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Hey Fay - Loved Your Blog On MiMi's Blog (UPDATED 8/13/'21)

Umm, Fay? Is A "CHATTING" Blog With Comments Disabled An Oxymoron Blog?


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wave MiMi & Art!

That's a TALL Kid you got there!!!

Thank you for your kind words, Fay bouquet

My son looked tall coz his momma is barely 5’3” grin

He’s just about 6’1”, I think confused

When we first arrived in the US two years ago, the immigration officer at the Denver airport jokingly told him to watch out for his momma in case his stepdad is being ‘naughty’ laugh
MIMi ...
WE all Know who's Really the Naughty One ... giggle

Whatever his height - He makes that uniform look Good!

MimiArt, I also enjoyed your blog and then the fabulous meal I had at my favorite Malaysian restaurant. Savored the wonderful scents and each and every bite! Your son is a very handsome young man.
Thanks, Mic. He’s proud to be in his uniform and I’m very proud of him. Hope he can contribute ( in any form ) to this country in the future, this country that has given so much to him and his momma.
Amalfia wave

Thank you! bouquet

Do you go to the Malaysian restaurant often? What are your favourite dishes? Do you have any Malaysian friends? Sorry if I sound like an IRS investigator laugh
MimiArt, I have two Malaysian friends who usually do the cooking. I don't have a favorite dish. I just eat what they cook and have loved everything. Before Covid-19, we would eat out once a month. To be honest I prefer my friends' cooking. Thank you!
Oh wow! Do they talk about Malaysia to you when you meet? Are they Chinese? Indian or Malay? I’m just being nosy, that’s all rolling on the floor laughing

I would love to cook for you too if we were to live nearby! I know my cooking is nothing to shout about but ……

Embedded image from another site
One is Chinese, and one is Malay They often talk about Malaysia - especially during winter months! They've been in Canada for about ten years each and don't like winter. Although we taught them to ice skate (they love it) and we often go tobogganing (they really love that!).

I'm sure I'd love your cooking. Food prepared with pride and love is always the best!
Well Said, MiMi cheers

I'm Sure he'll make you (even More) Proud ... smile

daydream Wife claimed that food prepared by Someone Else was the Very Best ... laugh

Mic, your wife was smart! applause laugh
Amalfia, I just realized something. The red t-shirt my son was wearing in the pic is of the Toronto Raptors! He’s a fan of them for many years now and at one time his favorite player was DeMar DeRozan no.10. Art was aware of it and he bought my son that very t-shirt when he came to visit me in Malaysia the very first time in 2017.

Embedded image from another site

That’s the Chinese character of Toronto on the t-shirt. It’s pronounced as ‘Tor-Lon-Tor’ in Cantonese grin

Ok, one more thing and then I bother you no more laugh The next time you see your friends, ask them if they know a fellow Malaysian by the name Christine Leong. I can bet my last dollar they ( at least one of them ) probably do conversing

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! bouquet
Got That Right cheers

Strong Smart Women are a Major Turn On ... smitten

Art's a smart guy applause laugh

Moving on to the Foodie aspect ...
Getting the National Guard to pick up some of the bill for what I imagine is a Very Healthy Young Appetite was, well ... SMART! ... applause laugh

A blog, about a blog commenting on a comment disallowed blog

Fascinating, is it Not?

Well played Mic!

I totally forgot I wrote that Blog until I saw your title.

I finally ate a couple of tiny San Marzano tomatoes from my pitiful looking plant that is growing way to fricken tall for me to reach. I did plant a couple of plants elsewhere, they are smaller and seem to be doing well.

Strong smart woman you like? kiss
I LIKE hug ... grin

Luvvin' on our li'l Italian Bambinos smitten

Rank plant growth & small fruit May indicate too much Nitrogen in the ground.
Fairly Easy to correct ... smile

I read a review of San Marzanos - Kinda paradoxical ...
For Cooking - Flavor & Low Acidity, Tops ... Second to NONE.
Used Fresh - Not so good ... Described as "Forgettable".

Cooking apparently REALLY Brings out the Great FLAVOR.

For all-'round FRESH use - Romas are Tough to Beat ...
Sliced lengthwise - Love 'em on sandwiches ... burger
Cut crosswise - Great in salads.

Best of All worlds - Grow 'em Both!

Check THIS Out ...

Go NUTS on Italian ... love

I'm done trying to grow vegetables - too expensive for my inexperience. Sweeter, quicker to go buy and the enjoy cooking instead of growing. Wish I could find a farmer to date.
daydream Back in the day ... My Dad had a place with 'bout 1/3 acre ... I Grew stuff, Wife cooked it ... We ALL Ate ... grin

Hey Fay!
We're planning an IMMUNITY Par-Tay ...

You & MiMi are down for the Food ... pizza burger popcorn

UPDATED 8/13/21 || MiMiArt Blog ...

daydream Wife's annual comment on our Anniversaries, "How long have I put up with you, now???" ... devil

She was Joking, of course! ... rolling on the floor laughing

uh oh

I'm loving MiMi's polka dot dress and the way Art looks at her in that latest photo.

Clearly Mimi can do no wrong in Art's eyes and Mimi takes full advantage. laugh
I don't have any Maylay friends except Mimi so I don't have any food experience, phoey.

However my authentic Chinese daughter has exposed me to a world of new foods and I'm loving them all. She is disappointed in my son though because he won't eat a lot of new stuff, the little turd won't even try it. The only thing I haven Not been able to stomach is the fish eye. My grandson loves it and bless his heart he always offers it to me first. Maybe if I had a couple of Martini's first I would have the guts to try it.
Well I just read another one of Mimi's blogs and I must vote her as one of my favorite bloggers here, I enjoy her blogs so much. I even giggle at getting a tad annoyed that I can't tell her so because I am disabled to.


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