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Duct-taped on a flight...

In the old days, If you get unruly on a flight the pilot takes the plane to the nearest airport where authorities are ready to greet you. They don't have time for such bullshit now and it appears they will duct-tape you to the seat as they continue to their intended destination.

A woman in an American Airlines flight decides she wants to leave the plane in mid-flight, attempting to open the front door, attacking flight attendants and spitting on them.
The woman was taped to her seat for the rest of the flight... laugh

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Links to the Yahoo story:

TikTok video from a passenger exiting the plane.

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2002 uses. thumbs up
They should have used a couple of rolls on the mouth of the last 'so-called' president. head banger
I endorse the duct taping on taxis and everuy other modes of public transportation laugh
I just saw that little news report and the duct tape did make me's good for a lot of things. Glad it ended that peacefully.

I lived in a house in El Paso years ago and they would get sand storms and the house would be full of sand, it was coming in around the doors and windows. They didn't worry about air tight houses because there weather was so mild.
The sand in the house happened one then I got busy with the duct tape. When I finished I swore the house was held together with duct tape.. rolling on the floor laughing
good onelaugh
Makes one wish for the old days of having one "terrorist/ hijacker" aboard with their little gun to threaten the crew and passengers into staying quiet as the pilots make for which ever country they were told to go for. Landing one usually had from 2 to 4 hours in which to see some of the sights or go to a bar then return drunk or sober and resume your flight...just a diversionary mini-adventure. Great if you had a camera to take some souvenir photos your stop...Havana or Zanzibar..or Kampala..or Mogadishu...laugh
Surely that is assault, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, or any number of violations?

It's one thing to restrain a passenger who poses a threat, but duct taping them to a seat and over an airway is surely inappropriate, especially given the woman was acting irrationally.
She attempted to open the door to the plane.
Should they have offered her coffee and a doughnut?
There are other ways of restraining and diffusing.

Would you suggest that the only alternative to murdering George Floyd was giving him a coffee and doughnut?

Duct taping a passenger to a chair with their hands behind them and duct tape blocking an airway could have ended in disaster.

Clearly the duct tape over this woman's mouth had nothing to do with passenger safety given she couldn't move. That was done to shut her up in the interests of other people's comfort.

If she was trying to get out of the plane during flight, she clearly wasn't acting rationally. I think the days of tying up and caging people with psycholgical aberrations ended a while back.

Steward staff should be trained to restrain safely and humanely, as well as with techniques to diffuse volatile situations. Is it really that much of a surprise that a passenger might experience mental ill-health and panic mid-flight?
Would you suggest that the only alternative to murdering George Floyd was giving him a coffee and doughnut?

Different situation. Very different.
Floyd was suspected of passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill.
FBI handles cases of fraud and not local police.
They didn't have evidence from the storekeeper.
He was handcuffed and should have been placed in the back of a patrol car.
Handled poorly by trained policemen.
Where is the $20 ??

While the woman on the flight appeared to have some serious issues attempting to open the door in flight that could have taken the plane down and lost the lives of the passengers and crew. She was subdued in the quickest method. Handled as an act of terrorism.
I'm not sure what type of security was on the plane. Who did what? No idea.
This could be subject to disciplinary action that could be washed away seeing it was somewhat heroic to some of the passengers.
Both were poorly executed and dangerous restraints.

I dare say staff did what they thought was appropriate, but so did Derek Chauvin.

I would say it's a matter of culpability now. The airline might be at fault for not training staff, nor providing safe restraint equipment. On the other hand, staff may have not adhered to protocol and/or allowed an emotional/vindictive element to over-rule their training.

A passenger trying to open a door and attacking staff mid-flight is a safety concern, but not surprising - that should have been prepared for.

A restrained passenger making noise is not a safety concern, so taping up her mouth really needs to be investigated.
It was nicer than simply killing her when she went for the door release. I think the closest person to reach her just didn't know how to quickly kill barehanded. So instead they wrestled with her until more people joined in. Luckily the nut did not know how to quickly kill the flight attendant trying to stop her by wrestling her away from the door. This could have been a plane full of people lost because the flight attendant didn't simply break the nut's neck. Okay whatever, they lucked out on this flight.

Wondering about this airline passenger's personal history and if there had ever been a history of mental illness before, or was this another suddenly without any warning episode. If so, taking one alive is pretty rare.
Noting also handcuffs and leg restraints are not normal passenger plane equipment. Both are classified as weapons in most US states as they can be used to kill by those who know how. Also of course if applied improperly they can result in the crushing of bones and or the loss of the foot or hand they are put in seconds. If you have ever seen that done and listened to the screams of someone who just lost use of their hand because the cuff was put on wrong you would know what I speak of. There use to in fact be a device called a 'come along' that went on a suspect's wrist and with a flick of your own wrist you could tighten it and an 84 pound child could make a 300 pound weighlifter do whatever the child wanted due to the pain. I still have my old 'comealongs,' but the US courts ordered them to not be used anymore since the 1970s.

