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Well well well !!! wink

Since I recall my memories , started to understand little by little about this mysterious "Civilised Human's" world , I was/am/will be always familiar with the terms "Left" and "Right" !!!

But that's not the point ...
The point of confusion here is ,
What is actually "Right" !?
What is actually "Left" !? dunno

I have witnessed so far , on Real world or on Virtual world , everywhere always people brings this two terms into everything and anything and actually they very much enjoy getting into arguments over this two !! hmmm

The common generalise idea about these two terms among most of us common people is ,
Those , Who usually like to Follow Something/Someone Blindly for ages without questioning about logical explanation ,
Those , Who are Afraid to Think Out Of The Box ,
Those , Who tend to be Comfortable to Go With The Flow ,
ARE the "Right"...

Those , Who like to be Open minded and Curious ,
Those , Who are Ready to Explore and Accept New Ideas ,
Those , Who are eager to Find Facts based upon Neutral Logical Explanations and Evidences ,
ARE the "Left"...

But now it seems that , what it seems may not be actually what it seems !! roll eyes

I mean ,
Has anyone ever thought
What we were considering as "Right" , may be NOT that "RIGHT" after all !!??
What we were considering as "Left" , may NEVER been "LEFT" at all !!??
confused confused confused

Should we need to refresh our thinking process and re-evaluate everything

There is NOTHING exists as "Right" or "Left" !!!
May be it's just some clever tricks playing by the control freaks , Who actually just want to take advantage of US , THE COMMON PEOPLE , for their own personal benefits , by dividing us between this "LeftRight" parade troops !!??? conversing

NOW I wonder , If I need to focus on using both my Right and Left hands equally efficient , just like my both feet usually do !!! uh oh

So !!!


"LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT" !!!.....!!! "RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT" !!!.....!!! dancing dancing dancing


Comments (4) | central bank.........

L ...............................| .............................. R. former daze, high school civics was able to illustrate the paradigm. The further Left, the more offices & officers. And any move R. From center, was a diminishment of offices et al.
...The thing never learned: both $ides are controlled assets of the Crown.
..The most E X P A N $ I V E govt. In history is the government of Uncle Samhain aka U S of A.
Furthermore, thick books by Sutton, Allen, Quigley & Skousen.... provide $ufficient evidence that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & Mao were all financed by wall Street, with the express approval of the U S dept.of state.
... With a single exception, the policy blogs here are just a mys Adventure into wishful thought clouded by the television drug.
applause Tanzi !

I love a mix!!! laugh
Thank you so much Mr. Agent
For sharing your view...

Though I can't really say that I'm fully capable to decode all those serious insights you have mentioned , confused but still , I'll thank you for your remark ... Very much appreciated .. handshake
Rose !! reunion hug

Thank you for the Mix head banger
I like that rhythm dancing dancing

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