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How to spot a female scammer. Don't worry scammers will not read this.

1. They always accept older gentlemen 99 years old.
2. They usually look pretty good or the picture is taken from far away.
3. They never have long descripions of them self or their potential match. Rarely more then the 50 letters required and with no real detail because it's the nature of the game when you deal with many victims you can not remember details.
4. If some one send a like/favorite or such without any message be aware.
5. They are almost always new members or they have not been active for a long time and you where the one who contacted them first.
6. If tested with someting they can not Google they will fail. Example: If their alphabet is not latin letter write something in their native laguage with Latin letters and with some misspellings. They should be able to understand it.
7. Be aware of the time zone. If they are online 4 am their time it's suspect.
8. They will be fast in trying to get other ways of contacting you.
9. No matter WHAT excuse they have don't send money or valubles. Even if you have spoken for months.
10. Even if you get so far as a real life meeting, they might still hustle you.
11. Always check IP number and not only once if you have recieved an email.
12. Always check what country the phone number belongs to.
13. Pay attention to pictures background. Signs, electrical outlets and what not.
14. When you confront them they will not give up and eventually be aggressive.
15. Check if profiles is always online in the same time, escpecially new profiles.

There are exeptions of course. I have almost been fooled once by a Russian pretending to be in Monte Negro. She didn't want to talk to me at first. Claiming I needed to have a special blood type or she was not interested. She claimed to be from Russia but living in Monte Negro, thus explaining the phone number. With Skype contact she was all over the place but with no good shot of her face. She claimed she wanted to come and visit but needed to pick up her fur coat in Vienna. She didn't want me to go visit. When time came for trip it was hastily cancelled twice. She invested two weeks in grooming me. Very convincing but failed in the end.
Most scammers are from Nigeria and is not connected to any maffia structure. They learn from each other.

These are scammer for sure on CS.
Tatiana70 from Kiev Ukraine
Mollywilson London UK Former travel agent (Thomas Cook)
Singlemother086 London UK Former travel agent (Thomas Cook)

Feel free to comment with your on personal scammers.

The site will not change because they need the scammers profils to lure people in. That is how the make money. I estimate 85% women are fake on CS. It's a bit like Specimen hunting big fish. You need to spend a lot of time to catch a good one and throw a lot of minnows back into the dephts.
I have noticed that every time I put a new photo on my profile scammers contact me more.

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I forgot! It's extremely rare that a scammer interact in the forum, games and other things here.
Wait until chat sees this blog
You steal his reason for being here

A new sheriff is in town

Let's not forget the male scammers too.

Generally, your typical scammer is easy to spot.

Not so easily recognised is the "prankster/fake profiler" who can cause some strife laugh ....but they usually out themselves, in time. hmmm
Well I don't check male profiles but I asume that it's simular since it's the same scammer going both ways.
rolling on the floor laughing does that offend you at all, that they are binary.
@rh silly question! OP is speaking of his experience, he is unary not binary. Chatillion also speaks of the female scammers because he doesn't see the males either. My mailbox has zero males, but many 30-something nice looking American females. Of course I ignore them, or dismiss them. Binary? Unary? Silly remark.
Chatillion speaks of the female scammers because he knows all the porn stars yet claims to be married on a singles dating site

Could you be more specific about #13, regarding their electric outlets.grin

Yeah, I’m also wondering the relevance Rose confused
Many men here have claimed to fake it, ostensibly to catch scammers.conversing
I'm sure Fargo has researched this thoroughly as well and has all the answers.
The sum total of all (his)scammers are Americans,not. Unary is like a preferred noun. grin
Chatillion speaks of the female scammers because he knows all the porn stars yet claims to be married on a singles dating site