In any case the duct taping to the seat is perfectly legal. The woman committed a crime on board and the passengers and crew made a citizens arrest and restrained the prisoner till she could be turned over to law enforcement. A person who has made a lawful citizen's arrest may use any restraint method neccessary to preserve their safety while transporting to, or awaiting the arrival of, authorities. Nothing in US law prohibits gagging a prisoner who is screaming non-stop. Regarding the allegation she was mentally ill, that is for trained medical staff to diagnose after the prisoner is turned over to the authorities. And that won't be until a judge says to do the evaluation. Until then she is just a criminal caught and arrested in the act of attempting a mass murder. Gag her, Macht Nichts.
Maybe, just maybe the duct tape was used for the exhaust pipe whilst climbing in altitude. To be fair though, she's got a decent set of lungs but that Co2 is killing our planet of the grapes.

This may sound controversial but surely instead of 'duct tape', the trolley dolly should have given her a parachute instead and exit signals to take the rear in case of BS.

According to my Tabasco sauces. Apparently she was on Elon Musk's flight and complained that Dik Branson didn't even offer a lolly or cuppa during space flight.

I reckon she should sue them......have a cup of tea and a lye down

After looking at that picture closer. The duct tape across her mouth probably not a good idea. Mostly because of the glue on the duct tape. An ace bandage would have been good. I would think in a first aid kit they would have an ace bandage or a roll of gauze.
Also the doors should be opened remotely from some where else. I don't even like the thought of any passenger being able to open the doors. scold
The problem with remote opening is crashed planes often catch fire then explode if they last long enough once on the ground. If you have ever read accounts from passengers who survived the experience most of them talk about everyone not out in the first few seconds having died in the fireball of the explosion. You get maybe 10 seconds to get away from the plane. The crash outside Tokyo a few years ago is a good example. Electricity goes out when the plane crashes, so your imagined remote can't use electricity. Usually the pilot cockpit is full of dead people so don't look to them to activate anything. Also the cockpit and the first 10 or 20 seats are usually smashed and telescoped back into the wreckage anyway. You want to (need to) ignore the screams of those trapped in the wreckage and just get away from the plane now, or you can burn alive with them. Try to ignore your broken legs and smashed jaw and just get out of the plane now. The idea of a door that won't open because the dead pilot isn't working the hidden remote release is not a good one.

Ken, I think restraint techniques have moved on a little since the 1970's.

That's 50 years of research, feck ups, litigation, changes in techniques, ethical standards and protocols.

Suggesting that killing someone with bare hands is acceptable, or necessary in this kind of situation is very odd indeed.

Yes indeedy. You have a point apart from the plumber using duct tape when 9/11 happened.

I reckon a pocket knife will suffice and a roll of duct tape to quell the dissenters. It's all fun and games until the plane crashes down.

Well done Jacky Chan
When I was a Fed, once upon a time, our instructions and training for that situation (someone trying to open the door while the plane was at high altitude) was terminate their motion immediately, by any means available. Yes, if you had your service reveolver (in those pre semi auto pistol days) it meant blow the back of their head off. Simple as that, motion is terminated. Do the paperwork when you are on the ground.

BTW, contrary to Goldfinger, a single bullet hole through a passenger plane window will not cause the plane to crash and probably no one will be sucked out through it either, banana
@ Jac of no trades:
"That's 50 years of research, feck ups, litigation, changes in techniques, ethical standards and protocols."

It wasn't fifty years ago.

Just saying

Also the passengers and crew don't get the training in new techniques, nor are they given the latest in restraint technology. The crews job is flying the plane. That they get training in. The passengers aren't trained in anything and are free to do whatever suits them best as long as the plane is safe and their prisoner is delivered alive to authorities If of course that becomes not viable, well the greatest good for the greatest number. 30 or 100 passengers on one hand, a would be murderer on the other. Do whatever is needed. No one important will complain.
@Jac of no trades.

I dedicate this to you my daffodil

Isn't First Class good enough, or something?.................confused
I didn't say passengers should be trained, Ken. That's also an odd thing to come out with.

The crew, however, are trained to deal with emergencies. It would be awfully remiss if staff didn't know anything about seatbelts, oxygen masks, life jackets (for what they're worth) and evacuation procedures.

It's clear that restraining passengers is an issue on commercial aircraft, whether there is nefarious intent, or other behavioral issues. In this instance it appears that this woman's behaviour was irrational and therefore may stem from a mental health issue.

There is nothing surprising about a passenger having a mental health crisis triggered by the circumstances of confinement and/or fight.

Crew should be trained to deal with these situations, equipment should be available to them for use in extreme circumstances and even if they have to 'make do' for some reason, I cannot imagine that there is any justification for duct taping a passenger's mouth and therefore endangering their life. Had she vomited due to stress, or turbulence she would have likely aspirated her vomit. There is also an issue of psychological trauma.

I find your obsession with guns and killing people concerning.
Well it's a lot more dangerous than passing on a fake note like we all have at one point or another.

"I find your obsession with guns and killing people concerning"

Yeah but I personally find your irrelevant comment more concerning. To be honest, and fair play to you for wanting a better world but Ken didn't mention his 'guns'.

You need to up your game princess. In NZ I shoot a 303 (150 grain) for food i.e deer and on the odd occasion Chamois in the South Island. I've hunted Thar but never bagged one.

You on the other hand Jac are so self righteous yet on the dole pretending to be holier than thow yet cruise the supermarket isle looking for bargins.

Either you don't know or you wilfully turn a blind eye whilst drinking your coffee latte from Ghana beans.

Get a grip FFS


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