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Severe Adverse Events Associated With Covid Jabs

Press Conference By U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. It's NOT Anti Vax. It Brings To Light RARE Adverse Events associated with the Vaccines which may be Going Unrecognized/Under-Reported by the Medical Community ...

The Press Conference was held June 26 (a week ago) and - to my knowledge - has received Little/NO Media Attention, except for a local TV Station and a regional Radio Program.

I'm posting it to get the information Out, in the absence of the Media Doing Its JOB.

It's Not Known How Widespread these events are.
I know One person so afflicted -
For the First Time in Four Months he has Some idea of What's Happening To Him.

Anyone experiencing Any condition that May be Vax-Related should Report it to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) ...

Be Advised - Some stories shared in the Press Conference are Quite Emotional.

Share It As Y'all Deem NECESSARY ... typing


Comments (81)

Dont get me wrong i am pleased i had the jab twice. Second on i did have unusual reactions and two months on still with me. Tried to fill on line about this to appropriate boy but the thing shut down on me.
Tried telling doc but she just moved on and took no notice of me so not i keep my mouth shut.very mad
hug FedEx

The CDC - VAERS Link in the OP is for the U.S.
You might try this reporting site for the UK ...

Your story sounds similar to that of the person I mentioned in the OP.
He was told his condition was "probably"" not associated with the vax.
When he asked Why he couldn't get a Diagnosis, he was told, "That's a good Question." ... Which was a Damned Poor Answer & no diagnosis has been forthcoming.

Best wishes for you ... hug

F Y I...
...In one of those [ recent, but pre 2020..
Star Trek Movies...
The Captain is given an injection...
He then goes thru all the known bad side effects
Of the ( recent ) Vaccines.... including
Slurred speech
Blurry vision
Inflammation of joints
Bad headache....
I'm not anti-vax.

These experimental mRNA labs aren't vaccines.

Proponents lie right out of the starting blocks when they call them vaccines.

The SS called something showers, but they weren't showers.
Hi Mic .

I agree with above comment..
Those so called "vaccines" are not vaccines at all, but experimental drugs.

And we are the Guinea pigs! grin
hug Dani

As one Wit phrased it, "The rats are waiting on the 'vax' 'til the Human Trials are complete." ... laugh

: cowboy:
Haha...that's right Mic.laugh teddybear
these vacs are a waste of time anyway ,,as you do not become immune ,and there lies the answer ,,,
Hi miclee wave i went through that site you mentioned but it jammed up.

No skin off my noes id rather have jab than not but adverse affects should be collated for our scientists to work on.

I am left with numb leg well half of it, and spots on feet like shingles doh very itchy, so if you see me coming down the street scratching my feet vigouursly don't worry its not catching rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Here's a video of 5 frontline doctors (not sure if they are from *the* Frontline Doctors) who stress that the jabs ARE NOT A VACCINE.

Don't give the Left's lie any cover. It's not a vaccine.

Watch the entire video. Very informative.

Every single one of these (five) doctors believe that these shots are NOT vaccines, but bioweapons designed to kill human beings.

[Towards the end, suggestions on draawing the spike proteins OUT???]

And some more, possibly life-saving information.

(T)here is plausible evidence that spike proteins in the mRNA vaccines SHED or transmit and thus trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, “an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy.”

Another good thing: a Journal of Functional Foods study shows Common Dandelion root components safely exhibit anti-oxidative and antiplatelet action.

Basically, this tells us that common dandelion herb blocks vascular damage causing the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients!



If you every re-visit this blog, please take a look at the following:

Suramin provides an antidote for those affected by the spike protein “contagion
In the ‘ 100 Years of Suramin’ Study (the following paragraph within the subtitle “ (Too) Many Targets” ) outlines its antidote properties to the spike protein contagion (derived from the mRNA that gives instructions to replicate a spike protein in other cells).

Also, Shikimic Acid seems to help as well.

Pine Needle Tea: Potential Antidote for Transmission of Spike Protein

How to make Pine Needle Tea for Vaccine Antidote
Hi, there Mick, cowboy Yes, some vaccines, are potentially unsafe (depending on what goes into it). Other vaccines are comparatively safe......

Against this must be weighed the benifits of vaccination. Consider the unfolding horror in India, Brazil, and now particularly in Indonesia, and numerous other parts of the world......cowboy
Also, I hope the same doesn't occur in Sydney (or the rest of Australia), We are in Hard Lockdown atm, with the Delta Strain starting to run wild in Sydney........professor
Yes, I certainly hope not....the vaccination rate is pathetic in Oz, largely due to stuff-ups by the Government....concerning the Vaccine Rollout.......
Exaggerating the significance. Most vaccines can have rare side-effects. According to this philadelphia college of surgeons web-site:

Smallpox vaccine may result in 1-2 deaths per million, and encephalitis in 1/83,000. Putting the rare events in that context may bring some reality back to the situation. My understanding is that the covid vaccine events are substantially rarer than that.
500.000 doses sat daily in the US per today approx.
That is the tempo, just so people know the volume.

I'm still more worried about c19 than the experimental remedy, as it's all we got.
B-Real -
It's acknowledged during the Press Conference - Repeatedly - that the Vax / mRNA Therapy has been effective in controlling the virus.

See @ 48:30 - the "Numbers Of Deaths" comparison of Covid "Vax" to "ALL Vaccines" since VAERS began recording Adverse Events THIRTY-ONE Years Ago.

See @ 51:00 - Comparison of mRNA Therapy Adverse Events compared to other drugs.

wow ... EXAGGERATED???

As noted -
The number of Adverse Events Is almost Certainly Under-Reported.

