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Dear Man In Romania

I know you’re not here for input but your writings are great. You should allow comments. Just saying. Ignore the trolls. There are trolls on every site. If you hate the trolls on this site be glad you weren’t at Matchdoctor. That was truly a masquerade. It was Phantom of the Opera over there. laugh


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Mermaid > the thing is that they are easy to ignore; in the 1st instance, i reported some of them, with no results, which means all who "watchover" CS are involved, allowing these to happen. Reasons may be various, most of all being traffic for a website. As people are more inclined to "make noise" over scandals, harsh debates (turned to quarrels) and so forth, sure, this is a target.
in the 2nd instance, i told them to behave, otherwise, their comments will be ignored, unless they start behave with decency. result? > like talking to the walls
in the 3rd instance, i reminded them (is a whole team, and by the number of their posts/comments in forums, they are here for good years) that i am not here to even notice them, and they can not disturb me at all, but rather find them amusing, seeking attention all day long, and even serving them with no words in my reply, but images with food for pets, either be there a picture with a bone, or seeds for parrots (that, to show i am amused of their actions which doesnt really affect me at all)
but last night, one of the gangstalkers team, came by and posted an image, modified, using my profile picture, which means - in my view - that the level of evil, would go to extremes, - which leads me to think at this aspect:
if one of my profile pictures can be used by any member and as a mockery, in a reply, starting modifyin it on a website and just play around, using someone's identity is a serious offence from legal standpoint. how about my writings, then, all copyrighted?! other one, can even raise charges against any of these individuals, but also against this website, who use as shield this kind of people, to different benefits (supposing?! )
i did not came here for that. what is next?! one taking from my writings and in the same spirit of mockery, start modifying my texts for the amusement of the other ones in the gang?! that can not and will not happen, cos i can close the account by myself. and i would do it in a blink of an eyes, without any remorse for. because there are some limits, still! what may be next?! people's pictures being stolen, and other profiles being created, for any other illegal activities, such as scamming?! if none of the website adminstrators and whoever is in charge here to moderate, doesnt take actions against such individuals, i think i have no reason to stay anymore.
i am not here for their theatre and definitely, i have better things to do in my life than these.

thank you, as well, for reference blog. i appreciate your kindness.
rolling on the floor laughing Most everybody morphs into a troll there! It must be his witchcraft. I think I'll turn him into a parrot.laugh
P.S: As long as there are rules, terms and conditions flagrantly being broken, and none of the website administrators/moderators does not concern of, nor taking actions on reports, I consider this matter subjected to illegal activities supported by this website, which clearly, I do not recommand to anyone out there. This website should be avoided.
The moderators more than likely didn't act because you Mirror were hideous with your retorts..You fed those you call trolls..Your behaviour was worst than a two year old with you posting two year old swipes with memes..Even those who nicely disagreed with you..You were nasty..You're one of those if people don't agree with you then you take it upon yourself to troll them..Boedling is a gentleman look at the shit you tossed at him..People can easily go to your threads on the forums..You troll big time!~
Mercedes > you defend someone who was constantly harassing me, over and over again. therefore, you are in the same team, double-speech form of expression, under liberalism. this does not hold.
Harassment is Harassment.
When someone tells you you are not welcome to any of its post, continuing, over and over again, means the same thing i pointed out.
To interpretate my actions, in the favor of your "buddy", plus the other accusations - without any real implication - indicates you are in the same team. You should be ashamed of yourself, taking part of such illegal activities, for the sake of amusement or whatever else things resembling. But you won't. And is alright.
It does not bother me at all. Besides, you know?! It was better this way. I have no option to erase all the forum posts, but i do hope they will be erased when i shall close the account.
Nothing to discuss further with you, and i will not play your "game" neither.
There is no debate, over Harassment.
@ The Mirror

I have glanced at your posts but not interested enough to read in depth ,as they appear to be of a certain mind set which does not sit well with me personally.

Any discussion is good if you can also see someone else's point of view, which unfortunately you seem unable to do, resorting to insults at certain members.

This is an open Forum and you will come into contact with many with different ideals to your own chosen path , so a little understanding on your part of others opinions would not go amiss .

C.S is not your personal pulpit.

