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My Blogger family All Live Happy & Safe. dancing

I want to know about what attracts Man & Woman.

Is that Beauty Money Status Character

Mannerism Kindness Generosity

Physic Tolerance Colour Race
.................. OR ..............
Blood Counts ......... .... love

hug ...... peace ...... heart wings bouquet

Comments (21)

I think we agree blood counts.cheers
I want a live wire!!laugh
Cousin...... ... angel

You're right ..... .... thumbs up
Thanks .......... hug
I can count to ten in a few different languages. That's about it.
Always nice to see you Timotei!

Brother ozzy ....... hug

Good to see you . ....... peace

Thanks thumbs up
wave just biked home, singing at the top of my lungs.

cheers I bet Dad took all the beer to
the cabin.rolling on the floor laughing dancing
wink Oh well, one never knows when
I'll get the bed spins again.heart wings
Dear Cousin ....... angel
Thanks for the songs......... ... thumbs up
I really enjoyed the songs......... heart beating

bouquet heart wings teddybear
Good to know thumbs up
You still ride the bike.
Be careful while on road. ::wink:

heart wings peace
Attraction is subjective.

Tolerance is subjective.

There's a fine line between the two but there's 3 things for certain apart from death and taxes and that is unconditional love. Without unconditional love is no tolerance regardless of colour, creed, religion etc but I prefer my own tribe at the end of the day which happens to be Anglo/Celtic with the Judaism 10 commandments for good measure.

That's how it is


In other words, I believe in western values
Hello Tim,

I would say the mind plays a big role for me.

Dear Johnny hug
Thanks good mind works. thumbs up
Stay Happy and Safe. dancing

I believe that attraction is a chemical thing. We are still only animals after all.
I have been attracted to people of different race, religions, no religion,
After that then it is shared interests and physical attraction is not necessarily about beauty
or being handsome for me. It is just something that is beyond our power. .heart beating
Respected Golden glass..angel
Thanks for your comment......thumbs up
You're right Attraction....bouquet

My friend Timotie,

I find it's something mysterious. Sure, what each individual finds attractive may get the attraction to start, but more importantly, there is something that is either there or it isn't there. People can't be forced to fall in love or want or desire someone. It's something within the soul, the spirit, the heart that attracts us to another, and again, it's either there or it's not there.

For even what many may agree on to be a pretty face, may not be a person we personally find we'd want to get involved with.

It's all a mystery. Some say chemistry and such. It's something more. When you find the right person for you, you'll know it, you'll feel it. There will be no mistaking that feeling.
MrBoDangles ...... handshake
Thanks for your comment. thumbs up
Its only to know what attracts a person. bouquet

Stay Happy and Safe. peace
Dear Robrt .... wink
Hope you're doing good. ...... thumbs up
Like your mysterious blog .... hug
You comment mysteriously....... love
Have A Good Day....... .... heart wings

peace bouquet
I know this blog (probably) was a reaction to all the covid talk,
and yes we are more than the food we eat!

The more popular twist seem to be about attraction between lovers and Syed,'s that look of love ye' know, it never seem to fail flirty frog



It's fun you're here. .... thumbs up
Nice they're good to listen them...... wink
Voice is very sharp...... doh
I need a soft voice like my Cousin. love
peace bouquet
Your right, I'll post video with a sound level warning next time laugh

hug peace heart wings
Bro hug
I don't mind the video
Is enjoyable but there voice
Is sharp love
You can post any video thumbs up
No warning brother ozzy handshake

peace teddybear heart wings

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