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People Pushing for Forced COVID Measures on Kids Are Fighting Against the Science

Put this killer jab in kids is downright evil. But let's talk about the science for a moment.
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(a) research team reviewed about 48,000 cases of children under 18 reported to have COVID between April and August of last year. “Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia...”

Got that?

48,000 infections.

ZERO deaths.

Why inject kids with what has been killing and maiming unprecedented numbers so injected?
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VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government

V-Safe Has More Vaccine Adverse Reaction Data Than VAERS but CDC Keeps It Absolutely Secret. Why?

(A) CDC whistleblower claims the actual post-vaccine death estimates from the CDC are around 45,000. This bit of information dominated conversations regarding the lawsuit, but there was an important gem also described that needs as much attention, if not more.

According to the lawsuit, the V-Safe database has much more data about vaccine adverse reactions than VAERS. It’s a mobile app that allows the tens of millions of vaxxed in America to easily report adverse reactions. As their website notes, “Use your smartphone to tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You’ll also get reminders if you need a second vaccine dose.”

With VAERS data, one must proactively find the database and fill out a long questionnaire for their information to be registered. This is one of the reasons experts estimate between 1%-10% sampling; in other words, whatever the number of reactions are reported on VAERS should be multiplied by 10-100 in order to get a more accurate picture.

V-Safe is the opposite. Instead of making it difficult to report, it makes it very easy. Instead of being challenging to find (doctors have been told not to refer their patients to VAERS if they have a reaction), it is proactive and actually sends push notifications to the vaccinated to inquire about their conditions. The CDC has built a vast repository of data that is smartphone-confirmed, meaning nobody’s sitting in their basement with a VPN making false reports. This is the most accurate recording of information about the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

And it’s locked away with cybersecurity protocols that would make the NSA sweat. Why?

The Nuremburg Code demands full medical disclosure of risks. No secret or forced medical experimentation.

But government is hiding the risks and, of course, that means there is no full disclosure.

And that’s the key — parents ought to be the ones deciding whether or not their children will get vaccinated, not the government or any other parties that want to get involved. It’s up to the parents to evaluate the risks and benefits, and then decide what they want to do.

And the truth of the matter, as Makary’s research appears to show, is that for most children — not all, of course — COVID poses a much less serious risk.

Comments (78)

It's a choice . Always has been ,always will be. No-one is being forced against their will. The operative word in the UK is "offered"


Really now?

Covid vaccine certificates to be compulsory for crowded venues in England

That took about .035 seconds search to prove that to be false.

Why not stick to cooking?
Is there a chance Tiger-mooth can do both cooking and blogging at once?
Asking for a friend.

christmas cool
Oh dear Bo can you ever respond to any comment without your usual bluster and rudeness. doh

Your opening post refers to children hence my response, and just because it states a certificate of vaccine is necessary for entry to open venues in future, it doesn't state you are forced to get a vaccine, it merely means you will not have the right to attend in order to protect others who have.

Stop with the campaign across the World and sort your own country out first.

P.S. We've had lunch ,he cooked me ribeye steak. It's wonderful having someone to share things with. heart wings
@ Grand

You have to feel sorry sometimes for a sad old batchelor

I'll be absent for a while as we are house hunting for a couple of days. Will miss your charm as always.hug
Ya know, Oz,

The scary thing may be that Moth might be as bad as cooking as she is at logic.

Perish the thought.

Moth, my dear,

Not everything is a personal attack. Like a former Navy Chief used to say, in his grizzled, take-no-prisoners voice: "suck it up Buttercup."

Have you learned *nothing* about how government / media / Big Pharma have been operating since March of 2020?

Well, for you, that's a rhetorical question because obviously you haven't (okay, that's a little zinger there).

"15 days lockdown to slow the spread..." turned into 30 days, then 3 months, turned into six months, always incrementally getting worse.

Boil that frog.

Have you ever heard that expression in Lincolnshire?

What's that? You actually boil frogs????

I s'pose you'll be missing my charm too, right, dearie?
@Tiger ,gdluk get a large enough garage for your bf to do some motorcycle restauration or model airplane balsa etc hehe, let us see what you found later on hug

@Bohemond, are you sure you are not still in the 10th century? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
ON TOPIC: I agree do not jab the youngsters. Is my view.
My friend Philip and his doctor wife decides to not jab their 3kids rather
have covid is the attitude there (regarding their kids).

fascinating, a virus that has never been isolated yet,``they know `` its lethal,so dangerous that its mortality is untestable, unprovable ,resilient to temperature ,its ``lethal `` in Canada, Russia ,South Africa ,Brazil ,Iran, Australia ...a natural virus has not such properties and when it mutates, it weakens delutes if its not a natural virus, perhaps its man-made, as a biochemical weapon ,yet,we dont have units who chase the creators and distributors of this biochemical form of terrorism but we have lockdowns and experimental drugs that are pushed through as ``vaccines`` ,and we have people who still believe that face masks will protect them...and above all, they blame people, like me, who stand for freedom of choice-
We cant cross the border,in many professions its been pushed through as obligatory and a announcement that kids wont be able to attend school without vaccination
-Nazism at its finest -
@ Bo

What charm? Who on earth calls a woman dearie in this day and agelaugh

I'm not from Lincolnshire, just passing time with a work programme .We are from the South and heading back that way in the next few months.

By the way I'm fantastic in the kitchen and not just with the cooking either.lips
@ Grand,

Land is more important for horses ,so no time for garage hobbies. He can leave that until he retires.

Catch you in a few days kiss
Nobody is "forcing" anybody but...
Somebody can take everybody's privileges and pleasures away in the blink of an eye!

This is called "threat" or "emotional blackmail" my book.

