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40th birthday plans settled.

I know that I went on and on in my last blog, that this was a "part 1", but after last night, I decided that it WILL be a garden party, USA style. Why did I come to that conclusion? I wrote the following to an American friend of mine: "Would you be interested in attending my 40th birthday in 2024? There's a theme and everything. It's USA theme, so I will probably need some help in order to nail the atmosphere completely. Food and drink will be plenty. Let me know if you're interested"

1:39 am this morning, there was a reply: "That would be awesome!" So I told her, that she had to mark her calendar, as she was invited.

That means that the USA garden party theme is ON! Oh BOY I AM SO EXCITED, I almost yelled... Anyway..

Now I just need a location. I also need to look up what usually goes to an American bbq. Everything needs to be home made, nothing store bought.. Well, apart from the meat, condiments and the snacks. But the sides will be.home made. I need to research how to make the best potato salad.. That means lots and LOTS of trial and quite possibly error. Or - I could borrow my American friend's recipe. I bet she has a pretty good one from her grandmother. The mac & cheese as well.. Oh yes, there will be mac & cheese in the tonnes. Well, maybe not, but there has to be a lot of it!

So now I need to plan. I have just under three years to plan the perfect party!

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Some of the best parties I've been to weren't planned, they just spontaneously happened and evolved.
Good luck.
Are you sure you are going to be 40? or is it "this many"? *jeeez
Boil, or steam waxy potatoes and allow to cool.

Finely chop pickled dill gherkins, onions (spring onions, red onions, whatever onions you like best) and plenty of fresh dill. Mix with mayonaise, adding a little vinegar from the gherkins to taste.

Add the cooled, cubed potatoes and mix.

It's not rocket science. Just remember you can always add, but can't take away once everything's mixed.
Oh so many choices for an American BBQ theme....When I think of one the menu has ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, potoatoe salad, baked beans, cole slaw, all the fixings for a heart attack special hamberger. Have a drink theme too! Like fruit martinis or cosmopolitans. BEER all BBQs here have beer.

Good luck and have fun planning.
Oh here we have all guests bring a covered dish too. Takes a huge load off the host.

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