the Festival of Lanterns

The Festival of Lanterns is Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on the fifteenth day in lunar new year in China. It also has a meaning of family reunion so that family or friends can get together to make dumplings or Tangyuans to eat. Also, they have a good time, talking and laughing.

On the fifteenth day in lunar new year, I walked along the street with some good friends at night,just wanted to have a get-together with each other after the winter holiday.

Looked up into the blue-black sky, we could see there was a full moon out there, so bright and beautiful that we all loved to admire it. It was a little hot tonight and the street was quite lively. Many people, old and young, boys and girls were enjoying themselves. What a happy night!

My friends and I were also having a good time together, walking slowly, talking about something interesting happened in the Spring Festival, and laughing loudly. Then we went into a small restaurant to eat some sweet Tangyuans to celebrate our getting-together and the Festival of Lanterns.

Looked at the full bright moon once more,I realized that something simple like this could make us so happy. Yes, some simple things, such as family reunion , friends' getting-together, greetings from others, or just a gentle look, can give us enough energy to smile, to face to the difficulties in life bravely, and to have confidences in ourselves again. At the same time, those simple things are so precious that we will remember them by heart for ever...

What a lovely day!
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yes I also like the Chinese festivals and can I ask you when you look at the moon do you see rabbit or face or both? The rabbit being popular I think in your country. wave
yeah there is a popular legend in China about the rabbit and the woman Chang'e. So when we look at the moon, watching the dark shadow on the bright moon, we often regard it as the rabbit and Chang'e. When I was still a kid, my parents often told me this story, which made me a little afraid to look at the moon again because I thought the woman on the moon would see me and come down...
and this festival dates back approximately 2000 years so a great tradition and may I ask did you have Yuan Xiao as well as Tang Yuan? Sounds delicious!
You sure you and Jan are not clones?
Dear Pixels1
I am glad that you know Yuan Xiao. Yuan Xiao means the Festival of Lanterns and Tang Yuan is a kind of food that is sweet and delicious. We believe that having Tang Yang will bring us reunion and happy.
what is the meaning??? I am Tan.
camel...I have never used other usernames here to write blog or messages to others...I am Janmei, only one in the world. Why should I use other identities when I don't feel bad about myself??? Wise up! lol!
I am the only one in the world , too!
Tan...ha ha why does camel always think that we are the same person? it is rather weird.
I have no idea why he thinks so...your writing is much better than mine...
You write well too. You are so yong but you write so well. I guess when you write in Chinese, your writing must be much better.
Thank you ,Jan
I mean
YOUR writing is well not only because of the words
but also because of the soul in it...
(is there something wrong with my expression above?)handshake
lol...I got what you mean. soul? i guess my soul hasn't left my body.
Luckily you know what I mean
I am afraid my expression will be misunderstood
we are both certainly get what I want to say...
Time for some Wikipedia :-)

The Lantern Festival (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: Yuánxiaojié or simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: Shàngyuánjié; Vietnamese: T?t Nguyên tiêu; Hán t?: ???) is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar. It is not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also sometimes known as the "Lantern Festival" in locations such as Singapore, Malaysia. During the Lantern Festival, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: tùzideng) and solve riddles on the lanterns (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: caidengmí). It officially ends the Chinese New Year celebrations.
In ancient times, the lanterns were fairly simple, for only the emperor and noblemen had large ornate ones; in modern times, lanterns have been embellished with many complex designs. For example, lanterns are now often made in shapes of animals.
The Lantern Festival is also known as the Little New Year since it marks the end of the series of celebrations starting from the Chinese New Year.
In Vietnam, this festival, comes after the New Year, T?t, and is named "T?t Thu?ng Nguyên" or "T?t Nguyên Tiêu". know chinese festivals very well...
we can't read any Chinese on this site, so ...
the words you wrote in Chinese can only change into "???"...
oh what a shame about not seeing other languages Oh well........sad flower
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