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Tag.} Looking at charts....
In search of musical logic..( or lack thereof
...basic building blocks of time / motion...R&R.
1965 edition...moping satisfaction / rolling Stones
Turn,turn,turn./ The byrds. a rolling stone./ Dylan
......and Time itself...
The L A S T* time./ Rolling Stones
.. don't look back / temptations
Eve of Destruction./ McGuire
...* Lmtd.Attn.- span Theater......wink ...
.....1966.) reproductive seminar.....purple heart
When a man loves a woman./ $ledge.
..pushing too hard./ the seeds.
B-A-B-Y./ Thomas....) Attraction, friction, erection, penetration, performance & boom! ) Babies, whether you want them or not...professor
...same year prophecy......tongue ..
Projections./ The blues project
Blue things./ The blue things
Hey Joe ! / Hendrix
..A R ] I'm your puppet / Jim & Bobby Purify...) A rich tapestry of Metallica irony....
....uh-- oh..$CI€NC€ !?!.....1967 edition...
H.Q. / the Monkees
Evolution./ The Hollies
More of the Monkees / ~...
..A R ] make it happen./ $ R. & The miracle
....N A T U R E + Reason = garden State logic...
1967 { albums......bouquet flowers / r. Stones.
................... ) . Bee gees 1st./ Bee G's....
....................W I L D . Honey./ Beach boys
Airport confidential..{ 66--67.
.. flying on the ground is wrong./ Buffalo Springfield
Jefferson Airplane takes off./ Jeff. Airplane
B O O M./ The Sonic's.
... Epicenter Epilogue...A picture perfect botanical byte of metaphysical truuf...
...the Joshua tree./ U 2
One drop of truth./ Wood. Bros.
Tap root. / M. Hedges.
.... . . standby...

Comments (8)

So there is continuity & Entropy ...
Wheresoever eYe might look....the Question 1$...

.if it's not a block chain { skynet
...then what is it....??!.angel

Politics of Time / minutemen
5,4,3,2,1../ Mann
Zero hour./ King.
..A R ] Who knows where time goes ?/ Fairport conv.
Weather | 1966.
..8 miles high / byrds } .
..sun ain't gonna shine./ walker bros.
..r a i n../ . beatles...

1966 is also the yr. That a Govt. Agency / agent.
Coined the term.) Conspiracy theorist...
As a direct result of 3 people...
2 of whom were Eustice Mullins & Mark Lane...
Now that was a fun blog cheering

Embedded image from another site
Thank you....
..and for those playing around with TV & such...

The entire thrust of the rocket- radio alert... to un Fence the activity loop of
Your jaded hippocampus...
.the activity of the product 1$ constant*
50. Ten commands of Love / moonglows
...24. Tequila / the champs.
74. Western movies / Olympus..} d3.| 1958.

*Regardless of time. And the work expands $0 as to
Fill up the page for the eager thespian.
Just dropped by to confirm while you insist on writing in your crap dot dot dot pseudo-style I won't read a word - believe me! I see the shape and shrug it off. For sure cannot be bothered. My blog-eyes recognise it immediately and scroll down. Idiot!
Thank you for your Flouridated comment.
...but-- 4 the record
We did not invent pop culture
Nor was casting $pells at 33 .3 rpm
..a part of my training.

Our 2 favorite subjects in daze of yore..
...recess & Lunch.

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