Your commie has no regard for human life,not even his own

...for this reason, men, eYe want to impress upon you
The need for extreme watchfulness.

..the enemy may come individually
Or he may deploy in $trength...- gen.Ripper & my eYe

He may even come as 2 serpents on a $taff....with Ultra safe..
Limbaugh Trumpenstein Fauci Warp speed-- but technically $afe mind U..©©®
AMBUSH & Triumph Vaccines,,® © ©...

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And the E a s t ..r
Eggs in $inatra's

not just brain ] washed, but dry cleaned.- the Fat Commie*

And where.}* Garden club of NJ...( ie, the serpents lair.
Yes there is always two sides to every happenstance.

As usual we only get to see the front side..thumbs down
P A R A D O X...

A subordinate goal of this Mcblogment
..was to type a sentence that { * they
Dare not repeat over any other platform..
..the fear being } safety alert..
It just might
GO......} blues viral.

* Failbook, Twit, et Cetera

I'd find yourself a bunker if I were you until all the "lefties" have been exterminated. Where's a Dalek when you need one.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Here I'll give you a loan of mine.

Embedded image from another site
Au contra. Air...they should fear...ME.

I am gun control baby
..on temporary assignment w/ buck sexy
And the GO team.
Okay Moth,

I gotta hand it to you.

Embedded image from another site

eYe do not avoid women, MANDRAKE.

But I do deny them my essence..- RIPPER.
By all means Bob. Please keep your essence to yourself. help
Hey freakshow...that was Gen. Ripper, wing Commander, Burpleson A F B.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
That was a good try raph, but hardly worth the effort,
except for a good laugh.
heart wings
'My commies' were every bit as human and concerned with humanity and family as anyone else I ever met, and certainly more concerned to keep themselves alive and out of jail and out of the view of ASIO. I went to Uni with them, dated some of the girls, went on CND marches. ASIO had roomfuls of documents and files. Frank Hardy used to read poetry at Redfern pub. They were so much more logical and rational and articulate than the OP. But you know, they are an extinct species these days. Only idiotic Americans still believe they exist.
( ^ I'm touched.)

They do care they just don't understand the dangers. In our history there were always the monks who shared everything in a monastery which is now the academic world to some extent. If they knew what a really bad person was they'd see the world a whole lot differently.
And historically you could easily be forgiven for believing that communism is an extension of democracy. Giving everybody involved a vote in how the factory is run like we do government. Let's have more debate, not less debate. Well let's see how that goes when you meet the bottom 20% of the gene pool.
I don't know how many times I've mentioned it.

But if you are going to talk policy all day long..
..( esp. if you role play as an expert..)
You really oughta read Communist manifesto
Particularly the 10 planks...& Cpt.2...
.. paying attn. Herewith....the 1$T step to Communism is to win the battle for democracy.

Note how straight forward that was.

Note how El Rushbo avoided the furthermore of that
Viz.... the door to victory is through mexico-- Lenin
... Amerikan Foreign policy from Full Nixon
To $usan Rice..} hecho en. China.
Note how the critic will deny the block chain
Ignore the evidence
NY is killing me./Heron
Pandemic / comethazine
China Town / destroyer { Apollo.
..A R ] FULL COMMUNISM / downtown boys.
...if it appears I'm bashing Limbaugh it's not so Libs. Will think I'm hip.
It's because the MaHa went out of his way from KC
To Sacto ,/ rio Linda to NY
To bash the name of Robert Welch / JBS.

And in order to know this...) You would have needed to tune in early...
The main reason the magic D is so formidable, is their toe hold & grip strength in Medicine
( Once again-- see garden club NJ, manch.candt)
Which brings us back to the JBS & Gen.Ripper
Messenger RNA..} precious body fluid.

The commies are putting it in the ICE $cream, Mandrake...
....and in your travels..might want to look up
Mandrake...) STANDBY..
And if any one is even partially interested in
Establishing a new hobby / past time..
We advise Strong Etymology..
& Killing television s.
1740. Washing heb.$traight to English
7632.( 2.... tongue of fire | flaming ruin.

And segue to range o4....) Standby.
entomology bob, entomology. That's your ticket.
Ann Coulter telling the Truuf ( bout Trumpenstein

Right now on Buck Sexton...
The night of the Cicada!

O what sweet mystery underlies
the raging staccatos
oozing with their essence!
Refreshing....for a McChange

Several Europeans
..have taken notice of the r a n g e...