Merc is right about Boedling, he was and has been good natured and kind for many, many
years on this site. A remarkable achievement i must say.
Has he gone yet?

Tiger-Moth > for the same respect i offered always, to everyone, i will not counter your attack, and i am not gonna defend myself neither. it is a pity that you have joined like any others out there,in the same gang. but it was your choice, indeed. so, you can all of you celebrate now, i shall be gone quickly.
if until now, i shall blessed all of you with my presence,
from now on, i will bless you with my absence.

For all of you out there, which even since i joined on this website, you constantly harassing me, or pretending you wish to speak over a subject, searching for quarrel, scandal, reason to argue, violence, misconduct, including mockery, hear from me that none of your dees affected me, but contrary, i feel pity for all of you, and that includes too, the other members in the gang, which by their wicked hearts silently following my posts, and now, sustaining the same team of gangstalkers, come with swords drawn, to attack, listen me,
you all have won the war against me, a war in which i came with no weapons,
but you have lost the war with yourselves.

I leave in peace and with a heart still full of love. In the same way i bless the tyrants of this world, i bless you all who declared to be my enemies, for i have no enemy, and these wars are not yours to take. I feel pity for you, my brave judges. That is all. I have no remorse leaving, and may God bless all of you, you were taught to be cruel and to not resemble human beings anymore, and you have just learnt something today:
May God bless you, those who hate, mocker, defy, slander, lie, and deceive. Your wicked hearts betrayed you long ago, and I know to forgive. While you uniting together, showing hypocrisy and wickedness of your hearts, like your minds filled with pride, i was alone, telling you: may God bless you too, for i understand.

In rest, for all those who came by and had normal conversations with me, i respectfully salute you; you know whom you are, and you are the ones who understand a little more what humanity means. Thank you also for those visiting what i have posted. May God bless your hearts as well, and give you peace and joy, for you will need it, on the paths of your lives.

Not at least, despite its last, but wished to be such way, for its importance, thank you, Mermaid, for kindness. I will no longer continue this line of comments, from the same respect i always had, for not dragging in mud, what was heartly and kindly invoked. Thank you, and may God bless you too.

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That didn't take long.

@ The Mirror

You chose to take my comment as a personal attack on your person where actually there was none.

Matthew 7 King James Version
1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

A whole beam in your eye, yea it's not supposed to be funny but it's a tiny bit funny still. I guess I would at least feel it when I move the eye from side to side...
Let me see if I got this stright:

Mermaid here post a blog to honer and encourage Mr. Mirror.
Then somehow it ends up a "are you leaving?" blog.
How did that happen?

Mirror, some of us like you. There should be room for all, that includes you.
If you stay: be good at deleting comments you don't like, that way you can keep your blog clean.

Now Mermaid you get why he sometimes do not open for comments.
@ Grand

Perhaps you will glean more from the Forums and the remarks and sometimes insults passed to and fro by The Mirror on his threads. Those are there for posterity and cannot be deleted

Always remember it takes two to tango.. I have insulted no-one but it appears I have been cast among his dissenters. Not that it bothers me as I'm not on C.S on a daily basis.

Ok Tiger, I understand and respect that point of view.

I do. But is this the blog to bring it forward at? How about letting Mirror and his folks have a little quiet moment to lick some of theirs wounds?
I understand the tango thing. That's why I will be a good partner to one of the wims here at cs one day.
BUT, and there is a but that you do not grasp right now. Mr.Mirror came, as he said, Alone into Forums.
He DEMANED respect. Is that so wrong? Did he by that brush some feathers and create some enemies, sure did.
Do I still think people could have let Mirror be Mirror and approach his thread with the upmost caution, and if he tell you to go you go, instead of going all ME, BUT ME... and how about US.... here at forums.. our family is mistreated here... and by a stranger! This is the worst since Merc came to late to workout class and Mike got a scratch in his windshield!

So, no.
I see it from his side. This time. This is a blog for him.

yea some spelloes, sorry for them..

@ Grand

Thanks for your response. handshake

Surely one cannot command respect if you are not prepared to give it in return.

