Onion Soup

To be fair, I wasn't sure if my OX Tongue tickled your palate or taste buds but as an appetizer I've decided to turn it down a notch. Gas mark number 5. Fahrenheit, celcius is irrelevant because according to my sources (pardon the pun), we're all doomed anyway.

Let's throw caution to the wind and talk about onions. Onion soup no less. Whether it's French, American, Australian or the good ol' fashioned Chinese with bat as a side dish. Let's share our last supper together.

Ingredients are as follows:
Tabasco sauce
Vinegar and/or vinegar tits
Lambs fry

Mix it up together and put some loving, hunky dory soul into it whilst watching reruns of vinegar tits.

Bon appetit

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onion soup is one of my favorites and Cell Block was a show i once watched. lol
Settle down my love for the night is still young. When Mr whippy hits the Street with 100's and thousands and a candle by your heat.......we shall light the flame of remembrance

"Why the bloody hell am I talking like a bloody moron"

Good on ya Palm rolling on the floor laughing

Wait until I unleash my turnip relish......all good things come in good time but summer is upon my weary eyes as the solace has waned.

have you ever performed in the theater?
have you ever performed in the theater?
The onion is starting to play.......spring onion

Peel back your onion skin as I wallow in your sweet wee folds.........I'm not talking 4 skin, I'm talking about your sweet wee nectar

suave and debonair wine
I am the phantom.

I believe in mush, jellied eels, beans and Jack of big stork.

I am the true vanilla of essence whilst preaching the religion of peace.

Let them eat cake
suave and debonair

No need to ask

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