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Kamala in Guatemala

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POOR Kamaleon! She blundered into a TRUMP RALLY!! ... shock

The Guatemalans are More politically savvy than 'CRATS!!

CanNOT make that shit Up!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


In a Remarkable position flip - Kamaleon adopts The Don's Immigration policy
Ol' Joe tapped Kamaleon as Veep for Insurance against bein' Assassinated ...
That MUST Be It - Nothin' Else makes SENSE!!
We're Seeing Why she was polling @ near 0% when she Suspended her Prez Primary Bid.

The Don's Drooling at the idea of her running for Prez after Ol' Joe croaks off daydream
She'd have to Run Against The Don while Defending having used His Policies!!

No Wsy in HELL could 'Crats rig enough State Races to steal THAT Election!!
rolling on the floor laughing

Aussie Media reports that Prez-In-Waiting Kamaleon has adopted The Don's Immigration Policy ...
U.S. MSM ... hmmm

|| BREAKING || Prez-In-All-But-Name Kamaleon demands Séxist Non-Birthing Persons take Responsibility for Birth Control ...
very mad
Ol' Joe '94 devil Build Privatized "Prisons For Profit" ...

Ol' Joe '21 idea @ 3:25 Fill Privatized Prisons With Migrants & Use 'Em For FORCED LABOR Paid $1.00/Day ...

Just Like "Kids in Kages" Kamala did in Kommiefornia -
As Revealed in the exchange that ENDED Her Prez Run ...
Hawaii National Guard Major Gabbard was awarded the Marksmanship Medal for the Perfect Kill Shot on Kamala's Political Career.

Then Ol' Joe raised her from the Dead, made her Veep ...
And Tasked HER with Dealing With The Border Crisis.

One CanNOT Make this Shit UP, Y'all!! ... devil
rolling on the floor laughing

I reckon Ol' Joe's Border Czarina, "Kids in Kages Kamala", figures the threat of Enslavement will Deter Guatemalan Migrants ... smile

She didn't get ONE Vote in the Primaries & She's a heartbeat from POTUS behind a Demented Warmonger ...

Pleasant Dreams, Y'all ... daydream

For Biden and get her would be jumping out the pan INTO the fire!frustrated wonder if the next thing Camel will do to ward off all the yelling about going to the border..will be to take a trip to our north and say she has been to the border...of Canada!roll eyes
Things are so bad, Texas Gov declared a disaster so he can do his own thing. Build more jails and toss illegals in to stay. Charge them with trespassing if nothing else. And encouraging the ranchers to sue the Federal gov for the loss of crops, livestock and burglary and trash and destruction.
It would appear the the states are on their own. No support from DC except taxation.very mad
The only Kamala that actually mattered. Kamala The Ugandan Giant. Real name James Harris. James 'Kamala' Harris.
oh boy, more right wing tears to drink.rolling on the floor laughing
James 'Kamala' Harris

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THAT is NOT someone you would want falling on you!!uh oh

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