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Dirty Birds of a Feather commiting crimes forever

Yesterday from CNN;

(continued below)

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(continued from above)

Naturally, this does not include those who about to be indicted.
That list may be even longer than the list above.
Plus, it doesn't include the many insurgent Capitol rioters, who Trump misled to attempt to interfere with a legal presidential election, and have already been arrested.

It also does not yet include Trump himself and some of his children, who are very likely to be indicted. Indeed, Michael Cohen has speculated that Jared has already flipped on Dirty Don.
I'm watching this space with interest, Jim. Thanks for the update.

I find body language endlessly fascinating. I saw a clip recently, I can't remember the context, but Don Junior's and especially Eric's body language around their father jumped out at me.

They put me in mind dogs who received beatings more regularly than breakfast, kinda cringing, wide eyed, focussed upon Trump and his approval and nervously trying out a tail wag, but recognising the danger of such a move.

Jarred doesn't have that emotional bondage with, and fear of, his father-in-law. Ivanka is the golden child, so she has more confidence and emotional independence from him. Their collectve self-interest is more independent, but Jarred will do the dirty so Ivanka still has the option of manipulating her favour in the future.

I like the way Barron always seems to be rolling his eyes at his father's buffoonery. It would be nice if he grew up not to be an utter prick, but maybe the odds are stacked against him.

Eric will break down one day and tell all, I reckon, but not until Trump is dead and long gone.

Sorry, a bit off topic, but Trump involving the family was a mistake and not just because of the ethical ramifications. There's nothng more compelling than family bringing someone down because of the assumed and expected emotional investment to do otherwise.
It might be Eric, or it might be Tiffany, or it might be both.
However, Mary Trump has done a very good job already.
You would probably enjoy reading her book.
She's a clinical psychologist.

Mary Trump hasn't done such a good job already, not because she lacks skill, nor determination, but because her bond clearly lies with her father. You can hear the anger and disgust in her voice when she talks about the night her dad died.

The closer family members abandoning him, or turning on him will have a far greater impact.
I suggest you read her book, before you make a determination whether she did, or did not, do a good job. head banger
leave the birds out of it.
i'm deeply offended that you use birds. let them fly away Jimbo
Initially, I was inclined to support your protest. Usually, when actual birds steal, it is food for subsistence.
Even with humans, I have a lot less objection to a starving individual stealing a load of bread, than a wealthy person stealing for greed. However, there are instances of some birds stealing items they don't eat.
Often shiny objects to attract a mate, or decorate their nest.
And I did not simply use the word birds, but specified 'dirty' ones. A term indicating that a person is crooked.
So, objection overruled. tongue
let them fly away Jimbo
Why? Only because they are birds and you love birds.scold
No way they need to be screwed to set a precedent that no such bird dare to do it again. thumbs up
I believe Jac have no clue what is going on. She just accept it cos it fit with what she thinks bad guys on the right do.
Iatoo...maybe little idea too, feel free to lest us know what you know about the war between the two parties mr., but only briefly pls, what is the summary of it (?)

Then it comes to you Jim. How informed are you ha? Much more than them for sure.
So you twist this to look good while us who know what is fundamentally the case
see your cheap propaganda. So if you know better than why are you doing this?
Who are these girls you are trying to impress? The canadian one seems gone.
Hardly any leftie chick left to impress any longer is there? Jac?
Send her a mail. Say you would like a date. End of.

The Trump disgrace and general degradation of the United States will finally be exposed. Jim has done an excellent job of analyzing and exposing the vilest administration in American history.
G - That's the thing. You have a LOT of inaccurate BELIEFS with very little knowledge.
You have been quite misled by misinformation to believe lies.
You see this through what motivates you, rather than me, or anyone else.
Indeed, you just unknowingly attempted to project your motivations onto me.

I am a champion of truth. That is what is most important to me.
If a Democrat commits a crime I want that person caught, convicted and appropriately punished.
The same is true for a Republican and an independent. I have no party loyalty.
I think it is very foolish to put party above truth.
I am loyal to truth, justice and fairness. It only SEEMS that I am on one side.
That is because the other side is currently doing the vast majority of the lies & crimes,
an unprecedented number of both and unfortunately, it has been on the rise for many years.
Iatoo...maybe little idea too, feel free to lest us know what you know about the war between the two parties mr., but only briefly pls, what is the summary of it (?)
First of all your question is faulty. The party implies a collectivism of certain ideas or adhering to a certain ideology. Trump, a narcissist, was a one man show and his politics was a successful event management and the clown couldn't handle it and missed the opportunity.
Commonality: Both are corrupt.
As I told you earlier that the clown was only an event manager and not even a politician, let alone a statesman. So ignored the general sentiment that people who voted him to power, there was a chunk of people who wanted to get rid of dynasty and also because he was seen to be non conventional. But the clown sided with the bigots, racists and fascists and the rest of the slur of America, ignoring the genuine stuff.
Got it Mr...........
The fact that "Lying Ted" and the biggest liar of all, were the two finalists for Republican nomination in the last Republican primary should have made EVERYONE aware that there's a real problem with that party now. It has gotten worse & worse, since the emergence of The Tea Party within the Republican Party. It is CLEAR, that the truth is not one of their objectives. Quite the contrary. They INTENTIONALLY lie & mislead in an effort to persuade the naive.
No, the left has.
So by today the gop has become a tad less vicious than those on the other side
and then the peoples guy stepped in and the rest is history.

