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"Those Vaxed For COVID Are NOT Shedding Toxic Spike Proteins Into Water Supply"

So Sez Fact Checkers Who Told Us Covid Came From Bats, Pangolins & Wet Markets.

Let's Pray please The Fact Checkers Got This One RIGHT - Judge For Y'all's Selves...

TUE JUN 29, 2021 / 12:21 PM EDT



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As far back as I can remember when my parents tried to help me see the light in darkest Africa, her words were: Whenever there's a little bit of smoke then usually there's a fire. ~ Sounds much better in my language laugh

Anyway I'll stay far away from that needle for as long as possible. All my relatives that had had Covid has recovered 100%.applause Oh yes none of them had the Jab.thumbs up
Luke I am very glad for that news.purple heart I did not want to ask, and respect your choice.thumbs up
Yep, it's ridiculous memes and blogs like this, that help keep the naive frightened from getting the vaccine.
Subsequently, some of them die from the virus. Keep up the 'good' work. thumbs down
Those who put their faith in fact-checkers better take up the "faith" seriously , plenty of gods to chose from . Fact checkers have been wrong time and again over covid .
The story was carried by REUTERS, For Pete's Sake ... doh
Makin' it the Subject of a Blog that'll be viewed by Literally TENS is neither Here nor There.

Sometimes I suspect You're even More Numbers-Challenged than I AM!!!
rolling on the floor laughing

And I think its a trade war using the airwaves to frighten and control the stupid believers...worldwide trade war.
try this the biggest Muslim nation in the world next do:
Health minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin pledged to boost testing and said Australia would be donating $77 million to help buy vaccines and more would arrive soon, including four million shots of the Moderna vaccine.

AND this:
Indonesia and China plan to rely on their own currencies rather than the US dollar for bilateral trade and investment.
This: our MATE next door

Embedded image from another site
"AND this:
Indonesia and China plan to rely on their own currencies rather than the US dollar for bilateral trade and investment"

rolling on the floor laughing Mr.Bean you so silly!
that's Indonesia and Chin's statement not mine, doh
Mr.bean you made that up.
"Indonesia and China are closer to reducing their reliance on the US dollar as they plan to start using their own currencies for bilateral trade and investment within weeks.

"The switch to local currency settlement (LCS) is expected to take place in the third quarter of this year."
More @ -

Some folk say they condone and respect Freedom of Choice. confused
I will choose without fear, favor or intimidation the route that I think is the best for me.
Luke, no, no, no!

You only get free choice if it's choosing what Leftists want.

Free to choose a falsely-labled mRNA injection

Free to kill babies in the womb

Free to choose being made defenseless

Free to choose the politically correct things to say

And so on.
... Free to select one's Gender from 57 Varieties - Like Heinz™ ...
There ain't Nothin' more Nuckiing Futs than that Crazy Áss Shit ... crazy

Just heard on the News that New Jersey will allow Prisoners to select between Men's & Women's Prison based on the Gender they Perceive themselves to be.

daydream 6'4" 350# Prisoner known Formerly amongst his gang members as "Snake" hasn't had his ashes hauled in Five Years, now wants to be addressed as "Muffin" & placed in the Women's General Prison Population ... What could POSSIBLY Go Wrong ... confused

I Guess it'll work - if "Get Ráped" is added to the Sentences of Female Prisoners dunno

Mic -

The title Reuters used included;

You changed it to put doubt into people's minds.

The number of people who read your blog, is not the issue. Whether 10 die, or one person dies,
because you put (or increased) doubt in their mind, you are doing a dangerous mis-service.
Consult an Opta ... Ofpt ... Offt ... EYE DOCTOR ... nerd

Changes were made to have it fit the One Line Title - NOT Change The Meaning.

The Point about REUTERS -
If it's being put out by Reuters It may be Presumed folks are Aware of it ...
On account of Reuters being a News Service, you understand.

The Body of the OP questioned the Accuracy of Fact Checkers -
The Track Record of whom has lately been a mite Dicey.

Also - For The Record ...
I REALLY Very Sincerely desire that the Fact Checkers are Correct & those Vaxed for Covid are NOT Shedding Toxic Spike Proteins into the Water Supply ... please

Well, I'm glad you changed the title.
I Most Certainly Did NOT Change The Title l!! It's AS ORIGINALLY POSTED.

And if you come on Here - Or Anywhere ELSE - Calling me a Liar -
You'd best be goddamned Well Prepared To Back It UP.


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