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The Top US general has some things to say

Yesterday in New York Magazine;

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Two men were arrested as they plan to blow up the Democratic office in Sacramento.

They still believe Trump lies about the election.

You should see the card they had on them.

If the top US general knew Trump would have start a coup he should have had plans in place.
I'm not confident that I understand the chain of command fully, but from the news report video above, the US General did have a plan in place.

The US General is commanded by, and owes total loyalty the president, unless the president's command is illegal.

Whether a command is legal, or illegal is subject to the same level of scrutiny as any law. If the US General refuses to act on a presidential command believing it to be illegal, but further due process argues successfully that it was a legal command, the US General could be found guilty of a very serious criminal offence.

Likewise, following an illegal presidential command, for example, one that supported a coup, are clearly constitutional, democratic and criminal issues.

The US General's plan was to very clear about where his loyalty and obedience to the president ended: if Trump commanded him illegally with the aim of a military supported coup he planned to be insupbordinate and defy those orders.

That's a very significant plan.
As was stated in the video above, it is the responsibility of the voter to vote responsibly.
They should never again vote for such a dangerous corrupt dishonest individual as Trump.
The US presidency carries a lot of power. That should be taken very seriously.
Thus, the voting should be taken just as seriously. Both experience and integrity are important considerations.

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