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Second covid vaccine shot acquired!

It's now been a few hours since my second dose of the covid vaccine was administered, and so far I feel normal. No aches. No headaches. No soreness. When I got the first shot, I had some pain a few hours later, but today there's nothing.

It was a completely different experience as well. The first time, I felt the needle go into my shoulder, but this time.. Nothing..

I originally had an appointment in a few hours time (current time is 11:21 am, and my scheduled time was 1:50 pm, but I decided to just get it over with. My second dose was administered at 9:02 am.

I went to the vaccination center, and I got booked in. I then got called into one of the booths, where I was instructed to sit. Then I met the person who was going to administer the vaccine dose - and she was absolutely beautiful. I swear, if it wasn't in a professional setting, I might have asked her out. I didn't, because it didn't feel like the right thing to do then and there. Anyway.. I told her about my discomfort with needles, and she was super understanding. She told me to look away while she administered the dose. Ten seconds later, I was done. I thanked her for her way she administered the dose, and then I was on my way to the observation area.

Fifteen minutes later, I was out of the door, feeling good about what I had done. Two weeks from now I will be fully vaccinated, since it takes 2 weeks for it to take effect.


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If you survive for a week I'll go get my 2nd...laugh
Which vaccine did you have?
Lukeon - I am fairly confident I will survive a week. I will hopefully have a lot of years ahead of me

Mercedes_00 - I got the Pfizer vaccine
I had both Pfizer jabs..I didn't feel the needle at all I was very surprised.

First jab My arm was very painful..I felt irritable and fatigued.

Second jab my arm was fine but I felt very sad and fatigued.

They say the second Pfizer jab is worse but out of those two descriptions I gave you I reckon my second jab was the worse in the sense feeling sad is a horrible feeling
My first jab left me very sore and very tired. I had trouble sleeping the night after my first jab, but the following night I slept like a log. Hopefully the second jab will be much more lenient :)
Most side effects (within reason) must be better than full blown Delta Covid (now rampaging through Sydney, as I speak).....................professor
Yeah, that's also one of the reasons I am happy I am vaccinated now. Or, that I will be fully covered in two weeks time. I don't really have the time or the desire to be infected with the Delta variant
I'm not keen myself; strangely enough. Can't seem to convince rabid dog anti-vaxxers on here, though.............professor
my arm was fine second jab..My emotions were affected but at least nobody will kill me now.
Nearly everyone I come in contact with has been vaccinated. One woman who has Lupus is fearful of a reaction due to her compromised immune system so she will go without the vaccine.
Chat it isn't good for people to diagnose themselves with the what if's..It's best you friend seeks medical advice..If these vaccines were harmful for those who suffer with lupus then we would already know about it.
Merc, she has other issues (political) and her Lupus condition may be an excuse.
I reckon the lupus is an excuse..Silly woman
People have a basic problem with numbers....

Say roughly a 2%-3% Death rate for covid....

versus roughly a 1 in 100,000+ chance of death from vaccine....

* figures approximate, but search the web, and that is pretty well the case....
There is also long are some stats..............

As I said (above) people seem to have a basic problem with numbers......professor
I've had both Moderna shots, had no ill effects from either other than the momentary sting of the needle. dunno
Ooby: So far that's all I have experienced as well. Some soreness, and that's it
Why were you sad Merc, don't be sad.

Philipsen, my nurse was also adorable, making the whole second jab a walk in the park compared to the first one.
I was able to ask her as the atmosphere was slightly flirtatious lol, but she was married. crying laugh
Good blog Phillipsen...............thumbs up
sorry, it's only one "L"............................laugh
Grand I felt sad from the reaction to Pfizer with my second jab..My first jab I felt irritable
Good for You!!

I know of many people who are finally getting the vaccine...

Hopefully, many more will..and, we can put this virus behind us.

Don't believe the anti-vax pseudoscience on here. Vaccination is the only way to slow/stop this thing. The Unvaccinated are the ones clogging up emergency rooms in hospitals worldwide, often to well past bursting point....Look at India, (for example), the Delta variant raged unchecked, in a grossly under-vaccinated population...

I don't even need to provide a link to this....there is more stuff on the internet about this than I care to mention....

The Astra Zeneca vaccine was produced at Oxford University, by some of the brightest minds in the world. Stack this up against Anti-vax Pseudo-Science, by various Cranks, and "Doctors".......

I shouldn't need to make this comparison, as you are a smart man; however, there is a certain blogger who seems to get a perverse pleasure out of scaring people with Anti-vax Mumbo Jumbo..................


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