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What's spreading like a wildfire in the USA is the Covid-19 virus

Almost all of the new cases are variants other than the original, and the predominant variant is now the Delta.

Thankfully, the smarter people (~ 54.6%) have been vaccinated at least once and almost half of the population (~48.8%) are fully vaccinated, receiving both doses. Thus, although there is less antibody production to this newer variant, they are mostly protected from a serious illness from the virus due to other components of the immune system, unless they have other health issues, which interfere with them having an active immune system.

The vaccination data is even better for the older & wiser folks (age 65 and older) as about 89.2 %
have had at least one dose and 79.6 % are fully vaccinated with 2 doses.

Despite this scenario of most people being vaccinated, this current past week there was a significant increase in the hospitalizations due to Covid-19. Indeed the 7 day moving average increased 32.2% from 2,663 to 3,521. Obviously, these are people who are not vaccinated. So, not only did it increase for the nation, but the increase was focused on the unvaccinated. Thus, it essentially went up over 60% on them.

The number of deaths also increased for this period from 6 to 9. But, one should realize, that these deaths were mostly due to previous hospitalizations during previous weeks. Thus, the deaths due to the illness of the most recent hospitalizations for the most part have not yet occurred. Unfortunately, those deaths are likely to occur in the following weeks. As I've stated before, there are lag periods between infection and hospitalization and between hospitalization and death and between death and reporting of death. While they are related, there is a delay in the full process. Again, obviously, this increase was also among the unvaccinated.

Hopefully, the unvaccinated are smart enough to understand the relationship, and finally get vaccinated before it's too late.
Their life indeed may depend upon it. The families of the dead now wish that their family member
had ignored the political b.s. and simply got vaccinated.

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Comments (76)

To Jab or Not to Jab - That is the Question.

According to recent News Reports -
Folks have made up their minds and are unlikely to change.

Change of Mind isn't an Option for the Jabbed - Kinda Obvious.

Among the UNJabbed ...
80% are likely to Remain Unjabbed ...
35% Probably won't get jabbed
45% Say they will NOT get jabbed.

16% Are still Hesitant, but Might get jabbed, and ...
3% Are planning to Get jabbed.

As noted in the OP -
Covid's spreading like Prairie Fire - "The Pandemic Of The Unjabbed"
Again - Kinda Obvious, as the Object of GETTING jabbed is to Avoid The Disease.

Again, from the News -
The Delta Variant now accounts for 80%+ of New Cases across the U.S. -
In some locales it's 'bout 90%.
The Delta Variant appears to have a Significantly Lower Mortality Rate.

Long story Short -
The Highly Contagious Delta Variant will Easily spread through the Unjabbed.
Some will Die, Others will Survive with antibodies - Get "Vaxed" the Ol' Fashioned Natural Way, one might say .. By Getting the Disease.
Or think of the Delta Variant as Batting Cleanup for the Vax Team.

Whatever ...How Ever one thinks 'bout it -
When the number of Jabbed + the number of Naturally Vaxed reaches a certain portion of the population, the Human Herd will've Achieved Immunity, and the Pandemic will End cheering ... In the manner EVERY Pandemic Has ended since there've been People & Pandemics - And Lonnnng before Vaccines or mRNA Technology.

It only appears that way, because the vaccinated are mostly immune.
The mortality rate of the unvaccinated may actually be higher for (at least) the Delta newer variant
(if not others) because of the easier spread into an unvaccinated population.

Right, but the PROGRESS is the vaccines, especially the protection they provide, so that those who partake do not have to become a death statistic of the pandemic.
Smart people that are Vaxxed are more qualified to take another booster shot. Vaxx plus status helping with the herd immunity cult.
Folks do Their due diligence, arrive Their conclusions & Make THEIR Decisions.

In the Broader View ...
At Some point a Helluva Lotta us are Gonna Die-Off -
Either from a Spanish Flu-Class REAL Pandemic, something Else or some Combo.

"Too Many People, Consuming Too Much, Too Fast." ...

M - I think you mean, Folks SHOULD do their due diligence. It seems that many don't, or have no clue as to how to do their due diligence, or perhaps even what that means.
"Qualified" in what way ? More willing ?

