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Birthday went well!

Yesterday, I had the family over for dinner.. Well.. When I say over for dinner, in reality I mean that I invaded my mother's apartment, and held the dinner there.. Well.. When I say dinner, I really mean late lunch, since the festivities began at 3 pm. Everyone was happy with the food, which was a relief. I also got a few gifts. New clothes and a laptop bag, for when I start my education later this year.

Naturally, the conversation quickly turned to what happened between Denmark and Finland on Saturday, where Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch. Luckily, they managed to bring him back to life, and the latest news is that he's doing very well, but they will keep him for a few more days for some tests. We also talked about random stuff as well, where I decided it was the perfect opportunity to say, what I have planned for my 50th birthday bash, which is in 13 years. I have told them to begin saving up for a trip to the Lone Star state. We should have a pretty good time with 13 years of saving up, however we are probably not going to take more than 10K each with us, but still! I asked my sisters boyfriend how he felt about weapons, because I want to visit a shooting range, where we can shoot different guns. He was up for it, so in 13 years time, we'll go to Texas and shoot guns, eat some bbq and be American for a few days! It's gonna be fuuuun!

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Dear Philipsen bouquet
Hope you enjoyed the earl dinner. dancing
You Live Long to fulfil your shooting dream.
handshake peace teddybear
Timotie - Hello! I did enjoy the early dinner yesterday! Great food and great company :)

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