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In an attempt at a world record, 28 year old stuntman Alex Harvill died Thursday in a practice run of a 351-foot motorcycle jump. It was to be the longest dirt-to-dirt motorcycle ramp jump at the Moses Lake Airshow in Washington state's Grant County International Airport.

Harvill landed short of the downward slope of the landing ramp. The bike stopped when it hit the ground and Harvill flew over the handlebars another 20 feet before landing.

An autopsy will reportedly be performed on Harvill to determine an exact cause of death. It remains unclear if Harvill died at the site of the crash, in the ambulance or at the hospital.

I'm thinking... What does it matter at the exact point when he died. He was a Daredevil. Although he successfully set a record in 2013 by motorcycle jumping 297 feet, 8 years later he failed another attempt.

Alex leaves his wife a five year old and a newborn.

Comments (2)

Sounds a bit like suicide.
Wouldn't 298 feet set a new record ?
Jim, other than it was the distance between goal posts, I doubt we will know his reason for that attempt. Sometimes, it's a record that others won't soon try for as the cost of promoting such a stunt is overwhelming.

Clearly he was too slow off the starting ramp and didn't make it to the top of the hill. Had they built an extension for miscalculations we wouldn't be blogging about his failure and cheering for his success.

Several articles carried the story nearly word for word and stated the Ari Show will pledge all proceeds of the jump for his medical expenses. Nice gesture, however he died.

A GoFundMe fundraiser aiming to support the family has already raised nearly $40,000.

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