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Apprenticeship interview today plus another one next week.

Earlier today, I went to a haulage company for a small interview. They wanted to see who I was, and talk a bit to me. It was pretty easy to find, and it'll take me about 55 minutes to get there. If I have to be there by 6.15 am, I need to get up at 5, which I don't mind. Well, I need to get up at 5 until I have a car. Then it'll take about ten minutes to get there. I can then sleep in until 5.30 am. You need to get up early if you want to be a trucker.

Anyway, while I was heading down to the interview, I got an email from the CEO of the other company I applied for. They want to see me for a little interview on Tuesday at 2.30 pm in the afternoon. This company is one of the oldest in Denmark, and they can solve any job you throw at them. I look forward to that interview, because the company is a bit older than the one I interviewed for today. Also, something about the first company rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know what it was, but I just felt that the company was not really for me. I need to make a great impression at the other place, so they will pick me. Or maybe I will have to pick between both companies.

But in any case - interviewing for apprenticeships one week into my education, that's fantastic! Most of my classmates haven't even begun to think applying for places. They need to get a move on, because suddenly it's time for exams and tests, and then what?

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I suggest you do some online research into the company so you know stuff like their history, structure, board, specialisations - knowledge demonstrates interest and can never hurt!
Good going.i am glad things are looking up for u.enjoy your journey.
RoseHipster - That guy sounds like he's from New Zealand or Australia. I live in Denmark. On the other side of the planet. I am not sure that a video like that is what I should treat as gospel. Every country has their own rules and insurance companies in Denmark aren't going to go with what someone from New Zealand or Australia says. Different countries, different laws
wave Yes I am aware of that and it is the urge to travel that sometimes initiates our long term career opportunities.
If so, for others then it may come into play.
(As a self-employment or company driver/courier).
Best Wishes and as always, Stay Blessed.

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