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Good news regarding face masks - and a gig!

Yesterday, the government told us what we had been dying to hear for a very long time - face masks are no longer required, unless you are standing up in public transport. Anywhere else - shops, restaurants, cinemas and gigs - will not require face masks to enter. However, the covid passport is still something we need to present, whenever we want to go to a restaurant, to the cinema or to gigs. Furthermore, now that the Euro 2020 is underway, the government here has said, that 25.000 people will be allowed in attendance. All in all, it looks like things are slowly going the right way here, which is absolutely fantastic!

I got a message from K the other day, regarding a gig in Copenhagen on the 15th and 16th of June. It's a mix of death metal, black metal, doom metal and heavy metal, and it features bands I have heard and haven't heard. She wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I haven't been to a gig since February 2020, so it's about time I go! Naturally, I said yes. That means that on Wednesday and Thursday, I will get my much needed fix of some good music, and I am so excited!

But for now, I have a birthday to plan. I will spend tomorrow writing down what I need. Sunday is the big day, which means shopping and cooking. I'm quite looking forward to it, actually. But for some reason, I am looking more forward to the gig next week, since it's been way too long since I was at a show.

Bring it on!

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We're at the beginning of our third wave with the Delta variant being dominant.

We're scheduled to have all restrictions lifted in 10 days time, but with less than half the population fully vaccinated and too little data regarding the efficacy with respect to the Delta variant, I'm hoping we'll hang on for a little longer and delay reopening.

Having got this far and given the backlog of non-covid related medical waiting lists, it could be a huge mistake to throw caution to the wind as we did last summer.
Have fun with your K pal at the concert.
Personally, I'd bring ear plugs. laugh
But, to each their own. head banger

What % of the people are vaccinated there ?
Jac: We have luckily avoided a third wave here in Denmark, which is the reason why we are able to open up more here. If the infection rate shoots up, they will reinstate the face masks everywhere

Jim: I prefer my music without earplugs, but I might take some with me, just in case. I read that 24% of the Danish population has been vaccinated. But it's going very well. We have had several days in a row with over 70.000 vaccinations. I am scheduled to get mine somewhere between June 14 and September 12. Hopefully I will get mine soon :)
unless you are standing up in public transport.

So this means the ones sitting are immune?confused
what is a Covid passport?
i went 2 places today. they said because of law they can't ask if i was vaxed. so, masks are now optional
Luke: Apparently so. According to the government, the virus isn't infecting people who sit down, only the ones standing up..

Cryptor: A covid passport is a document that shows if you have been vaccinated, tested or have been infected with covid. It's extremely clever, but naturally, there are people who are going "This is a dictatorship. I don't want a covid passport that I can show to gain entrance to certain places", but the same people are not saying anything when they have to show their regular passport or their ID to gain entrance to certain places..
A covid passport is an app, or rather a QR code that you can have on your phone or write it out (last option for me).
And it shows green if had covid or alternatively had both vaxses.
Red if not. It's meant for reentry after travel inside EU.
I thought that was odd also.

My best guess, is that either they feel that someone standing & sneezing would more
greatly spread the virus, than someone seated dunno


The seated travelers are isolated in compartments. dunno

Either way, I figured, there's nothing I can do about a foreign government.
So, I just let it go. wave
you are a nice person but personal health information should be private. it's no business to others. what if herpes or HIV, for example, banned you from living when the sick need to find more reasons to live? there is nothing preventing the paranoid from squatting in their homes until the danger has passed which could be unknown at this point
Jim, air is air in a bus or train. a metal capsule, like one of those time release capsules...your bf is your enemy, your family is your enemy, your co-workers are your enemies, your family is your goes on and on until there is no life without paranoia against a manmade virus designed to destroy freedom.
I suspect you haven't avoided it so much as your third wave hasn't started yet.
I still believe firmly that not picking your nose until you washed
your hands well is more important than any facemask.
Airborne can not compete with the "real thing". You know the thing..
i just act like i'm vaxed at this point
FYI - The virus that causes COVID-19 is about 0.1 micrometer in diameter. (A micrometer (µm) is one one-thousandth of a millimeter.)

Embedded image from another site

The holes in woven cloth are visible to the naked eye and may be five to 200 micrometers in diameter.

It’s like putting up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.

Put another way:

But the real evidence lies in the fact that, contrary to the dogma that has taken root in American society, especially in Democratic circles, there is simply no scientific substantiation for the claim that masks, as they are worn in everyday life, protect either the wearer or those who encounter her.
The first large RCT, conducted in Denmark specifically to assess the utility of masks against SARS-CoV-2, found no difference in rates of infection between those who wore and those who did not wear masks...
The metal show sounds great.i saw Judas priest and Metallica when I was in beautyschool.rock on!!

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