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Something To Lighten the Mood

Have you ever cooked or baked something that didn't go quite right? I do it all of the time. The trick is to try to salvage something out of it because we all know how expensive food is these days.

My granddaughters and I set out to make a chocolate cream pie. Fairly simple (or I thought) and not too many ingredients. Graham cracker crust - easy peasy - the girls had fun smashing the graham crackers. We then added a little sugar and some melted butter. Ta-da our crust is ready!
The filling recipe we used was simple and straight forward - jello chocolate pudding mix, milk and Cool Whip. Now I'm not a huge fan of Cool Whip, I'd rather have real whipped cream but I'm going with the recipe. We mix the pudding and milk together. I let the girls use their cute little whisks. I then slowly and carefully folded in the Cool Whip. We poured it into the crust and set it in the refrigerator to set. The recipe said 3 hours - we let it sit for 6. Not firm enough to slice and serve frustrated You could see the disappointment in their little faces. I said "not to worry girls I have an idea!".
I had them grab some glasses from the cabinet and what do you know - Chocolate Cream Pie ....Parfait complete with the crust. Popped a little real whipped cream on top - it was delicious! They were pleased as punch to serve this up to their mom and dad.
I hope that this somehow is teaching them not to "freak out" when things don't go quite as planned. Sometimes you just have to re-imagine your plans and make the best of what you have.

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All the time! I don’t like to see anything, especially food, goes to waste and I’ll eat it.

You’re one cool grandma applause Grandparents’ love are so

This brings back a memory…many many years ago, I bought a mug for my grandma ‘Of all the grandmas in the world, I got the coolest one!’

I miss my maternal grandparents very very much…
I'm lucky enough to remember both of my grandmothers and my maternal grandfather. I also am lucky enough to have "inherited" a recipe box of very old recipes from my maternal grandmother. I have to admit some of the recipes seem overly simple but just having them in her hand writing means the world to me. She was a good cook. My paternal grandmother was a great baker so I got a little from both of them.
Baking is one of those pleasures I've forgotten how good it feels to do...
nothing like having your cake and eating it too.

Well from what I can remember that is hmmm

wave Kp
24 years old, pacific northwest, British Columbia, always moose, bear, fish etc in the freezer, something different for supper. So I decided on sweet and sour salmon. I would have made this story much longer but I've already wasted enough time on a recipe that just does not work! laugh cheers
Hey celtic wave
I do love to bake - cookies especially! And the little ones are turning into quite the little helpers. They can crack eggs and mix. The 6 yr old is learning about measurements and how to turn the oven on. I have 1 wooden spoon left from my mom and I let them take turns using it. Hopefully it will last for a while. They like to mix because they know then they get to lick the spoon when we're done laugh
Hi bentlee! But you wouldn't know that if you didn't try. I keep telling them that sometimes you just have to go with your gut - sometimes it works - sometimes not so much. At least you tried! Experimentation is part of the fun.
You're a good fun gran Kp thumbs up
unlike my own gran who too had a collection of wooden spoons ...
unfortunately she wasn't a fun one, but because I don't like to speak ill of the dead uh oh
what's between me and my knees, shall remain untold forever more snooty

If me knees could talk, they'd tell you she was a pure owld witch hole
Well celtic, we had 1 grandma who would load you up with cookies and candy and send toys and dolls and 1 grandma that would knit you booties and scarves and mittens. 1 grandma, that when you'd go to visit, would pull out a box of toys and dump them on the floor, sit down with you and play for hours on end. The other grandma would allow you to play with one toy at a time. It was just a contrast. Neither one was mean or witchy - just different. I am fortunate enough to remember my great grandma and grandpa on my dad's side. They didn't speak English - only Finnish. When we would visit them, great grandpa would dance around and smile from ear to ear. My dad would have to translate for us what they were saying. Then they'd let us out on the farm to play with the animals. I called her "Bunny Grandma". My brothers and sister don't remember them. Golly gee, I haven't been up there in so many years. It's about 500 miles due north of me way up in the UP of Michigan. I still have a couple of aunts and uncles up there.
How different yours were compared to mine.
My Aran gran most mornings, when I was a child lashed me crossed the legs with freshly pulled of my daily chores was to bring two full buckets of water from the well, because the weight was so heavy for my little arms, more than half the water would spill out.. such would lighten the task but not really in the long run, because she'd march me up again and again until I returned with two full ones.

My Connemara gran constantly nagged my mother for not putting me up for adoption....
she never stopped, always told my mother its never too late... when her nagging didn't pay off she decided just to hate me instead, when she broke my arm, my poor bones felt the pain of that witches hate.

I've since forgiven them by accepting I must of been a very bold child sigh

Seem to me you've come from a loving caring family before you, and you've now carried it with you unto yours.... long may your family tradition continue, I've a good feeling it will wine

think will you ever take that trip conversing

Anyways well past bed time here so it's a G'night from me to you wave


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