Photo - All 9 Nude

Warning ! Not everyone will be pleased to see this sort of photo, especially since 9 are involved, AND not one has any clothes.
Others of you, will want them ! Perhaps depending upon what gender you are, or
identify with.

While I know a few of you were bothered, when I posted a happy birthday blog
for a lovely model, I won't be surprised if similar whining results in response to this blog.
I don't care, and in this instance, it doesn't even matter to me, what the rules state.

For your viewing pleasure, here they are in the raw, without ANY clothing at all. wow

Nude !

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For those of you, who are a bit more demure;

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tongue laugh
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I did a lot of arc welding today so I guess my arc eyes will be better of not oogling nudes. Poor mecrying
when it concerns men, the word nude compromises the GPS of zipper
L - Yes, be careful not to desire hotties, after welding.
Ideally, there should be a cool down period.... for safety reasons. grin
laugh laugh Jim handshake

Have to say during the day I'm nude always conversing

But night time on special occasions can be no other than 50 shades of grey flirty batting

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I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it.

Hey, hey, hey, after the day, 50 shades grey you say, or is kinky your way ?
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