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dear diary 6/11

today i ran some errands and while i was in town, i skipped off to a plant nursery.
since tennis partner and i are playing again, i gave him a rose i hadn't planted yet.
so i asked, what color should my replacement rose should be?
he said "i'm not into that"
i said, "but it's going to be the Ken Rose in my garden" mumbling

so, i selected the rose by it's name ROBUSTO!


Comments (22)

ps tennis partner will now be known as ROBUSTO

ROBUSTO will have his own brand of green for me tomorrow
To bad you can't plant that instead, does he has female clones wink
Rose, i would never smoke my flowers
Sweet Adore love
Your partner is strong in tennis. peace
That's why he's Robusto. thumbs up
peace bouquet heart wings
you know it!!!!! banana
Sweet Adore angel
It's like this. hug
bouquet teddybear heart wings
maybe not so sweet. or is it dunno
My green trees were higher than 3m this year. Had a fantastic harvest.
Sweet Adore love
Up to you don't mind I write like this. hug
peace bouquet teddybear
hey Luke. i don't butcher my chickens. i get them packaged in little sandwich bags. lol
Syed, you put too much respect towards me. you may be a real live saint
Sweet Adore angel
You're Respectful. hug
There is saying. love
( Respectful must be Respected) heart beating
teddybear heart wings bouquet
Syed, i'm pretty sure you're going to heaven, if there is one
Sweet Adore angel
Thanks for your Prayers & appreciation. thumbs up
Yes there are Heavens. gift
Live Long Happy and Safe. hug
peace teddybear bouquet
i will take your well wishes and ride upon them, like a magic carpet
i'm thinking i should travel to Pakistan or India
Sweet Adore angel
My Prayers will help you now & in future also. hug
You will be Happy and Safe. love
bouquet teddybear bouquet
i am going to hold you to that!
Sweet Adore angel
My Prayers are with you. love
You will come to know. hug
Right hold me don't hang me. Hahaha
teddybear heart wings bouquet
no hanging. i've got my well hung. walk with love
Sweet Adore. angel
Right your hung be solved soon. heart beating
We both will walk with Love. love
teddybear peace bouquet
Syed, i think you're too pure for this movie rating

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