Nice2meetyoutoo, you have issues... you really do.
@N2MYT that's an offensive and absurd statement!
@rh scammers are of arbitrary gender and nationality, but seem to prefer claiming to be female, 30's and American. I can say this with the assurance of personal experience. But of course it is only my personal experience. It is also natural to suppose your experience is slightly different. You want to dispute that? Does that offend you? Why are you argumentative about such obvious things? Think!
Tatiana says she “knows what she wants” also is 8 years your junior, very short profile, made up only one unclear photo. I would be instantly suspicious that she is not real. However, you put lots of time dealing with Scammer but learnt the lesson.
I am 65 and mostly get messages from men 49-55, so I instantly look at their profile and find that they are 1.35 m tall or other discrepancies, they all in first or second message push me give e-mail address or phone# because they “not always here, or they want know me better ” They stop writing the minute I respond that no personal info available and I stay only on this site . I think 90% men on CS are Scammers or they targeting older women because they think older are more desperate or lost their marbles because of their age...laugh
Last year I probably reported more than 50 profiles of young women 25 - 35 y.o. approx.
None of these women wrote to me, they just viewed and liked my profile. A few persistent ones viewed it every 5 minutes.
These were obviously scams of some sort. I never bothered viewing them and most times they weren't being deleted so I reported them. I'm sure that other men were reporting them too, but better to help.
I said in the report that they were most likely Young Women being Trafficked for sex, and CS were obliged to delete the fake profiles. They were always deleted within 1 - 2 days.
This year when I rejoined I started reporting them but nothing happened. I hadn't even put up a photo at the time because I hoped to be left alone, but there were 100 in about a week. So I put the photo up, but it's down at the moment. It's like there are new mods who do nothing, or there are no mods at all, so I've given up, I was doing their job for them by reporting.
It seemed to me that there was a Gang operating in Europe and a different one in America. Both were operating at a well organized level.
@roseh I actually try to respect you, but it doesn't work. You don't deserve it.In fact you speak nonsense. I will try no more, a shame!
Different countries had different electrical outlets. That is why you need adapters when you travel. Is someones claims to be in USA in their house and you se an European plug, it is suspicious. Vacation pictures can usually be recognized from local and road or commercial signs can be in the back ground. Also vegitation and ground condition, views. In Australia the ground is red, not so much in Europe.
Tatiana70 does not understand Ukrainian even so she claims to be from Kiev. Got very irritated when I confronted her/him.
Wth, but I just wired 500$ to Tatiana... she is on the way to me she say. confused
I asked if she had taken her shots but she responded she likes vodka shots after kids gone to bed at friday night. dunno
New member hegf32 has a normal looking profile... 31 from Tennessee
It reads well, nothing that appears out of the ordinary.
Caring and loving lady looking for a soulmate.

The 2nd photo on her profile links to 2 profiles on other sites that are totally different:

39 from Montana

29 from Florida

What chance does a guy have of being scammed from hegf32
I would wager the chances are very high.

Embedded image from another site
I expect op has covered some of this already but here are the giveaways on her profile:
-age31 looking for 50 to 99.. why not 30 - 60?
-too good looking
-and lastly some of her text don't make a helloalot sense:
(exclamation mark in brackets by me)

"This world is beautiful! I have many friends (!) and most of all, I appreciate when people are honest, faithful and open, easy and positive, because I am the same (!). I like good music and I like to dance a lot! I have so much expression while dancing.(!) Mmm, that is so pleasant to feel how your body repeats every bit). (!)
And do you like to dance? Would you like me to dance for you)? (!)

More About my Match:
I am also seeking a person who can respect and treasure me for who I am. (!) "

Chatillion, beautiful people don't talk like this - cool
Here's another one who just liked my profile.

Log out, view "her" and see if you can spot why I block her after 5sec.