One of the posters in the Forums is a great guy who never losses his cool and responded in a polite fashion to the poster yet was repeatedly insulted by images of a parrot. Not once but many times, hence my questioning The Mirror and his lack of respect.

I have no desire to get drawn into an online slanging match, just aired my views with regards difference of opinions and immediately got labelled .


[ 1 ]
Someone asked me to return; the only reason therefore i am here is to Clarify from the beginning to the end, and then, to move on, and leave this website.
Tiger-Moth > double-speech form or expression, to be seen in your texts, a little lobby for the team you belong, and you should be ashamed of such attitude, - i once called you a lady and respected you alike, and you now twisting my words and everything i have done, just for the sake of "i don't know what reasons" you just have invented along.
Let me apply to you the same quote, since you like dialectics: "don't judge, so you shall not be judged"
You praise that man?! Have you went in the beginning, when i entered on the forums, to see from tale to head, what that man was doing to me, harassing me?! And you pretend you don't know - but your heart betrays you, for your wickedness is seen, making lobby for them, demonising me, despite i came here like a normal person, and what are you fighting for now? to prove what? you envy, so like everyone's else who just can not stand someone with a real attitude?! you say i am the one who is guilty? if i am guilty of something, is my guilt to have posted in the forum, my guilt to have reported the users when i saw how they mistreat another, my guilt to have even tell them they are not welcome to any of my posts, my guilt to even insist, telling them to behave, my guilt to even ask Dignity, my guilt to even show to all of these wicked ones, to which you allign, for which you are deceived, - the guilt of showing to all of them that i do not care they mockering me all day long, either coming one by one, either by teamwork, - my guilt to show them i am amused, posting a picture with either a dog bone, as rewarding their behavior like little pets, like little children who play, - my guilt to post pic with a parrot, aside a question: what do parrots eat? and a pic after with seeds, - what that means, o, you wicked one?! add this offence too, if that is offence, to have showd i am not affected of their lies, deceits, wickedness, slander, mockering, - if that is an offence, to call someone for what it is, a wicked one, add this too, this offence of calling you wicked, for your heart betrays you.
[ 2 ]
You came to drag in mud this whole post, you should be ashamed of yourself too, so like the other ones.
For you, HARASSMENT, what is it, nothing? Since you are making lobby for your team - these gangstalkers who since the day one harassing me, go to the 1st posting and take one by one, post after post, you wicked one! You speak of that man, bodleigh? when someone pretends wanna talk about buddhism, despite he doesnt know any history about it, and over each of my posts, drags his own, for which telling him to stop, then, saying i'd give him a chance to prove at least he has any idea what he preaches along, over my each posts, he trying to find reasons to evade, without any history knowledge, without anything else than theories that has nothing to do with reality?! i even asked him, does it one single buddhist teaching, or taoist teaching, say anything about Harassment? and he then, evading again, agains, throwing me quotes in my face? but he is not even able to debate - a real debate, over a quote, why he searches taunting me?! wicked ones, and deceivers! have no idea of history, have no idea of philosophy, have no idea of what asian culture is truly and saying to me that i dont wanna speak about?! i said from the beginning of my posts on the forums, that i can speak from science to religion, with anyone, anytime, as long one proves Knowledge, as long as one knows what means Reason, in a debate, cos a debate is not about seeking reasons to quarrel, neither to make a contest of who knows better, and what, i am not here for such things, i already told from day 1.
And you, wicked one - consider this offence too, - add it to my guilt, my brave judge! you wicked one, you have no idea what are you speaking about. I was reading Tao Te Ching in my childhood, who comes to teach me buddhism, huh?! a man like the one you praise?! who harasses?! despite i told him is not welcome?! you accuse me, of what, you wicked one?! of insulting?! offence?! what did i offended?! isnt it, somehow, your very Pride?! you should be ashamed of yourself. and i know you won't. you have too much pride in you, that is what betrays your heart, o, wicked one. I call you wicked for i already proved, with facts, so, demonize me, whatever, o, brave judge, o, hypocrit! But add here the facts, TEXT + CONTEXT, not twisting any of my action, not twisting any of my word.
And if that is an offence, add it too, to my guilt.
I am guilty, yes. I am. Guilty of telling the truth. Guilty of standing for what is right and righteous.
Even at the beginning of my reply to this lady who showd a little kindness, i already told her step by step on short, the Reasons.
and you, or else coming down here, not even reading wide and clear HARASSMENT, but mumbling over and over again how mean i am, how evil i am, and so on.
because for you all, indicated as wicked one, all what matters is Pride, satisfaction of dominion. Be kings, then, be rulers. Have your own world, in which to reign. Who doesnt let you?! Me?! I will soon leave, after clearing all this nonsense you call trial. You are not worthy be judges, for you do not know measure of Righteousness. You all know to villify. To mocker. To make a dark image of who i may be, despite nobody among you knows me. And if i am dark, - even IF i would be darkest one, what is wrong with you, dont you recognize in a mirror?!
You may come again, to continue your line, of misconduct. Come on, bring down your whole team of wicked ones, too. I can face all of you at once. If i do not allow comments or whatsoever to my posts, I have a REASON. you have, one?! What kind or Reasoning, and what purpose, what is intention of your heart?!
So, go on, villify me, my life does not conceal into your words with no real meaning. Make me feel the worst, come on, make me feel most evil. I am guilty as charged, brave judges! will be my answer.
So, if any holds trials, if any is the judge, come forth, we shall take it from the beginning to the end, and then, to move out from here. It is enough losing time already, and doesn't worth at all. Be righteous judges, any of you. But not coming down with wickedness, cos i will know in the very second. I feel pity for each of you, those from the gangstalkers team, and those who alligned to "the creed". I feel pity, that is all. I am not offended, I am not angry, I am not full of hate, none. I feel pity, for all of you my brave judges!.. That is all i have to feel.
...full of shit...

