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People Pushing for Forced COVID Measures on Kids Are Fighting Against the Science

Put this killer jab in kids is downright evil. But let's talk about the science for a moment.
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(a) research team reviewed about 48,000 cases of children under 18 reported to have COVID between April and August of last year. “Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia...”

Got that?

48,000 infections.

ZERO deaths.

Why inject kids with what has been killing and maiming unprecedented numbers so injected?
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VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government

V-Safe Has More Vaccine Adverse Reaction Data Than VAERS but CDC Keeps It Absolutely Secret. Why?

(A) CDC whistleblower claims the actual post-vaccine death estimates from the CDC are around 45,000. This bit of information dominated conversations regarding the lawsuit, but there was an important gem also described that needs as much attention, if not more.

According to the lawsuit, the V-Safe database has much more data about vaccine adverse reactions than VAERS. It’s a mobile app that allows the tens of millions of vaxxed in America to easily report adverse reactions. As their website notes, “Use your smartphone to tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You’ll also get reminders if you need a second vaccine dose.”

With VAERS data, one must proactively find the database and fill out a long questionnaire for their information to be registered. This is one of the reasons experts estimate between 1%-10% sampling; in other words, whatever the number of reactions are reported on VAERS should be multiplied by 10-100 in order to get a more accurate picture.

V-Safe is the opposite. Instead of making it difficult to report, it makes it very easy. Instead of being challenging to find (doctors have been told not to refer their patients to VAERS if they have a reaction), it is proactive and actually sends push notifications to the vaccinated to inquire about their conditions. The CDC has built a vast repository of data that is smartphone-confirmed, meaning nobody’s sitting in their basement with a VPN making false reports. This is the most accurate recording of information about the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

And it’s locked away with cybersecurity protocols that would make the NSA sweat. Why?

The Nuremburg Code demands full medical disclosure of risks. No secret or forced medical experimentation.

But government is hiding the risks and, of course, that means there is no full disclosure.

And that’s the key — parents ought to be the ones deciding whether or not their children will get vaccinated, not the government or any other parties that want to get involved. It’s up to the parents to evaluate the risks and benefits, and then decide what they want to do.

And the truth of the matter, as Makary’s research appears to show, is that for most children — not all, of course — COVID poses a much less serious risk.

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i am so over this bs. i'm glad i don't have young children
Sonny you are going off the Deep End now!
You really need to lay off that MSM-Diet a bit!
You are coming across as unhinged as the ones you accuse of being unhinged!
@sno / bri_nylon / bnaughty / car54,

yes, and you showed your hand again. None of the OP, nor any of the OPs have had anything to do with s*xual deviancy. That's your thing, and your problem.

Speaking of Fauci and his crowd, he funded the Red Chinese gain of function research, against orders, and now people are dead because his Frankenstein virus escaped or was released, from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

When you aid and abet your nation's worst enemy, and friendlies die as a result of that assistance, yeah, that's treason.

And sniveling Leftists have been taking the side of the enemy since Lenin starved his first Kulak.

You have an instinct for Wrong. Wrong country. Wrong side. Wrong hole.

I have great respect for the Templars, at least in their early days. Had I taken the Cross in their day, I would have been confident with them guarding my flank. But I could not be a knight of their Order.

That vow of chastity would have been a deal killer for me. A comely wench, now and again, is necessary for the soul's good maintenance.

The director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said he wanted to make a "prototype" vaccine for the next pandemic.

His plan, according to The New York Times, will cost "several billion dollars a year, it will take five years for the first result and the engagement of a large cadre of scientists."

And people actually believe this? are you fooking kidding me...doh
Fauci needs to be arrested
Listen here sonny jim and listen well....You know you are only allowed use the ROLF emoticon anymore, you can't use words....
Yes, Dedo, Fauci et al, were patenting lung-attacking engineered viruses as early as 1999 and 2002. Both he and Gates have been joined at the hip, working on sterilizing "vaccines," along with vaccine "passports" long before Feb 2020.

Both you and I have been posting links on those issues, as have others, but the Lemmings swear by the Ministry of Truth and their conditioning has them in total thrall.

"I love Big Brother" was intended as a warning, not a way of living.
You like to mention the 20th. centuries great butchers all the time, Lenin, Stalin and Mao and so on but it is possible to be a left winger without wanting to kill off a large portion of your population. There are plenty of intelligent left wingers out there, though I walked away from the Left a long time ago myself.
Anyway in America the threat to democracy come from the far Right more than the far Left, notwithstanding the dangerous folk in the BLM and Antifa.
No Boh, it's your problem, you're the one who hates gay people not me..
sno, you are so full of it, you have brown eyes.

