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Don't bother with these Conspiracy idiots. Most of them are sock puppets complaining about other sock puppets!rolling on the floor laughing
Insanity mixed with foreign trolls pushing sabotage and waving the flag! Their day is ending and Trump is being fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

Here's a religous video for them to enjoy!!!!!!!

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You said the same thing about Trump when the Mueller report was immanent . Do you count Riz's constant crap as insanity or just a form of madness you identify with ?
Is this in your private hard copy library?laugh
Members take the time to write something , why should I not take the time to remember whats written ?
As you wish, but Trump was one or two votes away from the jumpsuit then too. Although toady Barr would've done anything to cover for him.
It's quite clear, that the Russian misinformationists have invaded social media, including Twitter, Facebook and even CS. They want the US battling with each other and China.
So, of course they will use sockpuppets to attempt to validate their b.s.
They may trick some of the feeble minded, but for those who have knowledge, it is easy to see through their charade.
To the Whacko Left:

Remember the 3.5 years of BullSchiff, 'there-is-ample-evidence-of-collusion' and $30 million dollars on the Mueller Witchhunt, and at the end of the day, when Mueller had to lay his cards on the table, the drooling old fool admitted he's got nothin?

Remember that?

Remember how Clapper got caught lying, perjury before Congress, Not Spying On Americans, then Snowden, Massive Spying On Americans?

Remember those?

Remember it was Hillary, Comey, Strozk et al, who were colluding with actors in Ukraine and Italy and the UK to sway the election with a false pee dossier?

Remember that?

(snaps fingers under Jim's nose. Jim maintains his vacant stare).

Guess not.
There was an enormous amount of collusion.
Mueller was not able to prove conspiracy, only because he was unable to find the back channel
mode of communication.
However, that mode was revealed during the Roger Stone trial.
Of course, Trump later pardoned Stone.
Regardless, that piper will be paid.
There is also the matter of multiple counts of obstruction of justice, which Mueller indicated.
But, that will wait until the tax evasion trials are done. Trump will not only be indicted,
but several of his kids will also. cool
Battling each other Jim? You created more battle than Putin ever did or intended to do.

Putin is reasonable, not a warhawk,
basically a pretty decent leader that I've come to respect over the years.
To my own surprise even.

Trump is still amazing. Peace loving, effective. Nice. Not dirty like Biden. A real good leader.

Covid? No unlike Bo I think it was not an orchestrated effort to reduce population or create chaos.
Still, was American interests involved in the Wuhan Lab? Possibly. Time will tell I suppose.

Have a good day gentlemen!

You are a liar Jim , there is no collusion in the report .
@epirb, remind me again how the steel dossier came about.
Russia + brit ex-mi6 + hillary campaign
Talk about collusion....
yep , the real Russian collusion
Yes, it's been clear where your alliegence lies.

I don't call poisoning political rivals "reasonable".
Putin is much sneakier than battle. His forte' is espionage and causing chaos.
Trump was a perfect patsy for that.

A recent Russian leak confirmed, what we all knew.

From The Guardian;

(continued in my next comment below)
Thats media report spastic
(continued from my last comment)

It was started by a Republican opponent of Trump and a research company 'Fusion'.
It was researched by a former BRITISH spy.
That is another lie spread by dirty communists
Who gave you Jimmy's private family photo

I noticed something about your posts.

No links. Where are you getting your Dezinformatsia from? CNN? Vox? All the other lie factories which have be grunting out steaming piles of false defamation ever since the Don came down the escalator and announced his candidacy?

You eat this stuff up with two spoons.
Jim, you might think I'm dumb or something.
I was personally offended when they tried to insult
my intelligence january 2017 with that steel bs.

When you one day take your blinds off we can talk.
Until then you and your OP buddy here have a nice one.
@B do you work out of that Leningrad troll factory? Your rants are filled with delusions and distortions. Its obvious Jim is too much for you to cope with.Every time he humiliates you with logic you really go off the deep end. It reminds me of an earlier obsessive Trumpie that had a thing about puppets too. comfort tinfoil hat
That is another lie spread by dirty communists

I'm glad to see you admit to Russian tactics. thumbs up
Kenneth Copeland cracks me up ... rolling on the floor laughing

Sorry Bo, if you can find another video worth watching i might allow it.
"Sorry Bo, if you can find another video worth watching i might allow it."

No need to say sorry Raphael. Your cancel culture speaks volumes.

I have a duty not to kill my readers with YouTube duds like that. Boredom.
On a cataclysmic level.
But don't despair.
Tomorrow I will have a short blog that will show the imminent demise of your Covid anti vax cult!banana banana banana
Psst. Fester.

Criminal referral going out for your boi Fauci.

In the truest sense of blog topics this is a
Non-topic and simply starting a flame war.thumbs down
Not comedy, a nothing burger.sleep
Criminal referral from an idiotic crook!!! rolling on the floor laughing B you are running low on your stool samples!!!rolling on the floor laughing

better get back to !Leningrad troll factory to get some more! laugh
Fauci got eye-popping Triggered ... very mad

Not without Reason - If it turns out he funded covid gain of function research and lied 'bout it to a Senate Hearing ... That wouldn't be Good ... uncertain

If clown Rand is lying it won't be good either.
How many Americans have to die before the man responsible for their health loses his job .
Trump is hiding in Whitehouse bunker South!!!!!
Not south but Epirb! Spell correct sucks.
Pity he wasn't . Don't know why people don't dump predictive text and get simple language tool , the cheap version (free)
RE part II , Trump absent , ha he set up the funding for the much touted vaccines you support . Don't worry about the nutters who think they are immune , Darwin has their number .
Independent CS fact checkers have studied Nastics posts on this blog and found them to be a load of bollocks .

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