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what did i do today, so far? 6/15

well, yesterday was my mom's funeral. my sis and i face-timed the blessing and prayer, and she panned the room so i could see the table with photos of my mother throughout life, wedding pictures, black and white shots of her a young girl wearing overalls, and a scene from a girls day out to the beach.

her casket is a rich maple color with brass details. on top was a huge spray of flowers in purples, pinks, white, blue and yellows.

then there was the zoom link that was wrong so i missed 15 minutes of the service. it was very nice. then they made the trip to the cemetery. i wasn't sure if we were going to face-time that so i waited around for a call. i didn't call back yesterday. i figured everyone would be shot after that day.

so, today, i lit up and went online shopping. just looking for dresses to wear this summer. it seems, the older i get, the more i like dresses more than pants. i've even ridden a horse in a skirt. my friend wanted me to try her out, so i did, wearing pumps and a skirt.

i picked up some scarves too. something for the cool days and nights.

Comments (19)

I bet you look splendid in a summer dress, I find you (very) feminine even with your occasional curse word.
Read ricantly we should cut down on the use of the word "very. Very much so.
wtf . . recently
Grand. keep this in mind...

1. skinny dipping
2. nude sunbathing
3. commando in a dress or skirt
4. commando in pants
5. granny panties and jeans
6. an ill-fitting g-string and jeans
rolling on the floor laughing applause
hug I am glad you took a break from all the fam to be soul to soul with your mom.
Sounds beautiful.
Love you Adare!!
I'm not called wink hipster for nuthin! rolling on the floor laughing
I have a fear of thongs, because they are snappy in all the wrong places,like suspenders over boobs.rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing a perfect name
I knew you would appreciate that grin
Rosethong does not trip off the tongue blushing
It sounds like an enactment actually or some other
speech impediment.

( intentional or not) on his part.rolling on the floor laughing
rosebush is out
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
7. Button flies thumbs up
Siozzle you may exempt yourself on #3.
Send pics of you for any others.
#5 translates as whitey tighties.( Racist!) rolling on the floor laughing
Don't shoot me, I only play the piano drinking
Tip jar then!laugh
Rituals I don't follow...but yes I meditated for 3 minutes praying that she get rid of all attachments and she get enlightened in the next birth.
i appreciate that

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