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Day one of my new trucking life!

The day I have been looking forward to since I had the interview is here - the day I am starting my education. However, I had a bit of a bad start to my day. At 5 am, I was woken up by a leg cramp. It was one of those cramps where you just suffer for what seems like forever, when in reality, it lasts for about ten seconds. I had trouble sleeping after that, so I decided to get up and somehow start my day.

I cooked some breakfast and looked at the news, until it was time for me to leave. I was the first to arrive at the school, and from my seat, I was able to do some people watching, because there were a few people who were taking a forklift certificate. It looks fairly straight forward, and nothing too difficult.

The other students gradually arrived, and before long we were 35 people. The rest of the day switched between classroom and outside. We were introduced to where the trucks were stored, where we could get something to eat and just generally having a tour of the facility. It's pretty big, but I have a few years to get acquainted with the place.

The day ended at 1 pm, which was a few hours ago. I am excited to know more tomorrow! As for now, relaxing is on the menu, and later some good food

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If the cramp is your calf muscle (lower leg), pull your toes on the foot towards you.
The cramp is then gone instantly.
If the cramp is your hamstring, that is more problematic.
Try stretching it by either standing up and bending forward to touch your toes,
or by lying in bed and pulling your ankles over your head.
Also, try drinking more water before you go to bed, as this will help prevent both types of cramp.
This thread seems to be about everything except driving a truck. confused BTW, Phil, what kind of truck are we talking about, a straight job or a tractor trailer?
ooby_dooby: Straight job to begin with, then moving up to tractor trailer
Better start taking me seriously..
Your leg cramp was likely a blood clot { see Ambush ©
Thus you better get sum Activated Charcoal
And food grade hydrogen peroxide... pronto
Plus honey x cinnamon.
OK, A straight job is just like a huge car except you gotta know how high the truck is so you don't rip the roof off going under a low bridge.
With a Tractor Trailer, your Left hand is married to your Left mirror and Right hand to Right mirror.
Next rule is.
When backing up:
Push to Bend, Pull to Straighten.
IOW if you want the trailer to go to the left, you're gonna use the left mirror and push with your left hand. ie turn the wheel clockwise.
The opposite if you want the trailer to bend to the right. That is right mirror right hand again Push to Bend, Pull to Straighten.
This seems appropriate. dancing

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