Danger? Antifa is who? BLM is who? Silicon Valley backs who? The FBI, CIA, DoJ lean which way? The Luegenpresse is of which political orientation?

There's an unholy cabal... and this goes for EU and Commonwealth countries, who have their versions of Biden and Harris, whereby the top tier of government, corporations and media are aligned against their own people.

Merkel, et al, are trashing their own nations, keeping their boots on the necks of the native born, while importing the worst overseas has to offer.

You just keep showing just how reversed your kundalini is with each post.
what do gay people have to do with this?
They have nothing to do with it directly. I'm just letting people know what kind of person Boh is, he hates anyone who doesn't go along with his view on life. He even quoted with approval what a neo-nazi in Finland said recently. Make up your own mind but be aware of where he is coming from.
sno, / bnaughty / bri_nylon, what's suddenly good about homosexuality? It's been condemned for thousands of years by Taoists as "reverse rain," by Tantric Indians as "reverse kundalini," by ancient Hebrew as "abominations," by Scripture as a "detestable sin," by Sharia, as a sin even animals would not commit.

It's led to a modern-day plague of HIV, and AIDS and Hepatitis, and untreatable STDs, leaving over 70 million, dead and dying, worldwide?

What makes this abomination good? Was God wrong? Was biology wrong?

This is way off-topic, but you seem fixated on men's backsides.

Tell us what has changed to reverse thousands of years of human morality, and 4 billion years of biology.
So sno / bri / Sybil, just how many personalities do you have? Each one is as vile and mendacious as the next, as they are all still you.

That's how Diassociative Identity Disorder works, and you have all the signs. Normal folks just need one name, one profile.

You need professional help. Don't worry. The NHS is there for you.
Sno, i've been here a long time. sometimes rest helps
@crypto. Funny but I was just thinking the same. Time for sleep
Sno, just ravish your idea of free wheeling f*ck. i do love a good f*ck
Sno, i am insulted by your admission to bunk
sno, let the mods check your IP and compare it to your other accounts. I would like that very much. I still have the screencap of cavalero boasting of his many profiles, both male and female.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it. In this carnation you have the same fixation as cavalero, and same as bnaughty and the same as bri_nylon.

Just as a reminder, this OP was against jabbing kids with what virologists and doctors are calling a bioweapon.

But like your other versions before you, you are making the conversation all about Ghey.

Now that's a fixation, and a diversion from the OP.

Stop it.

Start your own OP if you want to talk about that.
So Bohs, have you been deleting posts that you don't agree with?

Remember what I said by the way and don't make me do something I've never done and report you.
Fauci is as mad as a cut snake, and Bo Bo loves drag queens...rolling on the floor laughing
Embedded image from another site
Embedded image from another site
sno / lcbr /bri_nylon / bnaughty

I can see you brought two of your personalities to my blog, along with your fixation on s*xual deviancy.

Please do report, but I wonder what you have to report? Seems your IP on multiple accounts won't stand you in good stead. I'll leave your last entries up long enough for my response to make sense.

You reacted the same way under the username cavalero, and then again as bnaughty, and then you came back posting as bri_nylon. Same junk. Same guy, Different handle.

Not only are your posts off topic, they stink up the place. This is about faux-vax and the damage it causes, not your favorite activities.

Seek professional help.
#9 I think some here concur that other bloggers are not considered of human value, as non-vaccinated or their relatives and offspring.
They may "rescue" their pets though.
Yes, Dedo,

for those who remember the lessons of history, the warning signs are there.
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Check out the "hero" in the URL.
* The vaccine companies own the cancer industry.*
Dedovix hug thumbs up
Red biotechnology is the use of biotechnology in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and health preservation.This branch involves the production of vaccines and antibiotics, regenerative therapies, creation of artificial organs and new diagnostics of diseases.As well as the development of hormones, stem cells, antibodies, siRNA and diagnostic tests.
Mask off / the Future*
..your silent face / new order
Welcome to the machine / p Floyd

* The future will have NO debates. No churches.
No daze at the beach.
The $upremes have ruled...Once the DNA / RNA
..are ch changed...the subject has NO standing in law...
...[ And those of us who remember IKE, JFK, LBJ...
And the tricky duck...saw it the Prisoner...Man from UNCLE...and Outer Limits et al.]
D A N G E R !
No Bob, it will not go that bad. At least not in France.

Viva la republic.
On a sidenote the annual aviation show and fly-in has begun, and runs until August 1st.
I live under the flight routes.As above...

As well as the CrossFit Olympics.
*Remember when persons said the covid tests were showing up false positives, they still are.(news).

That's the attitude ..mate..

eYe will take charge of my post and
ALL government property in view.- usmc gen.ord.1
Be well all in body, mind and soul.
The Positives that count.hug
^^^ meant little on your own blog, even less here.dunno

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