107 [ MLB

Tag. H vs. LA @ dodger stadium

Low score...but great game 3-0...a 1968 kind of affair. Houston is officially the best draw city to city.
Ppl like to come out & hate....wink
They also like physics.} Hard balls jumping off the bat @ 115 mph.
eYe tell ya what I like....that first plate appearence by Altuve...he performed the ultimate feat of Festivus..
with a 107 mph laser...) Standby...
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Now then, you are an Executive with the Houston Astros.
You watch & re watch games in studious luxury.
After 60 games, it kinda sneaks up on you..
The bullpen is a wee bit heinous.
Time passes..} as we say in physics...
.. when the opportunity comes you pick up a phone..then deal for an Ace.
You get a guy named ) wait 4 it..
GRAVEMAN...the deadliest possible name for a closer...team mates call him..) grim reaper.

Would you then believe me...if I tell you...
Graveman is being used by management as
A set up man ? Id est, cause that bullpen apparently
Has a better closer ?...it's a strange game.
Then there is the Dodger Executive..
..he must have really enjoyed last night's game.

You see, the Dodge boys have up Yardon Alverez
For Josh Fields...

Sum thing like giving up a goose laying gold eggs
..for a box of snakes... Fed ex. Ground.
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