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Now it appears it worked and on the worst of cases .

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Scientists found that, when ventilated patients with a severe version of COVID were given high doses of hydroxychloroquine with zinc, their survival rates could increase dramatically.

How many tens of thousand of lives could have been saved if the communists had not used covid as a political weapon against Trump .
Interesting Question, ep ...

poof , and its a grub free zone
medRxiv is an Internet site distributing unpublished eprints about health sciences. It distributes complete but unpublished manuscripts in the areas of medicine, clinical research, and related health sciences without charge to the reader. Such manuscripts have yet to undergo peer review and the site notes that preliminary status and that the manuscripts should not be considered for clinical application, nor relied upon for news reporting as established information.

tip hat
Epirb I find most anything warp speed a little science " fiction".The need was to stop impending illegal migrations each spring and it worked for a while.
Viruses whether natural or manmade, will happen whether we can prioritize the spending and profiteering that comes with it over drugs and human trafficking, child abuses..not sure.sigh
I am certain there are many alternative solutions but being a guinea pig needs to be profitable.
Research labs are no longer morally ethical, just bribe volunteers, they'll come.
Hydroxychloroquine, thats the old malaria tablet I think. Used to live on them so I hope one of the late after-effects is long lasting cover. laugh So far no malaria or Covid.thumbs up
Used to live on them..there you go.
Endorses this too.
I need a home remedy blog!! Anyone? grin
Yea, as a backup. Cheap and available.

Trump was on to a lot of good stuff.
Why did he have to be crushed under foot?
Simple; he showed us what the world could be like
without career politicians; a much better world!
Can't have that now can we.
From what I could see it was used best as a last resort , At the point it can be seen a patient is not going to make it what is there to lose by using it . Fact was it was an Orange Man Bad problem and to undermine Trump hydroxychloroquine had to be discredited at the cost of many tens of thousands . We have in our fellow members one that has said openly and another sympathetic to the effect that covid was a good way to get rid of Trump , Like the left the world over , stepping on the dead to get a result is not a problem . Has there been enough die yet to justifie getting rid of Trump rhetorical question that should be asked of the "never Trump media" ?
Unfortunately when one works in a malaria gebied one is obliged to take the most bitter tablet on earth. It prevented me from getting malaria and if it prevents covid in any way then its definitely a bonus for me.
@Epirb, it fits with his other right to try ideas.
Very humane to let the family decide themselves when nothing is to be lost, only gained.

Trump was unique and on the side with the people!
Miss him every day, but not the never ending harassment of him.
He had ago . The worst part of it is the corrupt GOP , only too happy to support policy for a fee . Years of ever lowering interest rates to stimulate the US economy only served to punish savers . With Trump , removing legislation did the trick , all that was needed .
Back by very UN popular UN demand
( The VERY best remedy for flu *)
Sauna @ 120 °F { 2 10 min.sessions
Food grade hydrogen peroxide
Chased with
Elderberry formula

*Regardless of variation or 'gain of function'
Not having my notes again...
..but it was either Norway { or Sweden
Where covert infectious dis.19 had little to
No success among the general population.

Whereas to this very day...we have grocery personnel retrieving shopping carts in 105 degree heat..
And wiping them all down with bleach as though
The "flu" is active & thriving.. EVERY WHERE.

HINT.) Sauna is popular among those places sited in this Mcblogment.
Flu was not a problem here last winter , neither was covid . There is a new variant raging in the UK , 1 third of patients have had at least one shot of a vaccine . Maybe the wrong vaccine , one for the pox , may as well be . Meanwhile in Brazil pregnant woman are dying in increasing numbers and are asked not to breed (not exact word ) and in china they are asked to breed in increasing numbers . XI wants what we all have , room for his little commy puppets .
rolling on the floor laughing ^^^^
You have boned, banged, rode, and ripped clothes off on almost every corner of China.
When laugh


New data suggests that the Delta variant, in addition to being more infectious, may also double the risk of hospitalization for those who are not vaccinated.

Embedded image from another site

“We cannot pretend this pandemic is over. This virus is still spreading, it is still mutating, it is still costing lives, and it is still leaving survivors with long-haul symptoms. And, the new delta variant is more contagious, likely to send people to the hospital, and already in our country,”

The federal mask mandate for interstate transit is set to expire in September. It requires masks on airplanes, in airports, on buses and on rail systems.

Hydroxychloroquine Market Size Worth $ 3,784 Million by 2027

What I gathered from reading this article ... is that President Trump was RIGHT ... AGAIN.

Fire Fauci, and lock the the shrimp up...

thumbs up
Moving along here , Delta variant has , its upscaled and more deadly than it was . Meanwhile backing up a bit folks are finding the vaccines are not entirely successful putting it bluntly . Medical workers are more likely to be vaccinated and tested again for employment reasons while others vaccinated go back into the pool of infection , last question that will be asked of a covid victim presenting near death is have you been vaccinated as for covid ? Records hahahaha , hard enough for a first world country to keep them up to date when a system is overloaded .

As for our governments saying the emergency is over are either lying or stupid , 180 million out of 8 billion ? really ? its over ? Hardly begun , every time there is a new variant its back to the start again , I think our governments are trying to normalize covid deaths . Poor old so and so , died of heart failure , no matter he was chocked up on covid .
Trumps idiotic suggestion of clorox belongs here.

"Nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. now are in people who weren’t vaccinated, a staggering demonstration of how effective the shots have been and an indication that deaths per day — now down to under 300 — could be practically zero if everyone eligible got the vaccine"

PBS etc.
Poor Raphy still trying to fly Leadballoons!rolling on the floor laughing
Conrad thinks Trump is still President!!!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Quite a few folks regard The Don as The POTUS In Exile.