cool wine
Viking > that comes from an educated man, i assume?! or there is any other trivialities, to come?!
Grand > i will underline this quotation from you:
"BUT, and there is a but that you do not grasp right now. Mr.Mirror came, as he said, Alone into Forums.
He DEMANED respect. Is that so wrong? Did he by that brush some feathers and create some enemies, sure did.
Do I still think people could have let Mirror be Mirror and approach his thread with the upmost caution, and if he tell you to go you go, instead of going all ME, BUT ME... and how about US.... here at forums.. "
Here is a grasp of truth.
and all can be proved, since day 1.
themirror, do you think that we can be friends one day?
Bnaughty > even my enemy, you to be, i shall bless you too, anyway. i have nothing against you, nor anyone else. here to clear this out and then, move away. i had enough of these, already.
Grand > since day 1.

(same applied to my brave judge, Tiger-Moth) - is called TEXT + CONTEXT. Since day one, had to take their mockery. if that is not relevant, to your trial, move the court of law elsewhere.
Day 2 of posting inthe forum,
here comes the very primary individuals, who start mockery.

TEXT + CONTEXT, not interpretations, nor lobby for any team
Quotation from the forum post:

"Raphael > i do not have option to block you from the thread, but i do have an option to tell you that you are not welcome to any of my posts. so, all future comments to my posts will be ignored.

thank you.

"Only the educated are free" (Epictetus)

P.S: Same applies to anyone who doesn't know to behave, respect, or act like a human being. i search to communicate with Human Beings, not with numbers in a list with numbers."

Since day 2, Harassment started, and one by one, each of them, coming along.
is not relevant to your trial, my brave judge Tiger-Moth?!
this does not count!
but a picture with a parrot, counts!
have you spoke about TEXT + CONTEXT of a picture with a parrot, villifying me and calling offence?!
A picture with a parrot, with a question entitled : What do parrots eat?
+ one with seeds, it means someone who just repeating words without no Reason to Reality,
someone like you protegee, that excellent man, so noble and so brave that has to HARASS me all over my posts quoting Buddha, despite no Reason, no real Knowlege, nor history, nor anything.
Guilty as charged, your honor!
TEXT + CONTEXT, not despicable lies and deceit.
that is why i called you wicked, for you are wicked
and deceived, because you are deceived as well.

I will not be far after, I will just find a sweet seniorita first.
Takes a few months to do that right. Don't want to rush it.