Happy easter.

And for the record Jim, I somehow like you, for what it's worth.

Now it's over to this iatoo chap... hahaha wtf
Inda man, what/is you?
rolling on the floor laughing
Ehhhhmmmm... hi did nothing on the international arena, mr.Trump? rolling on the floor laughing
History will not look back fondly on the corrupt lying orange scammer.
Officially the worst US president in our lifetime.
Wow I can't write even.

Clown, showman?

You can not be serious ?

That is not really true Jim. History will look badly on how the loosing part treated this peoples man.
Till this day. And you are part of it I'm afraid.
At this juncture, the appropriate words are: Just shut up! You need to grow. Period.
Grow hahaha... yes let that be your defense. Granted.
You know n a d a mr. and you ain't fooling us who do.

What da heck do you know about that greek young handsome intelligent dude who did 0 wrong, and how intelligent is mr.stone on a scale to 10 would you say... lol
u c? u know not more than Jac, so that is by now clear. Your first post about trump being an entertainer said it all.
You think we who watched his speaches just said hail that leader cos he is fun and we like a big grande orangutange standing there trash talking the opponents? Well that was funny too but that is not why we support him.
Why do we? You will never know, and... you couldn't care less could you. drinking
Maybe Trump and your party ( did they move to Norway?) Can run for election in Norway and you can vote for them?rolling on the floor laughing
Moscow is a more likely address.
If I move to moscow I'll send you postcard jim. Don't rule it out. The more you call people you disagree with russian bots the more silly you look mate. Sorry but that is a fact,
cos that is a sure proof you have nothing else.

What was that mr.D.C? Trump here, I'd love that yes.
Putin can stay on the other side of the border we have to them up north but if there appear some kind of trouble with them Russki ever I'd love to be protected by my friend Donald Trump who have managed to build a good and safe rel to Putin, instead of being "protected" by the dangerous, selfish, corrupt and also weak Biden adm. Better with no Biden at all than him even being there, that sleezbag.
Cos Putin is not a dumby he know who is an azz and who is not. Jim.
I would never accuse you of being a bot.
You are a person, who supports Putin.
Whether you are paid by him, have an exceedingly low IQ, are no-life troll who likes inciting arguments by purposely saying dumb things, or simply insane, has not been completely decided. The truth eventually emerges though and there's lots of clues pointing in a direction. head banger
I plead insanity laugh

Problem is you keep posting anti-Trump blogs.
When will you let that topic go you recon?
Grand, that's a topic engrained into his dNA, you see jIMBO lost a bet to TRUMP and he never got over it, professor
Thanks for the support Bentee. About bets, I was seriously thinking about putting a 1000$ on Trump winning the presidency back when the field of candidates in GOP was like all ten still, cruz, rubio the lot
and his odds was 1 : 33 - - - that'd be a 33.000$
I did not know how to bet online and not sure how to trust them so I let it be.

"11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes. 11!"

Hey Jim, the same song and dance. Other people's hands have been caught in the cookie jar.

I'm waiting for your blog that reads "Trump at last." That will mean he will be in prison for yeeeeeears.

Until then, carry on.
Keep in mind Trump let Hillary go. Means none of them is going to jail.
@ Mr. Leningrad

"NATO trains for Russian Invasion in Norway - 60 Minutes ... › ... › 60 Minutes Overtime
Apr 24, 2019 — NATO trains for Russian invasion in Norway ... Norway's tiny military performs one of NATO's most important missions: keeping track of Russia's ."
B - Actually, the ONLY bet I made on Trump was that he would either be impeached, or resign.
I won that $100. I just wish I had bet that he would be impeached a second time.
But, no one had ever done that before Trump.
Thus, one can't say, that he didn't accomplish anything significant. grin

L - Your happy day will eventually come. thumbs up
After justice is served to that criminal. head banger
@swamp thing (rolling on the floor laughing )

that is what Bohemund was doing up here in the 80's and me in the 90's and yes the idea is that Ivan somehow will find it interesting to take hold of norway ...
now when I think of it it sounds fairytale-ish the whole thing.

the nuclear subs however can not be stopped.
jIMBO all my days are happy days, unlike your continual tds that I'm sorry to say you will never get over, rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, your constant jealous whining about me, is real evidence of your "so-called" happiness. roll eyes
I dont know what Bentlee is addicted to but he seems to be really desperate, trying anything for a few bucks.laugh
Perhaps Trump will loan him some $$$ right after Mexico pays for the wall. rolling on the floor laughing

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