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A small rant

Oh boy, these rant blogs are rare, but they do happen.. So what has sparked my ire today? What made this otherwise calm guy go "argh this annoys me SO much"..? Well.. It's calling things the wrong thing.. Case in point: There was an article on a website today that read "Muscle car impounded". Now, seeing that these types of cars are rare here, I was interested. And also because I love cars.. Anyway..

They recently passed a new law here, that deals with drivers and the reckless driving that some, note: SOME, drivers do. The law states the following: "Reckless driving will result in impounding of the car". Let's say a person drives his/her car in a manner that can cause serious harm and/or death, or if the car is speeding above 100% of the posted speed limit, the car gets impounded. No exceptions. That includes street racing, DUIs and driving at speeds of 200 kmh or over. I hope that makes sense. Anyway!

There was a street race, where a muscle car was involved. Well, according to the media, the car was a muscle car.. Side note: I propose a new rule: Before someone posts an article, they should get the facts right. Anyway, back to the topic of the rant..

The car in question was a Ford Mustang GT. The driver was doing 123 kmh in a 60 kmh zone. In USA numbers, that's 76 mph in a 37 mph zone. As the driver crossed the speed limit by 100%, the car was impounded. The law is a good one, and one that's needed. It's not what this blog is about. Neither is it the street race, since I have attended a few of those in my time..

No, it's the fact that they call a Ford Mustang GT a muscle car.. It's NOT A MUSCLE CAR! It's a pony car. Big difference! The term pony car is used to refer to sporty compact cars that are usually fitted with a small-block V8 engine or sometimes even a V6 engine. Muscle cars, on the other hand, are more muscular and bigger than pony cars. They usually have a big-block V8 under their hood. Why did the media label the Mustang GT as a muscle car? Well, it's because it was a V8 with 300 horsepower. That's definitely not muscle car territory. It can become a muscle car, if it's fitted with suitable high performance parts.

It might be a small thing to complain about, but it REALLY grinds my gears when people mislabel stuff or get stuff wrong. Well, depending on how wrong the thing is. If someone says I'm a handsome devil, I let it slide because I know they're wrong. But when people WRONGFULLY claim that vikings had horned helmets, the Danish in me goes "Now just hang on a minute, mister! You're wrong! Vikings never had horned helmets, despite what other people are telling you". The only reason vikings wears helmets on some tv shows and in some media, is because costume designer Carl Emil Doepler included horned helmets in his costume designs for the 1876 performance of Wagner's classic Norse saga, Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Again: VIKINGS. DID. NOT. WEAR. HORNED. HELMETS, and I would appreciate it if people got that into their heads..

Rant over.. Now back to watching olympics hightlights!

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Was it the driver of the muscle car who wore a horned helmet, then...? dunno
The Vikings had backward mullets didn't they Phil, they had their mullet in the front..

I think our laws for speeding is about the same, if you get caught doing twice the speed limit your car gets impounded and instant loss of your license..
I got news for you. My neighbor recently bought a brand new Mustang, and believe it or not, it has a turbo 4 cylinder. A 4 ?!?! Yes. The weirdest aspect, is this guy races cars, not that one though.
Back in '75 a local guy had a standard Ford Escort, standard in every way, looked like a farmers car. But he had a Lotus engine fitted. Nobody could beat him off the lights. Cops were left scratching their heads because they had souped up VX490's.
Hey Philipson what happened moving in with all those gamers about 6 guys what did I miss here?
Muscle car, what a laugh.
Only thing lamer than the idea
Of a big strong engine is people
Writing stories about such
Have a look at yourself and when you
Leave this place you bring nothing with you..
Everyone here is laughing about what
You post. People trying to be friendly
Are not your friends. Pity is
What it is. Get a job, get a flat, get a woman, play heavy metal, write a screenplay, fill your boots, yawn

Could you please post a picture, as to how Viking headgear, DID look? For ALL our sakes. We are on the "Horns of a dilemma" here..
Embedded image from another site
Rant away man. You actually say more than most. You give a break down on your life whether it be with your girlfriend/not girlfriend or whatever.

I'm not interested in games myself but you set the tone. You're a decent man.

You talk about jobs, travelling, ambitions, flatmates etc.....keep it up mate thumbs up
BTW, I reckon the Holden Statesman was the best, Valliant Charger second with the Valliant Pacer a close third thumbs up
Outrageous ! Vikings did not wear horned helmets, this is true. They did rape & pillage the innocent, but not wearing horned helmets.

Let's stop giving horned helmets a bad name.
Maybe they only had little horns?......................rolling on the floor laughing
Nah thats bullshit, I reckon the Vikings wore horned hats. Same as Hagar the Horrible.

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