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Thank you BB King

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Good on ya Jimbob but I'm not quite sure what your angle is regarding Dusty the "Bass player" but surely you of all people could have at least mentioned "Otis Redding" to qualm your white guilt.

Are you trying to say something without actually saying anything Jimbob?

uh oh
You read too much into too much.
I was never a ZZ Top fan. They are rock.
I'm into jazz & blues.
Fair enough Jimbob.

"I'm into jazz & blues"

I think you might want to reconsider your's a clue Jimmyjazz, now think hard with this reply.

Why do you think I posted "Otis Redding", it's not rocket science? Now tell me Jimmyjazz. What genre is Otis?

BTW Jimbob.

My ZZ Top comment was referring to another thread, not yours but regardless. You call the shots

Perhaps you should actually read comments instead of......well, you know, reading actual comments that obviousely are in 'tune'.

No worries bro. You're a victim of circumstance.


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