39 years later...

21st June 1982...
three of my good friends killed in a car crash rose rose sad flower
one was 21, another 20 and my best friend...she had just turned seventeen.

After so many years I'm well over it still... never are they forgotten and not thought about.
Now as a much older person, I look back and recognize the mums loss more than my own.

Her name was Agnes, had not long being diagnosed with cancer and was actually still in hospital that night of the crash, was due to be going home in the morning, how excited she was about it also. I remember that time well because her girls and I had redecorated her bedroom as a nice welcome home present for her.

Her eldest daughter was the 21yr old girl killed in the accident, and her youngest daughter was my 17yr old best friend... how she lived for those girls.

She had two sons left.....
the eldest was a bad egg but her youngest, a bit of a wild one yet he stood up when the other didn't, minded her. 4mths later he too was in a serious car accident himself, after X amount of days, they turned off his life support machine... 21st of October.

Exactly 6mths later she herself died.
she was discovered dead in her bed the morning of December 21st.
Wasn't the cancer that killed her, but she died from a broken heart instead sad flower
But given her sadness I myself think there was Kindness in her death.

Her eldest son then came back from England pretended he was living with her all the time, he lied with the hope he would get the house.... And thankfully he did because the house brought him nothing but bad luck which is all he deserved thumbs down

Before Agnes and her family lived there, it was the house where my aunt lived with her young family.
looking back now, I remember how often my aunt complained about the house, couldn't shake the feeling it was bad luck, what a different person she were whilst living init... when her daughter died twice in one night... that's when she decided enough, time to move.. her misfortunes and bad luck then saddy became Agnes and hers... crying

Anyways, tonight I'm just looking back remembering my friends rose rose rose rose sad flower

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That's so sad, I'm very sorry to hear about it, please look after yourself. sad flower
That bad son, is he still bad to this day? Have you contact with him, would it make sense to be a friend with him, or is he just not a good one for good?
I'm grand Ged, honestly I am hug
But Agnes she had it sad.

Often I lived with them, she often referred to me as her adopted daughter.
After her daughters deaths I often visited her, a week wouldn't pass that I didn't, then one day with tears in her eyes she told me not to call again.... it was too hard for her seeing me without seeing them.

secretly I was thankful because I knew exactly what she meant.

She was a great woman, didn't deserve the sadness she was given, after all the joy she gave to others often along the way.... the unfairness of life.
CelticWich : crying
Memories always remain.

Stay Safe bouquet
He'll NEVER be a friend of mine Ozzie.

Last time I heard something about him was that he too had being in a car accident himself, a serious one but survived ... he now walks on crutches and I'm not sure if that's because of the accident or something else.
Is this a true story or a ramble from your booze fuddled brain cells

That they do Timo teddybear
and certain songs have away of bringing us right back to that moment of time.
Because I should of been out driving with them that night, one of Phil's songs had me haunted a long time.
No longer does.

Nothing to do with anything ...
but the time of the accident was reported to of happened around 9.15pm about the same time Princess Diana gave birth to her first child, Prince William.
Nothing to do with anything ...
but the time of the accident was reported to of happened around 9.15pm about the same time Princess Diana gave birth to her first child, Prince William.
What an incident on one side sparrow on other side happiness.
Late Diana also died Kind accident. crying
Live Long Safe CelticWich. Ameen
Because you are always so kind, here you go Timo.... especially for you bouquet
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