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Some of you might like to listen to an independent view

America Haiti Cuba New York Rosenberg execution...

Phillip Adams Late night live. Bruce Shapiro speaks for 15 minutes Then Anna Shebba - why was Ethel executed?

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52 minutes is a tad long.

I'd rather listen to Bill Clinton playing sax and pleading for donations for the Clinton foundation regarding Haiti.

"He said, they with their heads"

It will all come out in the wash

listen to bruce shapiro on America - 15 minutes. 60 minutes of phillip adams is never too long!


And monkeys might fly out my but.

You're a raging Leftist, Farg.

Don't even start.
@bo it's 'butt' by the way. I'll bet yours is a thing of beauty. Short for buttocks as Forest Gump said.
They may well do so, they're too clever to inhabit your brain cavity. You clearly read listened too or understood nothing. Shapiro and Adams were discussing the miscarriage of justice in the execution of the Rosenbergs 70 years ago. The 'views' referred to were theirs, I merely listened and suggested it could be worthwhile for the likes of you - well no I didn't include you really, and with obvious reason. However there are a few here who think, and speak not with monkey butts.
I'd rather listen to Bruce Springsteen's born in the USA but what ever floats ya boat Fargo?

Begs the question though, why were millions starved to death under the guise of 'labour' or in your case, ''labor'.

"Ethel" as in "methanol"?????

For a start Fargo, is the ABC state funded? Are you sure the Govt approve? Are you sure the private sector as opposed to your Govt have sanctioned this? Are you sure the taxes from the private sector were well spent and did the Rosenbergs sell "state" secrets?

Here's a bit of a clue mate. I don't recall many Westerners deflecting to the Soviet Union back in the hay day.

What's ironic though, esp during the Olympics.......have you ever heard of Nadia Comaneci????

VERBATIM in the WESTERN WORLD: ps she lives in the west but alas
" Comaneci lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her husband Bart Conner. The couple own and operate the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy, which trains more than 1,000 students. Comaneci has also opened a gymnastics school in Romania. The couple produces and performs in gymnastics exhibitions. In addition, they own Perfect 10 Productions, which sponsors a Fox television show that analyzes European gymnastics competitions, and they have hosted a food and fitness show on the cable Food Network. They also manufacture gymnastics products, such as leather hand guards and tumbling and vaulting shoes. Conner and Comaneci co-publish International Gymnast magazine with coach Paul Ziert, and Comaneci serves as editor of the magazine. Comaneci has served as a spokesperson for a variety of products, including Jockey, Danskin Avon, Kodak, Coca-Cola, and organizations, such as the Women's Sports Foundation and the National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Both Comaneci and Conner are active in numerous charities, including the Special Olympics."

Rossenburgs? Seriousely? Reds under the bed?

Maybe Stalin should have taxed bed bugs instead of red burgs


What are your thoughts regarding the UN? The "powers that be"?

It's a seriouse question confused
David Greenglass sold out & threw Julius & his sister, Ethel, into the Chair.

The Atomic Spy that really Mattered was Klaus Fuchs -
Part of the Brit contribution to the Manhattan Project.

By the time his activities came to Light, he was outta the U.S. so avoided The Chair.
The Brits sentenced him to something like 20 years.
The Commie got out Early & lived out his life as something of a hero in East Germany.

It's been said that immediately after Prez Roosevelt died, Stalin knew more about the Atomic Bomb Project than U.S. Prez Truman.

The Cold War would never have been as long lasting and would never have had the human toll in lives... to the tune of about 61 million victims of the Soviets and about 77 million victims of the Chi Coms, if it weren't for traitors.

Traitors cause a huge amount of damage and human death and suffering. There is no excuse and no mitigation.

We have a lot more who should have gotten the chair to tell the truth.

Leave it to you to shed tears for traitors.
Cold War Spy Trivia -

Julius Rosenberg cooperatively died in the Electric Chair in the usual manner.
Ethel was more stubbornly tenacious of life & survived 1 or 2 jolts.
They finally turned on the juice, let it run & burned the living Hell outta her.

Electrocution is Not a good method of dispatching condemned criminals scold IMO.

The ChiComs have deployed a fleet of Mobile Execution Vans ...
Bringing the Execution to Doomed Criminals - Very Efficient ... smile

And it is a thing of beauty.

So, I'm told.

You are permitted to be jealous now.
Greenglass certainly sold out and very probably lied. The judge and McCarthy were big factors. I was about 8 at the time, but remember discussion at the dinner table for quite a while later. The only spies executed in the cold war.

As to UN I have nothing much to say, certainly in this thread. It has served, serves and will serve a useful purpose, if imperfectly. It serves to limit undue and disproportionate voting right USA has, for example in the world bank. There USA is 16.8%, Japan 7.9%, China 5.3%, Germany 4.3% - how does that work out? And USA has the veto right over increasing China's vote. No wonder China has created it's own global bank, and proposes to make Yuan a reserve currency. Why does the USD dictate world trade terms?

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