Recently I took a virtual high speed train
From Hamburg to Basel...we have nothing like
.it in Amerika.
We have Amtrak..
blues .. which rhymes with Hunter & the crack attack
Mandrake, In the name of her Majesty
& The Continental Congress..
Get over here & feed me this belt...- ripper

R E D / Swift
Red Medicine / Fugazi
FULL COMMUNISM / downtown boys
A R ] did you hear me ? / Red light district.
Just say, "No!" to drugs.
Breaking...} In every $ense of the word..

Did I P goat 2 predict a Balitan [ sic*
Victory..../ Enter the Stars
Premier date.: 08 / 23...5:45 standard bat time

* He survives the AL gore rhythm by deliberate
..mys pronunciation..

Aside: Casey is usually A full light year ahead of me
...and eYe don't stutter + I wear P F Flyers.
7 2 4 8..rab-mag.} chief magician.
6197...W A T C H...} out.
1 0 5 1 .Beth Rapha./ House of a G I A N T.

Superposition / Young the giant
Coffin ain't big enough / spinballs
$tatue got me high / they might be GIANTS.
McBob, your every word in this blog combine to produce a masterpiece.
i think i'm learning your code peace
Thank you

Nixon is an angel compared to his successors
I am now at station 1 Sunnyside Library big F 93727
...this is where your reporter was typically to be found @ 9 am
in pre plandemic daze of 2019/20.
..eYe also got a new library card + a new book : The Spy Masters, how the CIA Directors
shape history & the future.. Chris Whipple 2020

looks like Im the first person to check it out. detective ...cartwheel
As I had suspected, this book could only fool a Zombie....p.207..
."we got the 1st draft & couldn't track it with anything. It was a statement with no sourcing. It was not an intelligent document..- Secty. Of State Powell,
..on the 'Intel' viz. a viz...WMD.

Powell went on to say; "it was total bullshit."

McBob.} From your cerebellum & hippocampus
Please remove any notion that Government is run by professional S.

I have to concur with your last post, from my previous emplacement within the Belly of the Beast (Pentagon, DoS/Sec.).

I leave ActDu with TS/SBI/SCI/Poly and already have OCONUS experience. But what does young version of Bo run into whilst assuming his post? Bureaucratic Red Tape that makes BRAZIL look like patriotic, smooth-running machinery.

The people in charge seem enraged when you want to implement established security SOPs and TSCM Tradecraft. No! No! No! Leave your post and leave the back door unlocked and shut the he!! up!

Memorandum For the Record: Dear Supervisor,

For clarification, I am documenting my understanding of your orders to me, conveyed in conversation held in your office a Columbia Plaza Annex, Washington, DC, dated.... wherein I was instructed by you not to implement Directive X, with respect to new facility security protocols.

Please clarify.

Rage ensues.

The MfR was a suggestion from an Older Marine, Retread, Contractor, saying that it was known in the industry as a "CYA Memo." Otherwise, you have been hired as a Fall Guy, the Next Lonetree, Bracy or Calley, who follow verbal orders and take the heat for Colonel Nathan Jessup.

How do you copy, over?
My big wake UP came @ the California Natl. Guard
And Ft. Riley KS.{ Reg. Army.

Very sad situation.
Hi there, Bob... wave

eYe got my vaccine today...thumbs up
Group Captain we are in..
...A live // evil .. exercise.....
1 0 8 9... current status.
o 1 0 0...F I R E ....} GEmatrix. It's addictive.
1 1 8 9... revelation eighteen.
.........1089. I let the numbers do the talking.
100. .see.) Isa....s/ 90...a./ o1...i. /09.

...863..olive oil...... polypeptides.
...326. set me free....} No smoking.
...strOng .. Mcphysics......{ Con cord.....
3685. Orion...{ Constellation of Nimrod.
2496. Hard | rock.
1189..( 2....Baal of North Wind | bel Typhon*
...........Lord of destroyer wind.
Out of the blue ./ blues system F.
Xenocide ./. Aversions Crown.
Fever Tree / Fever TREE.
A R ] die by the drop / the dead weather.
Color code of pop } it's physical...hence McPhysics.
Red Herring / el Jack.
Bleeding / psychotic waltz
Red Medicine / Fugazi
Did you hear me ? / Red light district
..$ynthesis | FULL COMMUNISM / Down town boys
A R.] 24,900 mph./ 7 year bytch

McHint.} Warp speed..{ Entropy...} . standby..) ..) .
The proliferation of the $ing-ular message..
..points to $cienter...aka yet more physics...
Numbers / Kraftwerk
2nd Law./ Muse
Deeper./ Serious Danger
..A R ] Electric Kingdom / Twilight 22.

By the way / RED hot chili peppers
BLUE fear / Armin
White Horse / Laid back..
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