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During the Cold War, and even before, commencing in 1917 when Communists seized power, those who'd run afoul of the Soviet leadership, but had been public figures, were made "unpersons" by having their images deleted after-the-fact, and their very existence wiped out by deletion and records destruction.
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George Orwell dramatized this in his dystopian future, 1984, wherein the protagonist, Winston Smith, is a low-level functionary, scrubbing the identity of those made "unpersons" and stuffing all public mention of these people down the MEMORY HOLE (essentially, an incinerator).

Once he has rewritten history according to the Party's requirements, the original documents are then shoved into the memory hole and subsequently incinerated. It's as if the past never happened. The memory hole thus becomes a symbol of how thoroughly this totalitarian regime controls the past. In Oceania, there is no objective truth; the truth is only what the Party says it is.

Well, 1984 has arrived in the USA:

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) collects information about adverse events (possible side effects) that occur after vaccination.

And according to this whistleblower, some 150,000 Vaccine-related Deaths have been stuffed down the Memory Hole.

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