I think all the new shots, whether booster or first, should include antigens (or mRNA coding for the antigens) against all known variants.
I thought the vaccine was an emergency use and not fully approved. 9/11 killed many and we were at war with-in months. Sounds like the invisible enemy is supercharged and deadly. Fauci owns this bug and let it spread throughout the world. rolling on the floor laughing

Gain of Function
But there’s a lot of variables in there that we don’t have true factual knowledge of. And this virus has shown to basically disprove a lot of the modeling that we’ve seen in the past, how it replicates so rapidly, how it can mutate. So
It's not unusual for viruses to behave similarly. It's what they do.
Millions of deaths fits the bill for an emergency.
There was urgent need for the vaccines and there still is.
The lack of substantial occurrence of severe side effects will hasten full approval in the next few months.
Hey, Jimbo,

I realise that you do not like to admit that this thing is man-made; because you are losing that argument; and it dents your Ego; But there is this:

QED, jim, QED..............
Well, it arrived here on a lot more planes, boats, trains & cars and killed a lot more people in 1.5 years.
L - I've responded to this article in the past.

From it;

They do not have evidence that it was man made. They offer a theory of how it COULD have been man made.

However, a more recent publication shows that it was a single mutation (now coding for alanine, rather than threonine), not an insertion, that allowed the spike protein to better attach to a human receptor. This rules out the "could have" and shows what DID happen.

Please do not waste more of my time posting this article a THIRD time.
I give up with you jimbo......................yawn yawn yawn
While there could be a tiny bit of truth in that, it is less likely in the way most people would expect.
After vaccination, people could still get the virus.
But, their now supercharged immune system kills infected cells.
So, it doesn't really spread that way.
But, lets say they become less cautious in group settings, with more shaking hands and other forms
of human contact with more than one person. They could become super spreaders to unvaccinated people in that way.
This is even more a reason to get the vaccine, if you haven't been vaccinated, especially if you
are also against masks and social distancing, and/or contact others.
I accept your resignation. handshake
Go Figure, jimbo, Go Figure....

Why get Vaccinated its short term and killing people also.

trust this Doctor I do...

in israel they did 21 days between doses wheras uk did 12 weeks. There is strong evidence that a longer gap between doses offers greater protection...

Also, Jimbo (I might add), where is your Evidence, for the Zoonotic Leap Theory? You seem to be convinced that this is the case; however, you cannot provide, any (remotely scientific level of) evidence. Let me know, when you find, and catch, that missing pangolin....rolling on the floor laughing
This article was written by two experts not some redneck trying to look intelligent and failing miserably.

You can read the whole thing here:
@lcbr (you might add - but it adds no weight) as a punter you know what odds are - they are not certainty and they are not proof. I still see scientists claiming probability is heavily in favour of zoonosis - but I am sure you will agree you are biased in favour of the human intervention explanation. Neither assertion has 'proof'
Oct. 2020 -
50% of Murkuns express hesitancy to get an untested jab (not much Change).

Veep Candidate Kamaleon encouraged Hesitancy to take a jab pushed by a Politician

Mr Love why are you picking on my Jim?
My Jim?
You are further aggravating the already boiling situation wink
Jim is always right as fra as I can see laugh
Yes but he stretches it too long fueling the poor mourning souls rolling on the floor laughing
I disagree laugh

Jim for President applause laugh
They will call it a bad joke but I for one, endorse it wink
We can hope that he shall win with a thumping majority.
So who do you think he will pick for VP? She would be a female, that's obvious. rolling on the floor laughing
Jim will pick me silly shimmy

But would you stay in the fray when his rival RoseHipster fields Miclee against you. wink
Leave Mic to me shimmy laugh
Ok in that case, congrats! That's a win-win situation laugh
Now it is high time, inspired by your success, I can manage things in India applause
Jim will look after India he's nice like that shimmy
Despite jokes to the contrary, I have absolutely no political aspirations. scold
The closest I ever came to politics, is for one year I was president of a mens baseball league.
I inherited a dwindling 5 team league and through advertising and contacting teams in other leagues, I increased the size of the league to 27 teams throughout NJ.
I also made it so the league became non-profit and that any by law changes had to be won by majority vote with all teams getting one vote. The president would have no vote, except as a tie breaker. Previously, it was run as a dictatorship, which is why I ran. Despite just about everyone wanting me to be president the next year, I chose to resign with the message that all coaches should be president for one year to spread the work around and to encourage new ideas. That, and I wanted to spend more time with the gal I was living with at the time.
Well I was hoping to dress up with bells on me toes Jim
I encourage you to dress however you like.
The bells should make you easier to find. thumbs up
The saying goes "you can't hear at the ear, you feel at the behind."

The people (fox New) and some on CS spread conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE. Those folks all have been vaccinated. frustrated
They get more people to tune in and stay tuned in with sensational b.s.
Eyeball counts bring in advertising $$$.
They care a lot more about $$$ than honesty, or the lives of the viewers. thumbs down
An accurate assessment of U.S. Media Outlets ...
Treat viewers like Mushrooms - Keep 'em in the Dark & feed 'em Horse Shit ... very mad


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