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Reichstag Fire, 1933 - Covid, 2020: Have We Learned Nothing?

In 1933, the National Socialists had won the largest slice of voting blocs in a heavily splintered election. But Weimar was still a Republic. The burning of the Reichstag building, the then-Germany's legislature, was the emergency the National Socialists seized upon to declare a National Emergency and the last vestiges of Free Germany were swept away.

Hitler urged President Paul von Hindenburg to issue an emergency decree to suspend civil liberties and pursue a "ruthless confrontation" with the Communist Party of Germany. After the decree was issued, the government instituted mass arrests of communists, including all of the Communist Party's parliamentary delegates. With their bitter rival communists gone and their seats empty, the Nazi Party went from having a plurality to a majority, thus enabling Hitler to consolidate his power.

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Fast Forward to February 2020

Well, interestingly enough the WEF and the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation described exactly how they planned to do it during a “simulation” they held in October of 2019 called “Event 201”. During the event, they imagined a massive coronavirus pandemic, spread supposedly from animals to humans, which would facilitate the need for pervasive restrictions on individual liberties, national economies as well as the internet and social media. I’m sure it’s all a coincidence, but the exact same scenario the globalists at the WEF played out during Event 201 happened in the real world only two months later.

In any case, the pandemic itself has been a boon for the globalists. We have not seen a far reaching government power and corporate power grab since the rise of the National Socialists in Europe and the spread of communism in Russia and China almost a century ago. In fact, I would say that what humanity as a whole is facing today is much worse than what those wretched empires ever could have produced.
– Why the relentless government push for total vaccine saturation? It’s not saving lives, and the mandates remain regardless, so why?

I can only posit theories based on the evidence at hand, but I think it’s clear to most of us that the vaccines are NOT about public health nor are they about saving lives. They are obviously about something else…

Covid isn't new. The Vaccine isn't new. Fauci / NIH / CDC were patenting these in 1999 and 2002. Spike protein vaccine sought patent by Pfizer in 2000.

Dr. David Martin: There's no "Delta" Variant - "Novel" Coronavirus COVID-19 Patented 2 Decades Ago

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I'm glad he is now consulting Webster...there is hope for him yet.

I'll be in my treehouse this weekend...
Eagerly awaiting the next break thru from
Lord Copy paste..

Wing Command..
..eYe will quit my post only when properly relieved.
....u s m c. 05.
C'mon fellas, this is a PG-13 rated blog. Keep it above the waistline, how bout it?

And, Uncle Fester, that was kinda stinky, even for you.

Try again.

Adult, this time.


The unofficial USMC General Orders

"I will walk my post from flank to flank and take no sh!t from any rank."

One troop took that Order seriously.

He was detailed to defend a fuel depot, and at that particular post, along with a couple others (armories, ammo dumps, etc...) Lethal Force was authorized and live ammo issued.

Our First Shirt (First Sergeant, they don't make them much more senior than that, out in the Fleet), thought it would be nifty to poke around the area and then not strictly respond to Challenge and Password.

He heard my buddies bolt slam home of a live round getting chambered.

The First Shirt reconsidered his actions.
Though I was an Army - man...
eYe cross trained with Marines @ Ft. Lee VA
...I later found the complete manifest of the Marine general orders one day at the library... essentially, I have them memorized...

I will walk my post in a military manner , observing everything...) And eYe just had a Biden moment.) That's No. 2...and I seem to have lost it...

8...I will sound the alarm in the event of fire or disorder. ) Or a stupid blog from New Jersey...

UN Biden... observing everything taking place in sight or hearing.....hoo ah.
Wow AB, we're going back in time here. The advantage of being in a SpecOps unit was:

1) Cross-training with other high speed outfits; and,

2) Not too much BS duty, although everyone had to pull some sort of -watch.

One interesting thing was that each unit had their own look and feel. Army had it's own feel and conventions.

For instance, if you saw PLATOON, something seemed off. It didn't feel like any Army outfit I'd trained with (82nd, SF, 25th, Rangers), but it *did* feel like a straightleg Marine Grunt outfit.

Lo and behold, their technical advisor was Captain Dale Dye, USMC (ret.d) (ALIENS, STARSHIP TROOPERS)
The Devil's Chessboard : seven levels of CIA.
The BITCHUTE link on the SRA was astounding.
The infiltration globally means this pedo network
is fueled by so much blood and drugs most could
not fathom it.Is covid a part of it..I believe in some
level yes.Mass murders exist, the truth will be found.

mares eat oats and does eat outs and little lambs eat ivy
Full disclosure....Marines were on base and would sometimes eat in our mess hall...
..One day in Nov. 75...I walk in and there is a Marine in civvies-- who just 6 months previously was in my gym class at Amador Valley high in Pleasanton CA.

07 ...eYe will talk to no One except in the line of duty..

{ And will use my keyboard as a weapon of Mercy .)

Hoo-ah! (Army)

Oo-Rah! (Marines)

Hoo-yah! (U S Navy, if memory serves)

Whoosh (USAF)
ouf, you've gone too deep.
I hear that often from ladies.

(Sorry Orchid. That was just too good to ignore).

You're lost, evidenty. You should be on Grindr, or 'Meetup for Multipersonality Trolls.'

Let me help you out.

Which way did you come in?
Been spread ing my covert love around the room like a virus for which the Vax is unknown

Because there are known knowns
Unknown Unknowns
And 3 too many Dum Dum Rumsfelds in the collective.
The Queen has told me to systematically discomfit
Them...thus they shall know discomfiture.


Found another good one...
Ft. Leonard Wood Mo..basic 1967
..about 90 comments on the scroll..

Imagine being ..
A...drafted into LBJ 's army
B. Going to Ft. Wood , then AIT
C. Upon graduation your orders read...
D. Frankfurt Germany !
E. 2 year tour !!
F. Living large-- dodging fake bullets.
G. Drinking Lowenstein

Lucky Dawg, in many ways.

I would have loved being stationed in Germany. I was mistaken for a local many times when I finally got there. But they sent me to other places instead.

What was your MOS?
76 Delta.} Special purpose material supply.

Nothing to write home about. However, I will never forget the 1st Formation & the 1st lecture from the E 5 at Ft Lee...Oct.75...
..very to the point & matter of fact. You either pass this class with flying color-- or SAM and myself will turn you into 11 bravo, Ft. Benning before Christmas.
..And that was the one cool thing about 76 Delta...
..a lot of sharp cookies were in that unit.
Then there .was the food ! So unexpected...had been there maybe 3 E 5 tells me to go see the Lt. ..right in the middle of the afternoon-- weather absolutely gorgeous btw...I report to the Lt. as ordered. He says, at ease, have a seat...
Then; Private how do you like Victor company ?
It's outstanding, sir...
Then he goes, and the mess hall-- anything there that needs more attention ?
At that point my mind is..) Am I really in the U S Army ? Why is this Officer so friendly ? Common knowledge was we had the best or 2nd best chow on post { that's how I met the Marine from Hi-school
Anyhoo 76 D was a dream...on Thanksgiving day your 18 yr.old reporter QB'd his last game of tackle football... A ND we won. Did eYe mention our classes were Coed ?
One day a 4 star from the Pentagon shows up..
..every mess hall became 5 star michellin that day and into the weekend. Oliver Stone would have loved Ft. Lee circa Nov.1975.
P S..
True to his word...bout 6 guys were shipped to Ft. Benning for being slack & derelict.
eYes only..

Just tried to Private msg. You...
.. mail setting did not allow
Wanted you to know I would like a computer.
And the terms you suggested were agreeable.

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