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It is an impossible task
To write of a remarkable woman
In a poem
Those who are here
Know what I speak

Mom was the Queen Bee
She buzzed around her roses
In a garden she admirably

Whatever she touched
Brought colorful blooms
And after many years of life
I'm quite certain she loved
Her flowers

When I plant a rose or
Design my garden
I know she will always
Be there
Guiding us

A remarkable woman
Too much for a poem
This is simply a glimpse
Of my mother's love
Shining through seas of

Comments (18)

Crypto, ignore the trolls rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing (the most misused word on internet besides racist) in your neighbours windows, and start working on your garden. How about that?
Grand, trolls rolling on the floor laughing mom taught me about sticks and stones
How lovely Palm smitten teddybear
thanks Dan wave
I would say that whether there are 2conversing or
conversing conversing conversing conversing
one person touches each life differently.
Those are the reminscences that seem large and
do not encompass the smallest tender significance of one, or of their secrets... hug
Such a lovely writing and the garden to indulge the souls, together in eternity...infinity.heart wings
Though you shouldn't but you proved your honesty when you confessed that you had issues and thàt got settled decades back and then after you were a true daughter... that's brave to bear the the loss...
Not an issue for anybody here I know believe me.
The hoops some people claim make them the
in charge of the 3 Ring Circus.

Oh well Ioatoo .. sidetracking this blog was your real point wasn't it.

Anyways back to Adare and her Mom.

heart wings
I lost my mom, the only person who loved me unconditionally, I had the feeling as if I am an orphan... somedays after I realised that the world is an orphanage and that better you get rid of it or be habituated to or with....
This is simply a glimpse
Of my mother's love
Shining through seas of

Embedded image from another site
There you go Ioatoo..jump into the sea of love
@Oh well Ioatoo .. sidetracking this blog was your real point wasn't it.
Thats your job not mine.
Please mind your language and your (miss) behaviour. You are a habitual offender.
Didn't you notice I ignore you though you hit me.
So enough is ......
It is encouragement from me to focus on maternal blessings that are universal...
Swim in it whether you are one or all.

The love in this blog prevails over anyone's
version of reality.
A beautiful tapestry of wombs..
hug your love has appeared now.purple heart
After that ever so slight delay between our worlds.
@rose, ashlander or a series of boring comments in a row...
May be she is your best friend or whatever...
May be I may be a stranger
May be you are a sole proprietor to console her.
I beseech you need to learn the....
it's storming again and wifi is sketchy.
my flowers are being watered
I log call me names I don't bother...but you know I would retaliate when you cross the limits your puppy....things will again be in the courts of the moderators.
I'm fine as long as i have these two fine ladies telefax, beeper, footprint hdi and fedex microline-express.

bouquet bouquet

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