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Almost situated in the new place

Ah yes, the joy of moving twice in less than six months.. But I plan to stay here for a long period of time, at least.

So what's new? Well.. Not much.. Other than I share a house with 8 other people. I have met them all, apart from the sole woman in the house, who is on holiday and will return next week.

There is a big mix of people here. Stoners, gamers, loners, neat freaks and weebs. And then there's me - a happy go-lucky guy, who really just keeps to himself. Now, with so many people sharing a single house, you'd imagine that there's not a lot of room, right? Well.. No.. You see, three people share the bathroom and kitchen on the top floor, while the rest of us share the kitchen in the basement, as well as two bathrooms. Also situated below is the wash room, where the washing machine and tumble dryer is located, as well as a big room for activities on a Friday evening, for instance. There is also a pretty big back yard, where there is a barbecue pit as well as some furniture. No pool, sadly. it would be ideal with so many people in the house, but it's fine.

We all share the same internet connection, which can result in some truly slow speeds, but it's fine. If the connection is too slow, hotspots on our phones is the way forward.

I have been here since Sunday morning, and i can already tell I will love it here. The people are very friendly and nice, which is perfect for me. The previous tenant in the room I am renting was a vegetarian, so my drawer in the freezer is all vegetables and plant based food, which I don't mind. As long as it's tasty, then I'm good. Speaking of tasty.. One of the people here grows his own tomatoes and chili peppers. I haven't had a go with the spicy stuff, but the tomatoes are fantastic! So is my bed. I haven't had this good of a sleep since.. Well, since forever, it seems. I plan to ask the landlord if I can buy it with me when I move. That would be fantastic! If not, well then I'll just head to IKEA to find a new bed. They aren't that expensive, anyway, so it'll all be good.

I hauled the last things from the old place today. As I left for the final time, I placed the key on the table, took one last look and closed the door. That chapter of my life is over.

Today I start a new chapter here - with 8 complete strangers, whom I know I will get along with just fine.

Comments (4)

Good luck on your new place.
I assume this is in Denmark?
Ooby: Yes. It's less than 20 minutes from where I moved to in May. I have no plans of moving to a different country.. Not yet, anyway
enjoy. best of luck to you keep walking tall.....handshake peace

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