Ralph still gaslight trolling on DoC payroll, scold
I follow the US covid figures Raphis , I saw the new infection and the dead numbers cut nearly in half each day over four days . If you don't see the problem with that , thats alright , carry on as you are . Are you not able to read the link I posted Raphis ? hundreds of medical workers had been vaccinated and have caught one the new variants .
Savers are screwed because the population is too old. Scrooge is too usual in an aging population where goods rot on shelves and its usual to be underemployed. It's as though the economy had semi-retired. By virtue of an aging population the will to Scrooge is enormous so they do everything to encourage spending like you were young. The demographic is Scrooge heavy the moneypower in the hands of people who just do nothing.
And I guess they're trying to tick both boxes by having more money than could actually be spent. Because a huge part of it will never be spent. There's money that gets spent thats typically in the hands of the young and not so rich, and there's money as a symbol to say you're richer and more secure than somebody else which is usually the old and rich. But it's debatable how secure and rich that is if the real economy dwindles to nothing, the old people buy everything from China, and you have mobs of unemployed young men swarming the streets.
Yeah, nah.....six for one and a billion the others. I can't speak on behalf of Australians and I'd probably sound like an echo but (huge but). Isn't the British "fair trade" agreement going to encompass the Brit (Commonwealth) minus India etc with certain trade agreements?

Similar to when Britain broke free from the usual suspects and decided to join the EEC.

I'm not 100% sure about this but aren't we joining forces once again regardless of the Hilman hunter compared to Jap imports?

Let's not forget the Ford Anglia cheers
well,Raphy-Boy,your Biden certainly ain't,regardless of how loud you and your Gang is crowing!rolling on the floor laughing comfort
Low interest rates it's just one of those things that goes with an aging population and it's underutilised economy. One of the paradoxes. A bit like employing more police officers now than we did when the population was young and up to no good night after night. That's based on old people watching the news and crime dramas night after night. Not the reality that most cops harass people for nothing because the police outnumber real criminals by a ridiculous amount.
Although the paradox of a heavily policed geriatric society has not been addressed. Police are becoming bigger because as they get older each individual is too weak to defend themselves. But at the same time everybody is older and more law-abiding. Even though you're safer than ever before the fact that you're weaker means more police. It's illogical but we do have the heavily policed retirement home.
All said and done, regardless of religion whether Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pastafarian.

The truth will come out regardless how much you boil the pasta. El Donte is a fab way of cooking. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to use coal, natural gas even though our country is a primary producer of primaries.

You couldn't make this shyte up if you tried so please spare the details.
Our MP's are (back benchers) from California (Julie Ann Gender)
Ricardo Mandez (Mexico)
Golriz Gharaman (Iran)

That's just the top of my head for our non elected imports thanks to MMP

Coming to a town near you

But fair not, the UN fully endorses our compliance.

Not on your Nelly
And in this heavily policed retirement the police are public master servant no longer. These are the ones to bring change to society they claim which in my opinion smacks of fascism. All power to these people who would be out of work if the world was a better place, people with a vested interest in man's inhumanity to man.
Cops and savers suit a world where people don't go out anymore. A world where we say please just leave us alone with our smartphones and we won't say anything. It's a retreat is what it is. But even if the young were the same crimewave and spendathon that young baby boomers were the effect would not be the same. Because the average age is 40. The truth is that we have loads of misallocated resources in society caused by being a total freak. Caused by having more old than young, more funerals than births.
Of course it worked, which is exactly why Big Pharma had to defame it.
And what a coincidence that one of the world's leading HCQ factories went up in flames?

Consider the following:

-- HCQ has been in use for over 55 years

HCQ is a 55-year-old, inexpensive medication that is widely used to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Like any drug it causes side effects in a small fraction of the population, but 55 years of successful use proves that it can be taken safely by most people.

Democrats were humiliated when an African-American state representative, Karen Whitsett, publicly thanked President Trump after she was cured of coronavirus by taking the drug that Trump recommended. At a caucus in her legislative district in Detroit, held over Zoom last Saturday, 15 Democrats unanimously passed a resolution to censure Rep. Whitmer for stepping off the plantation to give credit where credit was due.

-- With an inexpensive cure, with a long track record of safety, there would be no need for:

-- lockdowns
-- travel restrictions
-- business closures
-- school closures
-- an unproven and deadly faux-vaccine
-- seizure of emergency powers
-- suspension of civil liberties
-- emergency alteration of voting laws

So, with Trump just having cornered the Chi-Coms into fair trade agreements for the first time in over 30 years, and people feeling freedom and the governmental boot off the throat of the for the first time in ages, the Deep State, MSM and Rinos knew Trump had to go.

HCQ would short circuit their plans. It had to go too.
Embedded image from another site

The resemblance is uncanny.
^^^^^^^^^rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Once a few more vaccines show as not being effective hydroxychloroquine , Ivermec and any other suppressed treatment will bubble to the top . Already AZ is being phased out in Australia and how can Dr's keep recommending the one thats being used in Indonesia with a straight face when health workers are being infected after being vaccinated ? Big Pharma will over play their hand when the treated die in droves .

This is not an old peoples disease any more . Brazilian woman being told not to have children because that group are dying in numbers . If Fauci and the chinese wanted genocide they have done a good job , cheap to @ 6 million US$

small quote from the link for some whos first language is no English

"We have had cases of young people, in their 30s, who are [fully vaccinated] but still had COVID-19 symptoms and needed to be treated."

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