Wish you the very best in your life!
Try to lift some of the burden you carry on your shoulders away now and then. MY lord is Jesus. And I don't have the right quote but it was something he said about letting each day have enough with it's own problems! Coming from Jesus himself that says a lot.
It means (I think): in this life, where evil is allowed it is not easy to be a human, so be nice to yourself and don't let life break you down! From Jesus himself! And He can raise you to eternal HAPPY life Mirror!
Remember I said that.

Fare well Mister, this will be the last time we speak I believe.

How many days of HARASSMENT, my brave judge, since day 2, until this very day, when you brought forth you allegations, villifying me, demonizing me, and whatsover lobby for your team?!
this doesnt count, isnt it?! FACTS! EVIDENCES. not mind tricks, deceiving others.
i feel pity for you and for all of them too, because i have no hate, to return back, i have no envy, to show, to any, regarless anything to own, or belonging, or knowledge, i have no greed, neither, to gather, or to boast with,
so, this means my only reason - REASON - to return, is to Clarify, and not mistify, - and then, move away, and just leave.
it is enough madness. and what for!?! for Pride?! what is the gain, in such things?!
it is, indeed, like i said, in the very beginning, a Reason, to even refuse to speak, to even close down the comment box. cos there is nothing to comment. i am not here for scandals and never was for such things. i am not here for anything else, than sharing memories - isnt what that what i have just ennounced clearly?!
if that is a Reason, of being Harassed, all along, i rather just go. i dont even have to return. and before going, even to bless every single one of you. because you were taught cruelty and wars, - for which, i do not make guilty ones, i dont make trials along, for these are not your wars to take, and bless even the very tyrants of this world.
Grand > by not making many references to your replies, doesnt mean i did not kept account on. Even since i "saw" you talking with Rose, i was happy, for i know she is a good woman, and you had so many things to talk about. sometimes, i stepped away, to not interfere,
but what i wanned to underline, is that i wish i'd seen more often, a spirit of righteousness, among the humans of our society. but, when they are taught since cradle time, about a world of hate and evil, they too, are swept along, in the spirit of this world. i am aware, each of them, have their own wars to take. but the real war of someone is with itself.
Thank you as well, for any kind words. God bless you too!..

Ciao guys, have a good one.....I'll be fine, don't worry....crying crying crying
Viking > that comes from an educated man, i assume?! or there is any other trivialities, to come?!

-well.... "Houston, we have a problem!" ? dunno
-good thing, after all... there`s no sound....

cool wine
The reason why I left comments up, mirror, is because back at the other dating site I was at I limited comments and got chewed out for it. I didn’t leave them up so everyone can bash you. Their argument was that I only allowed opinions that suited me and they were right. I need to consider and hear out everyone now because we’re all different. I’m glad you took what I wrote as positive because it was...this wasn’t meant to be a bashing blog. I wish you all the best and I do hope you come back because I’ll be reading ya. bouquet
With apologies to Mermaidhair.::handshake:

My thoughts were such that I felt the need to point out to people that we all have a difference of opinion and as such we should respect that, and for my sin [ not my choice of words I can assure you ] I have been torn to shreds and my character besmirched by a total stranger.

I actually feel sorry for anyone who can print such garbage and call it their truth, but I guess it takes all sorts to make up this world. From one human being to another I forgive him his rant and will not be commenting on this blog again ,though I doubt I can silence one with the tongue to spout such bitterness against my person.
dear Mermaid. i get the gist. unfortunately your kind words got twisted. keep being nice
Dear Robert, ( yes Mermaid, the romance writer)
I hope this helps you understand how a flour sifter
IS romantic. I will explain ice cubes the same
context. Both can cool you down and get your
emotions fine tuned on putting intensity in your
romance. Sift 'n chill.

Thank you dating site for the blogs where we can display both the ernist expressions of love for
each other AND humanity.

Thank you Mirr0r for letting me take a good look
at myself and I am still grin
You are always welcome at my door.
But my blogs are like my home,tidiness requires
refreshing it. New thoughts,new persons and
new puzzles...I like the world in the raw nature.
The refined,the quotes,the standards are even
diverse..but the common thread is birth,rebirth.

rolling on the floor laughing I could even become inspired enough to
have a new last name.blushing lips
Imagine finding love in the midst of chaos..smitten
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