Macron has just done that before escaping to his holiday resort.
From next sunday, August 1st...nobody will be able to enter any public building or transport without their certificate of vaccination.

Some might say: "they deserve it!" they really?

Soon will come another revolution.
Hey Oz, don't knock the 10th century.

They at least put up a good fight against invading Saracen and Turkomen.

Many a brave knight took up the cross, drew steel and charged into battle with the cry, "Deus Vult!" on his lips.


Not so much.


Please don't just add more excellent info to your one blog, but rather, post new ones in small bites.

So many are missing what you post.
That's right Dedo.
And we need to log in to read your blog.grin

seems as a good idea
I know Bo. King Sigurd of Norway went all the way through Gibraltar to Jerusalem while his brother stayed home to rule Norway from Trondheim.

"In 1107, Sigurd led the Norwegian Crusade to support the newly established Kingdom of Jerusalem which had been founded after the First Crusade. He was the first European king to lead a crusade, and his feats earned him the nickname Jorsalafari. Sigurd possessed a total force of about 5000 men in about 60 ships, as recorded by the sagas. Upon arriving in the Holy Land he was greeted by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem. "

Embedded image from another site

Return to Norway
Before leaving Constantinople, Sigurd gave all of his ships and many treasures away to Emperor Alexios. In return the emperor gave him many strong horses, for him and his fellow kinsmen. Sigurd planned to return to Norway over land, but many of his men stayed behind in Constantinople, to take up service for the emperor as part of his Varangian Guard. The trip took three years and he visited many countries en route

i`ve no idea why
maybe the Mods have classified it as a blog with disturbing contents
Oz, yes indeed!

Did you guess from my chosen user-name that I had an interest in that period?

War history is both stirring and tragic. You find great feats of daring, bravery, endurance, treachery, cowardice and inhumanity.

Not the bland metro-riding reality most of us live in.

Of course, while wartime is intense, the Chinese have a curse: "may you live in interesting times."
I'm afraid they do deserve it Dan yes. They don't have the right to put other people at risk because of their own bad judgement.
Yes's all classified information (X files) and only members have access.

You should be happy that your blog has become a top secret file.thumbs up applause
Hey Snowy...
What happened to the nice sweet guy I used to know?

Is he experiencing some side effects from the jabs?wow

you have it exactly backwards. and you are too stupid to realize that.

That is why I post what I do, to let you know what information is out there showing -- by the warnings of those who actually know -- that this is not a vaccine and it doesn't make you immune. It makes YOU a spreader, not of Covid now, but of Covid, plus whatever is transmitting those spike proteins that are maiming and killing people.

I don't usually call people stupid. Everyone is ignorant (simply not knowing about this or that) until they are informed or inform themselves. It's the process of *learning.*

*Stupidity* is the aggressive refusal to learn. To grasp tightly onto ones' ignorance and shout down others who are willing to share the knowledge.

It's a very special, damaging, kind of stupidity, alas.
Some men like it in the kitchen. wink


Just about everywhere, as a matter of fact, but through experience, in a mosquito-infested outdoors area... not.
No I didn't actually until someone recently posted about Bohemond who also was in Constantinopel it seems.
I thought you were of norwegian decent and your name could be Hemund/Hamund was my initial guess :)

I am also interested in the viking era, very much so! Read those iclandic sagas Bo?
That is a fun topic we can get more back to here at blogs!

cheers cheers
Well Bo, I wouldn't vote for someone who thinks I'm an idiot......

He's buried deep inside of me and may come out again once the pandemic is over! Unfortunately this is a matter of life and death, it's that serious, no room for messing around.

Hope you are keeping well anyway.....wave
Beau... glad I made you laugh.
I thought I'd bring a bit of humour.dancing

Yes, I have read the Elder Eddas and much of Norse mythology.

I am part Norwegian, German, Anglo-Saxon, so I would have fit right into the ranks of Bravehearts' army, King Harold's, Prinz Eugen's at Beograd, King Richard's longships as they arrived at the nick of time, as well as the Rohirrim. And, if we believe in recycling-until-we-get-it-right, probably was.

Maybe you too.

So Bo, you think you know better than the greatest minds in medical science in the world? You are a gullible know-nothing who trawls the net until he finds some maverick medic who says what he wants to hear.
You don't have the judgement necessary to understand the issue, you don't even know the difference between s*xual orientation and gender identity but that doesn't stop you pontificating about gay rights issues.
Snowy..I'm sorry to hear that. Really am!

Only when you're accusing all those idiots for....etc etc. .
I'm also included in that category of the non-...(for personal reasons).

As for the "pandemic" your lifetime you mean?dunno

Keep safe x
Actually, I *post* what the greatest medical minds have been saying.

Again, you have it exactly backwards. Fauci is no doctor. He's a bureaucrat, a traitor and will ultimately be responsible for the loss of millions of lives.

Wake up.
I read mostly the stuff written by Snorre Sturlasson around 1280.
I'm a saga guy, but if I present stories about Njål, Skarphedin, Gunnar and king Olav Trygvasson 995-1000
then you can tell me about King Richard Lionheart and the knights and Kings of Europe.

Vaccinating kids against covid would almost certainly be pointless. Shameful even. They should be given to the needy.

Absolutely. There is a very good book, THE CRUSADES, which is a consolidated reprinting of two books, MEN OF IRON and THE FLAME OF ISLAM, dramatizing historic events in a sort of you-are-there depiction.

Best read to Enigma MCMXC.
A great movie to check out.

The trailer

A 'traitor' less.

No further comment should be necessary after this. You are just like the guys who invaded capital hill, violent, intolerant and stupid. A danger to your country (which is ironic given that you call yourself a patriot).

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