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130°F/55°C Western U.S. Heat Wave Approach Hottest Temps Recorded On Earth

130° Fahrenheit Reading in Death Valley Ties for the Hottest Temperature Ever

devil ... cool


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Doomsday 2020 || From Eight Years Ago ...
wave Have A Nice Day, Y'all ... uncertain

For y'all watching for a New World Record ...

mic, we seem to be in deep s.hit, here....

btw, I don't think NASA is in the business of putting dodgy science up on the web...

I'm not suggesting that you think this, but some others on here do......professor
It's 14C here at the moment, but there's a nice cool breeze whipping it's way through my open windows to take the edge of the heat.

The rain is making everything smell nice and earthy, too.
Obviously, global temperature is about the overall temperature of the earth, not the
temperature at any one locality.
For a disturbing interactive visual of how the global temperature has gone up in the last 116 years, go to this link and progressively slide the upright rectangular bar to the right towards 2020;

B-Real -

My Personal take on the climate is that methane venting from subsea permafrost in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) has the Potential to be Earth's Planetary Kill Switch, there's not a Damned Thing we (Humans) can Do 'bout it, but it Bears Watching.

ESAS Methane explained Very Succinctly (with Pics) by Dr. Natalia Shakhova ...
Luvvin' on her Russky Accent ... smitten

Anyway -
Further & Updated Info On ESAS Methane ...

Excellent point, Jim -
Climate should Not scold be confused with "Weather".

Sounds pleasant, jac ... smile

KN once informed us that Ireland's climate is sufficiently mild that palm trees grow there.
Who knew? ... dunno

Hope everyone stays cool there!
We just went through some heated temps up here, brutal uh oh
Another week or so of it coming.....yikes
Climate Change Winners & Losers -

Greenland is a Big Winner -
Mackerel were not caught in Greenland Fishing Waters prior to circa 2010.
Mackerel are Now caught by the Tens of Thousands of Tons wow and account for nealy 1/4 of Greenland's export revenues ...

cheers Stay Cool, Forums ... cool

As the Arctic Heats Up -
So do International Tensions, as nations engage in a Race For Arctic Riches ...


I've thought for a while about putting up a blog about ways an individual can or actually do fight climate change. For starters;

Put up a clothes line instead of using a dryer. Not only will you be saving the earth you'll be saving a lot of money.
daydream Back in the day ...
A classified ad was run in Mechanical & DIY magazines -
A Solar Powered Laundry Dryer for something like $50.

Folks sent in the Shekels & received 100' of rope & a bag of clothespins ... laugh

One of the most Cutting Edge technologies I've seen was an 1800s hand operated washing machine.
It'd make Two home items Obsolete - An automatic washer & an exercise machine.

Seriously, y'all -
Wouldn't you Love to have $1 Every Time someone put a load of clothes in an automatic washer - Then pedaled a stationary bike for an hour while the clothes got washed?
ME TOO thumbs up

It's a Good Thought, Oob.

But realistically -
T'would Appear the ESAS Methane's gonna vent ..
Our goose (& everything Else) is gonna get Cooked ...
And We (& All life on Earth) are like the kid at the Back of the toboggan ...
Just along for a Downhill Ride.

Anyone got Problems with that -
Find an Inevitable Near Term Human Extinction (INTHE) Support Group ...

moping ... comfort
Humans can't be blamed -
WE didn't put Incalculable Tons of the stuff under a mere 50M of Arctic Ocean.

And anyway - As for Blame, "What Difference, at this point, does it MAKE?"

I'm not quite sure whether (weather) Heather least of all come hither came first or last but I'm pretty sure that Al Gore bought and brought a beautiful beach front property/ monopoly as did Obama.

I can't quite put my finger on it but something seems amiss here. No worries though because the UN will save us.

No evidence Methane is the culprit. But plenty of evidence that CO2 emissions by man's engines are the culprit. In another 10 years when the temps start routinely hitting 140F many of the race will be dead. Another 20 years and most of us will be because once the cascade point is hit, it just becomes a cycle and gets hotter and hotter no matter what we on Earth do.
Silly people you thought the threat to worry about was Covid19.
Ken, I'm not talking about pollution as in Chyna (China)

I'll put it this many Co2 gasses do you think exploded from Krakatoa, Iceland or NZ's volcanoes?

Did you know that Co2 doesn't rise compared to oxygen? It's called science bro

Should we stop sheep farting or should we feed the world? Should we grow pines that have absolutely no intrinsic value whatsoever comparted to actually eating animals.

Tell me Ken, spurt it out

I hear they want to put diapers on cows now laugh
A BRIEF(!) Documentary on Methane venting from Subsea Permafrost in the ESAS

Methane in ESAS Permafrost -
Imagine a Methane Digester (cow's stomach?) Three Times the area of Texas & 20 km (12 Miles) Deep shock under a Mere 50m (165') of Arctic Ocean.

THAT, Y'all, is Earth's Potential Kill Switch -
Hence Dr. Box's "we're fúcked" assessment of the situation.

That'd require one Helluva Diaper, eh. Forums? ... uh oh

Mic, yea it would, I should start a home based company right away
Read about Elsa uh oh Stay safe!

Get Dr. Fauci to recommend it like he did covid Face Diapers - You'll be RICH very happy


flower ... Tell me More 'bout yourself, Forums ... hug kiss

laugh Mic, not much to tell
I come from the Great White North where the Moose have the right of way
And the Bears own the sidewalks and can use your crapper if they want
That's all I can tell you grin

Mic, My son-in-law works way up north, he takes pictures when he has time to spare. That's a good vid beer

In reference to your blog, This is what I found;
Heat spells are not new. The 1930s were warmer than today when CO2 was at 300ppm compared to today's 417ppm. CO2 is not the 'control-knob' of global temperature as its the main food for all life. Our forests are greener than they ever were, not sure if the above comment is true,as I have not verified it. But it makes sense.
Don't anybody tear a strip off me uh oh laugh
Forums -
NASA suggests CO2 is contributing to the Greening Of Earth ...
The potential for Arctic Methane to Significantly heat things up is an Altogether different matter ... uncertain

daydream Back In The Day ... I was part of Aviation Detachments aboard USCG Arctic Icebreakers.
The ships & aircraft are different now, but I'd be the crewman in the back of (or dangling from) the small Orange Helicopters flying from the Red Hulled Ships surrounded by Ice ...

During an Arctic East deployment, we were SO Far North - The North Magnetic Pole was Southwest of us. I wasn't merely a Cold Warrior - I was a Froze My Áss Warrior cold
That is Not scold a Sea Story.

The difference between a Fairy Tale & Sea Story -
One begins, "Once upon a time ..."
The other begins, "This is No Shit ... "

From what I'm Hearing from the Arctic - It's NOTHING as I Remember It ...

Mic, I don't really believe Nasa, but okay lol.
I do believe that CO2 contributes to the green forests, I look around our own province here, and can see it everywhere, except right now, forest fires everywhere. I don't normally discuss topics like these, but there I said it. In regards to Methane/Permafrost, I would imagine someone with your knowledge/experience of the North would know how that works. I have not done much reading about these issues. You do have quite an extensive past up there, I am impressed. There is quite a fight for the North coming from all sides now. My son-in-law sent pics of the temperatures past winter, was -60s C...yikes. He says it was a bone chilling cold.

The heat temps? I hear the new record is 133 degrees now? Read that somewhere
I do enjoy your posts so thank you beer wave

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