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Getting on a plane with bedroom slippers...

I saw a video tonight with a woman throwing a temper tantrum at the airline ticket booth. That's one problem to itself. The other problem is she was wearing bedroom slippers.
I'll wager that airlines have listed what can and cannot be worn when attempting to board a plane and it wouldn't surprise me if wearing flip-flops, thin lace-up sandals or bedroom slippers makes it to that list. Passenger comfort is one thing, setting yourself up for failure is another.
The movable ramp that leads to the plane often has carpeted flooring and a good place to catch your shoe when there is a height difference from adjoining sections and I recall one woman had her sandal catch and break off as she boarded the plane. Her other shoes were in he luggage probably in the belly of the plane waiting to take off. Think ahead lady.

People don't consider panic and 'push-comes-to-shove' crowd situations. They are probably the ones who complain their freedoms are being taken away when that are forced to wear closed toe shoes. That's a cousin to wearers of tank-top shirt...


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Perhaps someone 'rudely' woke her up, after she slept walked to the airport ? dunno laugh
One guy had a solution to a bare foot on his armrest...

When I used to fly after 911 every time they made me take my shoes and socks off at the metal detector. I finally got tire of it and stopped wearing shoes to the airport. No I never went to flip flops, but I started to. Then I was like, what if I have to go on stairs or worse, run for my life? So I just went with sneakers and no socks. Coming back they did not make me remove my sneakers. So disappointed I haven't flown since then.
What bothers me is having to walk barefoot across a dirty carpeted floor and put my shoes back on.
Next time, I'll wear some old socks and toss them in the garbage switching to clean ones at the end of the inspection.

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