if you want to say good bye".
i called my younger sister and spoke of when.
she offered to hold the phone to mom's ear.
to say good bye.
(i don't understand the good bye thing)
i told mom, i'll be looking for you in my life.
i'll be looking for you.
no good byes
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So sorry for your loss. When you lose your Mother you lose the best friend you ever had. Condolences.
thanks Willy. we fought like cats and dogs early on but we made peace a few decades ago
Respected Honorable
Dearest Adore. angel
Sorry to hear about your mom. crying
Condolence she passed away. crying
GOD give you patience & heal your heart.sad flower
i am more patient every day. thank you, friend
Respected Honorable
Dearest Adore. angel
You're welcome. peace
I Pray for your peace and Safety. hug
bouquet heart wings
i will do the same. if you happen to see a rose in bloom, that's mom and me
Easton is that where Sheena is from?

I'm hoping to sit on your terrace before xmas if things go the way I want.
Next to me will be Rose. Life is too short not to get together.
Then we'll jump in a car and go to Tenneesee to see Heidi.
Yes, it's a Grande plan...

My condolences as well.
Grand, if i manage to get my shit together, a small party is in order
my mom played this every night after dinner. i requested it for her service, since i can't be there.

Sorry for your loss.may god keep u in his hands for comfort and good health.
My mother played the piano also, but your mum was better. Takes some skilles that tune.
Fredrik Ch was polish, a romantic bloke.
thank you, Blue. hug
Grand, i've requested her music books or at least a look at them so i know what she played and can hear it again. Chopin is the only one that stood out
So sorry to hear that Palm sad flower

Mine will be next (98)
I said my goodbyes to her when I went to France 18 months ago.

Beautiful music. What's the name? I wish I could play that.
it's Chopin, Raindrops. thank's for stopping by, Dan
Chopin has always been my favourite.smitten
Thanks Palm.
I'll have a look for it.teddybear
mom had a music book she played. i want to see what all was in it.
So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. sad flower
Condolences... Sorry for your loss.
thank you KP and Chat. i'm remote and processing accordingly
sad flower
thank you Z man
You may not see her again but her presence will always be there as an Angel on your shoulderangel

Thoughts are with you Crypto.sad flower
thanks, Tiger. i'll see her every time my rose blooms
We don't always agree, but sorry to hear that..........sad flower
lcbr, my mom would say f off. she's my kind of gal-in HEAVAN
that's California accent for heaven. ps she's with God. live with it
I was just offering my condolences. There is no need to go on the attack...doh
i have no need for false condolences while our beliefs are so different. b-bye
I give up........dunno
smart move. take the next exit
With any death of a friend or colleague its always gets thru to me only about a month later. I guess my mind doesn't want to accept it at given moment.
My sincere condolences.sad flower
i get what you're saying. thank you
mom liked her roses so i have planted a few. i can't play Chopin but i will create a place where Chopin mingles with roses and it's like being in a teenage bed, with Chopin, if you get what i mean
Will it be outdoor or indoor?
i have no idea. it will be
i'm real glad my ribs don't hurt. that would be a problem. i just act like everythings normal. let the green grow
Me too. My friend bruised his ribs in a fall and the pain was severe.
He got no treatment, just painkillers. I think you're fine.
Turning in cos it's a quarter to 1.
Good night Adare.
My sincere condolences on the loss of your mom.

Celebrate her life and that you got to know her for so long.
Unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity.
Be glad, that you did.

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