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The Tax System, Explained in Beer!

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That implies that the poorest people are getting free beer paid for by the wealthiest, rather than the poorest people being too poor to pay for food, shelter and warmth.

It doesn't explain how the poorest people have already given all their money to the richest to pay for their primary needs.

It doesn't say what would happen if everybody had at least a living wage and could afford to buy a bottle of beer for themselves at the end of the working week.

The beer analogy is like saying that slaves will starve without their owner taking care of them out of the goodness of their heart. It fails to take into account how the slave owner is profitting from slave labour and how the greatest cost is ultimately paid by the slave.
Again, the progressive income tax tale doesn't tell the whole story.

It implies that how much you earn is purely a choice based upon how many hours you're prepared to work and that everyone gets equal opportunty with respect to earning capacity.

The lowest earner, Tom, is paid $48 an hour which enables him to work 10 hours a week and earn $25K a year.

It seems minimum wage varies from state to state in the US, but the highest is $15 per hour which would take 32 hours per week to earn $25K. In many states the minimum wage is $7.25 which would take over 66 hours per week to earn $25K a year.

Not everyone has equal opprtunity. Quite apart from the fact that not all jobs pay the same hourly rate, not everyone has the same education, the same abilities, the same contacts and privileges which open doors to them, etc.

It's an able-bodied, white, male, married, two kids and half a dog perspective which fails to take into account just about every issue which affects earning capacity and tries to make out how unfair a 'progressive' tax system is to 'hard workers'.

Even if you can't get your head around issues of race, gender, or sexuality, surely you can relate to how military personel with missing limbs, or military widows with kids might not have the same employment opportunities and choices that this video tries to make out.
This vid is not about all that jac, now is it?
Innit about explaining why itt not so bad the rich get the most cash out of a tax redouxee?
I believe that back in the day, minimum wage jobs were for folks getting their feet wet in the business world.
I don't think that anyone really wanted a career in "McDonald's". Teenagers, kids in college and some retired folks made up the minimum wage workforce. As teenagers and college kids graduated their work skills were enhanced and they moved along to greener pastures. If the government imposes a $15 minimum wage, the dynamics will all change. If you are an employer forced to pay $15 an hour, who are you going to hire, the teen age kid off the street or a more advanced, older more experienced worker? My guess is the latter.
People are free to make their lives what they want them to be. We have countless stories of kids coming from poverty and deciding that they will not be victims of their circumstances. They pull themselves up by the bootstraps, work or study hard and break the cycle. We have a high school on the south side, in one of the poorest parts of town that have a 100% college placement numbers. They're proud of their accomplishments and all they had to do was work and study hard. These are choices that they make all on their own - well hopefully being nudged a bit by their parents - one can choose to not be a victim.
Taxes are a part of life. I do think a flat tax on everyone would be the most fair. I don't think that the wealthier should have to pay more. A lot of the wealthy studied or worked hard to get to where they are. To tax them more for making something of their life just doesn't seem fair. Even those who come from a family of money - somewhere along the line - someone worked hard to get to where they are. Why is it fair to punish them?
From Willy's example - why should the brother who worked his tail off, his wife also worked and they managed to save money be forced to pay an unfair amount because one brother worked 1/3 of the hours and his wife didn't work and the other brother also worked less hard and made less money. Fair would be to split it 3 ways not to put the bulk of the burden on one. JMO
Back in the Day -
The idea of a Minimum Wage was 1st pushed by racially segregated Labor Unions.

The Unions didn't want Black members ... talk to hand
Non-Union Blacks would (were Forced to) accept wages Significantly lower than the Union Standard - And lower than Non-Union Whites.

Unions pushed for the Minimum Wage to prohibit employers/contractors from paying low wages to Blacks - And thus Motivate them to employ White Union Labor.
Blacks were thus kept Out of Unions AND prevented from competing for Employment.

Racist 'Crats (South and Especially North) passed Minimum Wage Laws in exchange for Union Endorsements & Votes of White Union Membership ...
While pandering with "Everyone should receive a living wage" Bullshit.

So EVERYBODY Won handshake (Except, of course, Black Folks).
Cunning, was it Not? ... devil

An excessively "generous" Gov't imposed Minimum Wage will Motivate employers to Eliminate as many Paid Positions as Possible.
When Fast Food operations are Forced to pay $15/Hr. -
Investments in automation become more attractive.

Example -
The $15 wage will price Young folks outta the 1st Job Labor Market -
Jobs such as taking orders for Big Macs® will be done by consumers makin' selections on Touch Screens ... typing

The Real Big Winners with a "Living Minimum Wage" will be Corporations selling the Touch Screen Order Takers - Which will be Made In China ...
Or more likely Outsourced by China to be built by workers in poor conditions & paid Damned near Slave Labor Wages.

And Head-In ... Sand Murkun Lefties will be All Like ... very happy

For the many years I was an accountant in my CPA firm - I had that anaolgy of how the tax system worked hung in my office. Now I can't remember if beer was used or something else but I liked the logic.

I was witness too the criers and whiners that always wanted more. So many liars when it comes to taxes.

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