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sssshhhh be vewwwy vewwwy quiet.

I have a lot of trees on my property.
They provide a lot of shade and some mulberries.
There's also some raspberries and blackberries growing too,
thanks to the birds.

Often when I wake up in the morning I go into the bathroom to pee.
When standing there, I look out a window.
Many times I see birds, a rabbit or two, a hawk on occasion
and I have a groundhog, who had 2 babies this year.

Also this year for the first time I saw a doe, "a deer, a female deer..."
It was while I was taking some table scraps to my compost heap in the back
of the property. She bolted out of there.

Well, this morning as I was in the bathroom, standing there, I looked out the window and
to my surprise was a 6 point buck lying down less than 10 feet from the house in the shade.
So, rather than peeing in the water, I aimed for the side of the bowl, so I wouldn't startle him.
I don't know if it made a difference, but the end result is, that he is still there.

Apparently, I am opening a bed & breakfast for deer.
Plenty of shade and a berry comfortable stay.
We'll leave the

Comments (1)

Amazingly, five hours later, he is still there.
He's gotten up (at least) a couple of times to eat leaves off the tree he is under.
But, is currently plopped down, breathing a little quickly, likely due to the high heat.

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