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I am moving in one month, exactly!

The other day, I went to look at a room for rent, in the same city I am in at the moment. The rent is slightly higher than my current rent, so it's definitely something I can afford. The room itself is 15 square meters, while my current room is 8 square meters.

The place I am moving to is in a house. It's populated by seven other people, so it's a house share, which I am quite happy about. Some of the people there are gamers, like me, so we'll have something in common. Regarding the genders - at the moment there are five men and two women. When I move in, one of the women is moving out, so it'll then be six men and one woman. It'll be nice to have more people to be around. Everyone in the house has a job to do regarding cleaning and general upkeep of the place. Everything has a name tag on it, which makes it extremely easy to see where I keep my things, and in some way, it's letting me settle into a sense of rhythm.

Regarding my education, everything is ready to go. I spoke to my contact person at the municipality today, and she told me to just sit back, relax and get super prepared for my education to begin. I also asked about the possibility of them helping me finding my own place, since it would make my life SO much easier! I got a phone number that I have to call, which I will do tomorrow or on Monday.

I love that things finally seem to go my way. About time as well. Now I just need to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. That is a bit more tricky to get, though, but that is not stopping me from trying.

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Geezus... If it wasn't for moving I don't think you would get any exercise. laugh 7 people sharing one house and " sharing" chores with a bunch of gamers? Oh yeah this is definitely going to work out! What could possibly go wrong?laugh
You not related to Redex by any chance? She too has this thing of relocating every couple of months.laugh
Cool Philipsen. Only 1 girl for all 7 dwarfs? lol, okky seems you need cs a lol bit longer :)
Never mind the dumb azz comments about not cleaning, they don't know what a bofelleskap is, and they did not hear that you have a order to the mess, even name tags. Good luck on all.

Thinking of music. Some like it loud others, very loud, others like it more in the background
That alone can cause problems with that many with different preferences.
Not even mentioning the type of music some like some don't.
It is possible for you to spend some time with them before you move in?........................jenny
Jenny: I rarely listen to music without headphones on, so I am sure that will not be an issue. The only time music is playing out of my sound system is when I am watching a movie or playing a video game, that has music in it :)
Philipson, I really hope that things work out well for you. I do know there will have to be compromising a give and take by all, in order for it to work.................thumbs up ................jenny

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