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First day without a face mask!

Today, the 14th of June, 2021, is a day that many have been waiting for. A day that some thought would never come: The day that the face mask would be ditched from our lives, and we can go into a store without it on. It's a big day! One year and three months use of face masks has come to an end.. Well, sort of. You still need to wear it when you stand up in public transport, if you are at the airport or if you go to a hospital or a doctor, but most of the society will not require you to wear a face mask. I have sixty face masks left, and I plan on saving them for emergencies, and when I am going to take public transportation. The requirement for face masks there, is stretching until September, where no face masks will be required on the public transportation. By then, the entire Danish population will be vaccinated, so it'll not make any sense to keep that requirement in place. Naturally, there will be people who refuse the vaccine, which is fine. You don't need to be vaccinated, but given that certain places here require a covid passport to enter, it's gonna make it extremely difficult for the non-vaccinated people to do anything.

But - today is not about vaccines! Today is about no face masks in shops, because the infection numbers are dropping drastically! Which is a fantastic thing!

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In the U.S. - New Cases/Day is HALF of just Three Weeks Ago ... very happy ...
dancing ... dance

I believe Florida relaxed their requirements so it's about 50/50 in some places.

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