12 yo Volunteer Maddie's story is Especially Saddening and DISGUSTING.
Suggesting she's Gone Mental & perhaps should be put Out of Sight & Mind in a Psych Ward is as Stomach Turning barf as it is Heart Rending ... broken heart

A Primo Example that Adverse Events are Down Played / Under-Reported ...
Y'all heard that PRESS Conference on a Singles Site Blog rather than on the NEWS.

To paraphrase what's stated during the conference -
Someone Else's Adverse Neurological Events may be "Exaggerated" -
YOURS are Severe ... sad flower

Those are Adverse Events noted TO DATE.
The potential Long Term Effects are Unknown.
Any / Everyone taking the mRNA Therapy is essentially a Volunteer in Phase Four Trials.

Hopefully please those "Trials" will result in No / Few / Minor Adverse Events.

Those opting Not to get jabbed aren't Utterly Defenseless sans mRNA Therapy.
There are ways to Strengthen & Optimize one's Immune System.

Folks on Low Dose Aspirin are Observed to have Significantly better Covid Outcomes ...
Such an approach mayn't be As Effective as mRNA Therapy, but it's Something.

'Course, Strengthening one's Immune System, Low Dose Aspirin, taking the Jab AND Remaining Locked Down is an Option.
None of 'em Rule Out doing any of the Others.


In Australia, adverse vaccine effects, which are medically serious happen in statistically very low numbers. When such effects occur, the Astra Zeneca vaccine, seems to account for a higher rate of adverse effects (blood clotting). In addition, this mainly occurs in women, as well. The mRNA vaccine (Phizer); has a much lower rate of adverse effects.

This was the reason for the widespread "vaccine hesitancy" which has now resulted in an undervaccinated population (there was insufficient Phizer), as well as beauracratic stuff-ups (en masse)....concerning the National Vaccine Rollout (not compulsory, as we are a democratic country)......
* by which I mean, vaccination is not compulsory in Oz, except for workers in specific jobs (eg Aged Care Workers, and some others, for obvious reasons)......
It's like this Mic..If you or anyone else on here are against a Covid vaccine don't get vaccinated..In saying that those of us who wish to be vaccinated won't be talked out of it because of silly propaganda found on line....

Not sure why people are wasting data by trying to convince us of something that is our right and our choice..We live our lives how we wish to live our lives..We don't live our lives to please anyone else.

Why arej't ant-Vaxers on propaganda sites posting propaganda instead of a dating site?
There are a few on here who need to be vaccinated against stupidity, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately; that vaccine is still under development............professor
But once available, I'll let them know by starting a blog, and naming the culprits!
Only in America laugh
But...I can see your point. There are certain vaccines, that I wouldn't want; namely, the one developed by the little f*ck ers who started this thing!
I wasn't taking Astrazeneca form the get go..I was always going to hold out for Pfizer..All I know is when I'm fully vaccinated & if I come in contact with Covid I won't be in hospital fighting for my life..These people who think Covid is nothing then by all means shut up and get on with your lives instead of carrying on like a a pack of lunatics..You don't see us running around trying to convince people to get vaccinated..I say get a real day job anti-vaxers
Strangely enough, no one believes all that bats and pangolins stuff, anymore either. Except, certain very well-paid Australian academics, at certain Australian universities...funny that?
I mean, you'd think some kind of apology, would be forthcoming; but apparently not...

To wit.

Yep Yep Yep
Merc -
Neither I - nor the folks in the Press Conference - are Anti-Vax.
It's Not my intention to tell Anyone what they Should/Should Not Do.

Again -
The person mentioned in the OP who's afflicted with Neurological Adverse Events contacted Sen. Johnson's office commending him for bringing the Adverse Events to the Public's Attention.
Doing so damned near Killed the guy, as He's a "Progressive 'Crat" & Johnson's a 'Publican
I had the Devil's own time just getting the guy to listen to a Radio Re-Broadcast of the Press Conference.
After having gotten him to Do So -
The guy Thanked Me, Commended Sen. Johnson ... And contacted VAERS in the Hope(!) that something can now be Done to FINALLY(!) Correctly Diagnose, Arrest, and perhaps Reverse the Neurological Symptoms which, he's convinced, will result in Long Term (Permanent) Assisted Living if NOT Reversed.

Not intending to Scare anyone -
But did y'all note the woman who was training for a Triathlon when she Volunteered for the Vax Trials ...
And she's now Hoping please to one day be able to drive a car & has been told to "Get Used To Being Handicapped" ... sad flower

However Anyone (cyber/IRL) intends to get to the other side of the damnable Pandemic
I Sincerely Wish 'em Well ... Figuratively & LITERALLY.

I have a friend in Brooklyn, that just told me her uncle passed away from a heart attack 2 days after his vaccine. He and her father are twins, but her father is doing alright (she thinks, even though no one has been able to reach him).

*s m h*
I presume we've Missed Jimbo's Evaxengelizing Blogs in which he implies folks are Too Ill-Informed to make Vax Decisions for Themselves & presumably should Do As HE Tells 'Em - To Wit ...
Seekingginger* -

See @ 48:30 in the Press Conference ...
The Comparison of deaths associated with the Covid Vax compared to ALL Vaxes over the past THIRTY Years ... wow
That's taken Directly from the CDC VAERS Records, mind y'all ...
And Sen Johnson having been told, "People Die" ... dunno

I suspect - and it's brought out in the Press Conference - that Adverse Events associated with the Covid Vax are going Under-Reported to VAERS ...
And Under-Reported in our damned near Worthless Media ... very mad

* That's one Helluva Fine username ... hug ... grin


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