Jaavisst bouquet
It's easy in first instant she will ask you for email address. thumbs up
peace teddybear peace
"I think 90% men on CS are Scammers or they targeting older women because they think older are more desperate or lost their marbles because of their age."-Grapewine
I waited to ask, since you changed your profile photo has that helped or hindered.
Apparently pink knit hats get you blocked from what I've read.
I am chosing mine hat very carefully.

rolling on the floor laughing

No azzhats!! conversing
Yes Rose, watch out for those a.s.s.hats! conversing

Wow was i lucky just now, came back from work and found that finally a young very suitable companion is ready for love only 45min drive away from me! Johooo

Check her out: angie1995
Is it my lucky day or what??
See just how perfect this is: half my age, looking for smart n fun.
And she is very flexi on age! Looking for fun, a very fun broad this one, have to say!
Yea, looks to be really fun. Did I mention fun?
I waited to ask, since you changed your profile photo has that helped or hindered.
Apparently pink knit hats get you blocked from what I've read.
I am chosing mine hat very carefully.”

Actually I don’t care at all what hat is on my head, nor I care about my popularity on CS because I don’t believe I’ll meet somebody who wants serious relationship on here. Scammers also don’t care what hat is on my head. They look only that 65 years old lady hanging on CS , so they think : she must be really desperate, consequently in first or second message they push for my phone#, also personal e-mail address, not bank account# yet but
Pink knit hat in Tennessee is weird in first place because in TN is subtropical climate and no one wears knit hats. I lived in TN for 10 years and can tell right away this pink hat lady is not from TN. peace
Dear Grand hug
You're lucky person found a younger to. love
Have a good massage and relax. wink
Brother Take Care bouquet
peace teddybear
lol Timo,
Hope you are joking cos this is in best case a gold digger.
I'd say scammer or plain prostitution.

drinking drinking heart wings laugh
On this one didn't even have to scroll down.

-new /- way too pretty/- active, happy lifestyle etc
yea, she needs us guys.... for sure rolling on the floor laughing

Dear Grand rolling on the floor laughing
I know you were joking.
Just to boost you up.
You came from work so I said relax. bouquet
teddybear peace
Timotei, pphooo thank gooodness! beer

Okay I'll send a mail to them now, a boy can get awfully lonely at nights right. rolling on the floor laughing

cool cool bouquet cool cool roll eyes heart1
Dear Grand cheering
If you do that I will be Thankful. hug
rolling on the floor laughing heart beating peace heart wings cool
Grand, other than carosoccer having the identical smile in every photo... what was wrong with her profile?
1) Look for obvious errors in the profile.

-- the photo looks normal, but height given is 3' or even 6'4" for a female.

-- photo shows one race, bio shows a different race.

-- description alleges being in the USA, but text sounds like a bad translation.

2) Early discussion indicates that the person isn't really American or in America.

3) Do a reverse image search, and you find the same photo as model, pinterest, etc...
To any male reading his "junk mail", a simple question from this older female is what is at the core of the men here going through all these hoops instead of hitting delete.
Is the hunter instinct that strong that you must pursue this attractive chimera, and what's with the public shit list on CS, is that some motivation to intervene with attractive photos whereas no photos are not scrutinized.I enjoy the mail or match feature without derision or scorn, a few private mumbling and delete.No harm, no foul.dunno
Any attraction I immediately feel does not stir any particular emotional about their interest in contacting me.
Smile and move on, just like real life.You may get hit on by someone attractive but your radar goes off for other reasons, obvious reasons.Its just as easy.I would not point them out and yell Nay!!
rolling on the floor laughing
I found various sleuth tips already in the CS warnings when I joined, but other than that -
What can the CS females here learn from your blogs if this perspective is all wrong.What should we know men's views are in general. I could easily post mine for profile review, and I have, if I wanted to spruce mine up and never be accused of catfishing, gold digging, prostitution or well those pesky little quirks like a cat lady or trumpette or not enough photos from head to toe. wink laugh
Who could turn this man down..Mike6666.
He is a people pleaser and genuine.A phony?Nah.
Let's get him on board here blogging!!
And possibly singing!laugh
Any blog pointing out the mistakes of the scammers is in my eyes educational blogs that works in favour of the scammer looking to improve their tactics.
Other than a topless yoga headstand claiming to be nursing a baby but not seeking any proposals,
what else do you suggest at 63 years old.
That is wrong in do many ways but I had to,
there will never be a way to stop

men from

just looking.

rolling on the floor laughing

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