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Covid fear and lefties.

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My observations in this matter is that this is a political stand point.
Fear and compliance to covid restrictions is wide spread amongst democrats and socialists.
It's because it's natural to blindly follow leaders on that side of the spectrum.
Individualists who treat everything with curiosity and suspicion tend to lean towards the right.
Same goes for posters on CS. I see how people group together with these two subjects.
It's always Turtle all the way down!
Very simular to religion actually. No matter what you present as evidence their opinion will not change.
I see the same thing in all people. We will not change opinion until we do it by own accord.
My car is the best car until I got rid of it, then after that it was a piece of shit to everyone who ask.
I grew up in a neighborhood where all the house where built at the same time and looked identical. 5 individually owned houses in the same house body. I don't know the English word for it. There where hundreds of houses. All had the same white picked fence exept ours and one of the next door neighbors. My father and the neighbor was both business owners. We got constant criticism about our low wall with Tuja planted on top. When we sold the house so did the neighbor and it didn't take long for the new owners to demolish the wall and put up a fence instead!
It's a Sheep mentality in the masse, you don't want the Wolf to pick you out.
That is the difference between left and right.
Unfortunately there are more Sheep then Wolfs and in all democracies conformalists rule.

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Absurd. You have some statistics perhaps? Unbiased? Idiotic. Who dies - right or left? I don't understand how people can arrive at such warped views. Idiocy is global, it is not right or left. However the op clearly has this disease.
Nope , I see covid as a health issue . To stop disease in my livestock I keep them away from sick ones . I treat the sick ones and now and again I have to cut some throats to stop the spread of disease . Can't do this with people , pity as I don't see a poxycated covid carrier any different to a islamic suicide bomber . If islamists had killed 14000 Swedes with bombs you would bloody well lock em down alright , treat covid carriers the same way .
case and pointrolling on the floor laughing
Fargofan learn to read properly! I never said that lefties get more Covid! Before commenting read properly or you just look stupid!
Nor did I say that. Learn to read. 'Fear' is your opening word in that paragraph. The mention of left or socialist is where the nonsense lies.
Could be a good time to treat maxist barstools the same way as islamists
In defense of the O.P he is entitled to his own opinion.
Where else to put it than here?
I disagree here, but respectfully.

Javisst, let me prove you wrong.

I'm an outspoken Trump suppoerter, I also lean Right politically if I have to chose
but I prefer to have Donald as my world leader so to speak. Working together with Tulsi.
I took both vaccines and I'll take a 3rd too.

Religion. I hope there is a god and my favorite is the christian one.
But i'll respect any atheist who is friendly and can respect me having a faith.
And that goes for any muslim, buddist, human-ethic, new wave, TomCruise anything.
Point is: we gotta respect each other as humans first: Freedom.

I also listen if somebody has something to teach.


Ha en fin dag min venn.

your low wall story reminds me of one of the things found in a short young adult set of books, beginning with THE GAMMAGE CUP. The author was a contemporary of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, and could even have sued the author of the HARRY POTTER series for her adoption of his word "muggles."

This story told of a small and insular race, much like hobbits, and in their village, doors were only to be a certain color. It was a tradition or convention, but not a hard and fast rule, apparently, but it caused the other towns-hobbits to grumble and gossip disapprovingly at the obstinately and flagrantly wrong-colored door.

Sound familiar?
He must have visited Sweden before writing the book.
I don't think it's just the lefty loons...who have fallen for the propaganda...but it looks clear to me...that evil communism is getting a stranglehold on the USA and sadly the UKthumbs down
The establishment is liberal and conservatives are the marginalised group sort of so liberals follow the orders and set the tests. Conservatives are the marginalised group. The left is now the right, and the right is the left.
At least according to the realpolitik. Where the power and authority is. Elites used to fear the way of human progress but things have changed now. People are desperate for a classic elite like the queen as a break away from the radical transformation of society that is now usual. The citizens don't modernise the authorities, the authorities modernise people. The revolution comes from above.

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